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On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful

Chapter Twelve

Sara and Nick were asleep in their room peacefully. Well they were...

"WWWWWAAAAAATTTTTTTTAAAAAAAA!" The battle cry woke them up and they didn't have a chance to move as two kids flew threw the air and landed on the bed.

"What the heck," Nick muttered sitting up and seeing the two kids dressed and grinning.

"Uncle Xander said for us to get you up before Uncle Trenton gets su-sus," Kenny said stopping.

"Suspiciousy," Melinda said.

"Yeah suspiciousy," Kenny nodded.

Sara groaned and Nick chuckled.

"I'm going to kill them," Sara replied. "Alright do me a favor kiddos. Wanna do something fun?"

"Yeah," They grinned.

"Supersoakers right there," Sara pointed to the corner. "They're full. Go have fun and if you soak Uncle Trenton then you get cookies."

"Cool!" They grinend grabbing hte huge super soakers and running off closing the door behind them.

Sara sighed and Nick kissed her.

"Well they care about you," Nick smirked.

"More like bordering paranoia," Sara replied getting up. "Come on. You gotta meet everyone."

10 minutes later they walked downstairs and Trenton stood glaring as he was sopping wet with two grinning kids sitting in time out in the corner.

"I'm telling on you," Trenton glared.

"Morning," Sara replied and they walked passed him into the kitchen. "Kids come on and eat."

The two ran in passed Trenton where Nick scooped up Kenny while Sara did the same with Melinda.

"Austin!" Someone said walking in and hugging Sara.

"Hey Deana," Sara smiled.

"Who's the hunk?" Ashley grinned walking in with Allison.

"My fiance Nick," Sara explained.

"Damn he's taken," They pouted together.

"Still think we're sane?" Sara smirked to Nick.

"Sure," Nick replied.

"Aw shucks. We're touched,"Jennifer grinned walking in. "So Nick, the brethren are plannign to take you and Kenny out into town and do their brotherly threatening. Just ignore whatever they say and you'll be fine."

"Thanks for the warning," Nick replied.

"And that means We're doing what?" Sara asked.

"We are stuck here for rant and rave from mom," Ashley sighed.

"Mom?" Nick asked quietly.

"Our foster parents died, but there are a bunch of people in town we call mom and dad," Sara explained quietly. "Mainly the neighbors who raised us too. They're the parents mostly now."

"STOKES!" Someone yelled and then three identical guys walked in. "You and Kenny with us."

Nick sighed and looked at Sara who gave him a crooked smile.

"Good luck," Sara replied and Nick set down Kenny.

The two left and Sara sighed.

"Sit down and explain everything," Allison answered.


20 minutes later the gang sat in the diner in town talking.

"What are your intentions with my sister?" Adrian asked his eyes narrowing.

"Guys let up," Xander sighed. "He's not a psycho or anything. He's Kaci's brother."

Everyone sat up, "Really?"

"Yeah," Nick replied.

"Cool," They said and then they realized they were being nice and glared. "I mean, that doesn't get you off the hook."

Nick chuckled, "Look guys. I love Sara alright. I made mistakes in the past, but I'm making them up. I'm not going to hurt her and if I did then I would shoot myself for it. I'll even put up with your harrassing me even if it means that I get to stay with your sister. So give me all you got but I'm not backing down."

They all looked at him and then Trenton leaned back in his chair.

"When's her birthday?" Trenton asked.

"September 31, 1971," Nick said without hesitation.

"What's her favorite food?" Trenton shot.

"Lasagna," Nick replied.

"What's her favorite animal?" Trenton said.

"Horses," Nick answered.

Trenton's eyes narrowed, "Not the ones who are here, what are the names of our other brothers?"

"Tristen, Tucker who were your triplet brothers. Twins, Malakai and Micah. Then Sara's twin brother Spencer," Nick answered.

"Man I couldn't even tell you that," James muttered and they chuckled.

"You hurt her at all, at any given moment, I will hurt you so bad it's not even consievable," Trenton said darkly.

"I won't," Nick replied.

"You're okay Stokes," Trenton said crossing his arms. "Don't mean I like you yet, but you're okay."

