Chapter 6 - Christmas Day

Christmas morning Luke woke up earlier than normal. He was so excited and nervous about his upcoming proposal. After getting dressed and making sure he had everything, Luke left for Lorelai's. It was only 4 AM when Luke got to the Gilmore house. He let himself in with the key Lorelai had given him. Luke then started putting all the presents under the tree, except for the two he kept in his pocket. Once all the presents were under the tree, Luke started putting the food away in the kitchen. By now it was 5 AM and Rory was starting to wake up. Luke started the coffee and went upstairs to wake up Lorelai.

Lorelai was still sound asleep when Luke walked into her bedroom. Luke walked over the bed and sat on the edge. He reached out and stroked the hair off Lorelai's face. Then he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. She just mumbled and smiled but stayed asleep. Finally Luke kissed her on the lips hoping that would wake her up.

Lorelai was having the best dream. Luke was in her bed kissing her senseless. As she started responding to Luke's kisses, Lorelai realized she wasn't dreaming. She slowly opened her eyes and looked directly into Luke's eyes. He kissed her one more time and said "Time to get up sleepyhead. Rory's up and ready to open presents." Lorelai smiled when she remembered that it was Christmas.

"You can wake me up early anytime you want as long as you use the same method." Lorelai leers at Luke as she says that. Luke laughs and says "Come on. Get up and I'll give you some of your favorite liquid death and I'll even let you open the first present." Lorelai sighs and says "OK. I'll get up. But first I want another kiss." Luke smiles and leans back down to kiss Lorelai again.

The two finally broke apart and Luke headed back downstairs to pour Lorelai's coffee while get got dressed. Ten minutes later Lorelai walked downstairs. When she reached the bottom step, Luke handed her a cup of coffee. After taking a sip, Lorelai smiled in appreciation and said "Mmmmmm. Good coffee. Thanks Luke. I love you." Luke shyly looked at Rory before kissing Lorelai and saying "I love you too."

Luke led Lorelai to the sofa and made her sit beside Rory. After making sure Lorelai and Rory both had plenty of coffee, Luke started handing out presents. As promised Luke handed Lorelai the first present. After Lorelai had opened her present, Luke handed Rory a present. After Lorelai and Rory had opened several presents and squealed about them, Lorelai and Rory handed Luke a present. The three spent the next hour opening presents, squealing in delight and laughing.

Finally there was only one present left and it was for Lorelai. Luke slowly handed Lorelai the gift and looked at Rory nervously. She grinned and mouthed "It'll be OK." Luke smiled back and turned to Lorelai. She opened the present to find a CD with the words Play Me Now written on it. She looked quizzically at Luke who just shrugged.

"Here. I'll put it in the player for you. Just sit still." Luke went over to Lorelai's CD player and put the CD in. But before he pushed the Play button, he turned to Lorelai and Rory. "This is a very special gift for you Lorelai. But I you to promise not to say a word until I say you can." Lorelai was completely mystified but agreed to keep quiet. Rory promised to help keep her mom quiet. Luke finally pressed the play button and the sounds of an unfamiliar song (at least it was unfamiliar to Lorelai) filled the very quiet living room. Suddenly and much to Lorelai's surprise, Luke began to sing along with the CD.

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Lorelai sat mesmerized as Luke sang. She had no idea that Luke could sing. But he sounded great. The was song was perfect. The lyrics must have been written with them in mind. When the song was over, Luke walked over to Lorelai and pulled her to her feet. Once she was standing, Luke started talking.

"Lorelai, we've known each other for years. You've been my best friend for most of those years. We've both made mistakes but we ended up together. I love you with all my heart." Luke slowly sank down to one knee, pulled a black velvet box out of his pocket and asked, "Lorelai Gilmore, will you marry me? I want you, me and Rory to be a family always."

When Luke notices that Lorelai is speechless, he says "It's OK to talk now."

Lorelai looked at the simply cut diamond surrounded by sapphires and then back to Luke. "Yes. I'll marry you. I love you."

Luke jumped up and pulled Lorelai close for a mind blowing kiss. When the two broke apart, Luke read the inscription to Lorelai before placing the ring on her finger. "Luke and Lorelai forever."

Rory rushed over to look at the ring and to hug her mom and Luke. "Mom, the ring is gorgeous. Congratulations you two! I'm so happy for you two."

Luke turned to Rory and said "I have something you too." Luke then pulled another box from his pocket and handed it to Rory. Rory looked confused but took the box from Luke. When Rory opened the box she was astounded. Inside was a beautiful gold locket with a sapphire in the middle. Luke took the locket out of the box and opened it to show Rory the pictures inside. There was one picture of Lorelai and Rory and one picture of Luke, Lorelai an Rory. Rory was speechless. Luke then turned the locket over and read the inscription. "Luke, Lorelai and Rory - finally a family forever."

Both Lorelai and Rory were looking at Luke and crying. Rory finally found her voice and said, "Luke, it's beautiful. Thank you. And I'm glad that we're going to be a family." Rory then threw her arms around Luke and hugged him. Lorelai decided to join them and hugged them both. The three of them spent the rest of the morning talking and making plans.

After eating the delicious meal Luke cooked, they headed to Sookie's to tell her the good news. When the three got to Sookie's, Lorelai looked at her friend and said "Sook, I'm getting married!" Sookie squealed and hugged Lorelai and then Luke. "I'm so happy for you two." Lorelai and Luke were both grinning. Sookie looked at Rory and asked "What do you think of this?"

"I'm thrilled. But I knew he was gonna propose. I even saw the ring before he proposed." Rory admitted.

Lorelai looked at Rory and said, "And you kept it a secret. I'm impressed."

Sookie broke in and asked to see the ring. "Lorelai it's gorgeous. Luke has good taste."

"Of course he does. He proposed to me didn't he?" Lorelai turned and winked at Luke. He blushed but grinned at her anyway.

Luke, Lorelai and Rory spent the rest of Christmas Day telling all the residents of Stars Hollow the happy, happy news!

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