"Hermione, wake up! We have to take you to the Burrow today, remember," Jane Granger yelled up the stairs. "Okay mom, I'm up," Hermione yelled from her bedroom.

Yay! She thought to herself I'm going to get to see Ron and Harry today. Hermione's parents had said that she could spend the rest of summer holiday at the Burrow. She jumped out of her bed and ran to the bathroom.

After a nice hot shower she walked in to her closet trying to pick out what she was going to wear. Hermione had changed over the summer holidays. She had gotten high lights, straightened her hair, and come up with a whole new style. She wanted to surprise Harry and Ron with her new look so she picked out one of her new outfits which consisted of tight black flares, a purple halter top that showed her newly pierced belly button, and her plaid converse. She ran back to her bathroom to finish her hair, and put on some make-up. Her and her parents ate breakfast then left the house and headed for the Burrow.

"Oh My God!" the youngest Weasley yelled. "You look amazing Mione!

"Thanks Gin, so do you," Hermione replied.

"Thanks, the boys aren't back from picking up Harry yet, and Mom and Dad are out shopping, so we'll have the house to ourselves, I can't wait to see there faces when they see you," Ginny said.

"Yeah, that'll be funny. I'm gonna go change into something that'll really shock the boys," Hermione stated.

"Okay, I'll come and help you," Ginny replied.

Hermione's POV

Hermione changed and her and Ginny were talking about there upcoming year at Hogwarts.

"So are Fred and George coming back to Hogwarts this year?" I asked.

"Yeah," Ginny replied, "mum would kill them if they didn't."

"Well that'll be interesting, they'll be in the same year as Harry, Ron and I," I said.

About 30minutes later Ron, Fred, and George got back from picking up Harry from the Dursleys.

"Hey Harry, remember that time we almost knocked Malfoy of his broom," I could hear someone yell outside.

"Mione! There back, are you ready?" I could hear Gin yell.

"Yeah," I replied back, then we ran down the stairs.