The Courtship Of Luke and Lorelai

Chapter 1 - Snow

Author's Note: This is my first GG fanfic ever. Actually, it's my first fanfic for any show ever. I'm a huge fan of the show. Please read and review. Let me know if I should continue this or just leave it alone. — Vicki

Early one winter morning Luke was busy getting the diner ready to open. He looked up and couldn't help but smile to himself. He was witnessing the first snow of the season and it was early too - just three days after Thanksgiving. Luke couldn't wait to see Lorelai's reaction when she saw the snow. He's always loved watching the Gilmore girls' reaction to the first snow.

Luke yelled to Cesar who was in the back to open the diner without him because he had some errands to run. He quickly put on his coat and left the diner. Twenty minutes later when Lorelai opened her front door to leave for the diner, Luke was outside shoveling her walk. Luke looked up and grinned at Lorelai's expression. Lorelai ran down the front steps and stopped next to Luke. She was grinning from ear to ear and could barely contain her excitement. She looked at Luke and said "Isn't the snow beautiful? I love the snow and the first snow is so much more special." Luke grinned at that and agreed. "Yeah Lorelai. The snow is great. How about we go get some coffee and breakfast at the diner? I'll finish up the walk later." Lorelai laughs at Luke's question since he knows she always wants coffee. "What? Me? Want coffee? Are you kidding? Of course I want coffee you silly man."

They then left and went to the diner for coffee and breakfast. Luke was getting nervous just sitting at the table eating breakfast with Lorelai. And he had no real idea why he was so nervous. He had been thinking a lot about his life in recent months. Since his divorce with Nicole had become final, he had been dreaming and thinking of Lorelai a lot. He finally decided it was time to ask her out and see if she would laugh at him.

Luke took a deep breath and looked at Lorelai across the table enjoying her second, or was it third, cup of coffee. Lorelai looked up and saw Luke's expression. She was beginning to wonder what was wrong - he'd been much quieter than normal.

"Lorelai, will go to dinner with me Saturday night? We can go to Hartford to someplace nice if you want or anywhere else you want." Luke held his breath and waited for Lorelai to answer.

Lorelai sat there stunned. Did Luke just ask me out? she asks herself. She can hardly believe her ears or her eyes. Luke is sitting across from her looking anxious about the answer. "Of course I'll have dinner with you Luke. But we don't have to go to Hartford. We could just eat here at the diner." Lorelai notices that Luke looks pleased and relieved. She is so excited that Luke finally asked her out. She'd been waiting for this for a long time.

Luke says "I'll pick you up at seven. Wear something nice, OK?" Lorelai agrees with a nod of her head. For once she was at a loss for words. She hurried out to the Jeep and headed to the Inn. She had no idea what she was going to wear or what to tell Rory.