"Hey!" Kenny said with a mild glare from where he sat on Nick's lap. "Be nice Uncle Trenton cos I love my daddy and I like having him around so no be mean cos mommy says being mean is bad and you're doing something bad and I'll tell my mommy on you."

"Man, Austin's got the kid wrapped around Stokes's finger already," Adrian smirked.

"You pass in my book," Xander and Jared said.

Nick smirked and Trenton nodded.

"How about we get some drinks, my baby girl is getting married," Trenton smirked.


The boys returned to the ranch to see the grill fired up and the girls relaxing on teh porch while the kids were goofing off. Nick walked over to Sara and picked her up before sitting in her seat with her on his lap.

"How was it?" Sara asked Nick.

"We had a talk with your boy," James cut in.

"A long talk," Jared added.

"Your son told off Trenton which was funny," Xander smirked.

"And he passes," Trenton said to Sara. "Don't mean I like him, but he passes."

"In my whole life no one has passed," Sara said surprised. "Good thing though cos I was gonna get married whether you approved or not Trenton."

"You wouldn't dare," Trenton said and Sara chuckled.

"So where are you two going to live and work?" Ryan asked.

"DC at the lab," Sara replied.

"Hours gotta be rough on you both if you got kiddos," Trenton said confused.

"That's why we got Greggo," Nick smirked and Sara chuckled.

"Greggo?" Everyone asked.

"Lab Rat Greggo!" Melinda and Kenny piped up hearing that and grinning.

"Our friend in Vegas is transferring and will be working at the lab during the night so when we're working during the day the kiddos will be with him. And if we go outta town the Boss already approved them sticking with Greggo," Sara explained.

"You guys have thought everything through haven't you?" Jennifer commented.

"Yeah," They nodded.


After Christmas the two returned to DC with the kiddos. Greg moved in nextdoor and everything calmed down as everyone settled into their jobs.

One night at work however...

"Sidle!" Kirke yelled and Sara turned.

"Coming boss," Sara said standing up and walking passed A grinning Jason into the boss's office where he sat at his desk. "What's going on?"

"It seems that we've hired two people who have great crudentials," He explained.

"Okay," Sara said. "I must be slow tonight or something. What's the point Andrew?"

"Both come from the Las Vegas lab where we hired that new Lab Tech who is kicking ass and your fiance. What's going on in Vegas?" Andrew asked.

"Guy running the place sucks," Sara replied with a shrug. "Who'd you hire?"

"Well they'll be replacing Jessica and Mark," Andrew sighed. "A Catherine Willows and Warrick Brown. We've also been offering a bug guy there a job for years and he's always turned it down. He actually approved it so he'll be moving here in a couple months."

"Vegas in DC. Sweet," Sara grinned and Andrew chuckled.

"Now make sure they realize this is the FBI not a regular lab," Andrew said and Sara nodded. "Meaning that rolly chair races are allowed on slow days, and the occasional super soaker fight."

"Yes sir," Sara grinned big.

"They're waiting downstairs expecting to get some corporate person to show them around. You want to go get Willows and Brown and show them around," Andrew said before handing her a file. "Well mainly south DC. Some mysterious death there that we got tipped on about as FBI buisiness. Show them the ropes."

"Will do," Sara nodded.

"Head on out."

Sara grinned walking over to Nick and dragging him along as they passed the labs pausing in the one Greg had claimed earlier that month.

"Greggo come on," Sara said and Greg nodded to the other tech he worked with.

The three rode the elevator down.

"Care to tell us what we're doing?" Nick asked.

"We're heading out on a case, but I want Greg to meet the new CSIs on our team," Sara said and they nodded thinking nothing of it.

The doors opened and they followed Sara to a room where they stopped.

"Cath! War!" Nick said shocked.

"Welcome to the team," Sara smirked and they all grinned.

Greg's head popped up from behind Sara and Nick, "VEGAS REUNITED!"

So everything was alright. Two months changed, wedding plans were made, the team worked great occasionally seeing the country for cases. It was as if they were back in Vegas working great together like it used to be. Kenny and Melinda were having a blast being brother and sister now. Kenny finally got his puppy dubbed Trooper.

Well Two months has passed and in three days Sara Austin Sidle is getting MARRIED to Nicholas Stokes. Be sure to RSVP to the wedding, cos it's going to be one to remember.