Code Name: Dark Angel

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1- Kidnapped

"Your shift is almost over, isn't it, Kagome?" Asked a young girl who had her long, brown-black hair put up in a very loose ponytail. "I don't have to leave just yet, Miroku wanted me to stay a while. He said he had to ask me something."

"Oh," Kagome said distantly. She pushed her black hair over her shoulder, as she got ready to leave for the night. She word at a museum during the day, taking care of security. During the night, however, she had a whole new agenda that only one other person knew about. Well, two actually.

And she planned on keeping it that way.

"I wonder what Miroku wants to ask me." The girl continued to blabber on.

"Sango," Kagome breathed, "I honestly don't know. Maybe he wants to marry you."

"Yeah, right." Sango said doubtfully, "I could care less. Besides, he is our boss."

"So?" Kagome questioned, looking up at her friend. Sango and Miroku were her only friends. Well, so was Koga. "That doesn't really mean anything. You could go out with him if you wanted to. Him being our boss has nothing to do with it."

Sango snorted, "Yeah, right. Why would I want to go out with him?" She wrinkled her nose, "He's such a pervert. He flirts with girls everywhere and even touched my ass one time!"

Kagome laughed and ducked a little when some of the last visitors of the night turned to look curiously in the direction of the two girls. "Shh! Your big mouth will tell the whole world that!"

Sango shrugged, "So?"

Kagome shook her head and smiled, "I'm outta here." She said.

"All right," Sango mumbled, "See you."

"Bye." Kagome then walked out of the big double doors that, not long from then would be locked tight. The night air was crisp and quiet. Nothing ever really happened in that dull city. Well, nothing ever happened to Kagome Higurashi.

But things definitely did happen to Dark Angel.

That was her other name. She kept it secret to everyone and only Miroku and Koga knew about it. She, feeling sympathy for a lot of people and being gifted with very good martial arts abilities, not to mention strange spiritual powers, she went out at night, disguised, and kicked the crap out of bad guys.

Yeah, weird, huh?

And, since no one knew of her identity-other than Koga and Miroku-everyone called her Dark Angel because she came out when it was dark. And, well, since she was doing all of those nice things, they called her angel.

She sighed heavily as she went to her apartment and tossed her things down onto the couch. She then went into her room and jerked out the outfit. It was a long leather jacket, ankle high leather boots, a black tank top, and black jeans. She also had a mask that covered her eyes, but allowed her to see with perfect clarity.

She slipped into all of this and put a holster around her waist where a gun sat, eagerly waiting to be pulled out and used. Even though she had those powers, she wanted to have to gun as well. She wasn't very good with her powers just yet.

She flipped off the light and locked her hotel room before jumping out the window and walking up the fire escape stairs. Once on the roof, she just stood-the same thing she did every night-waiting for a crime to break out. Usually, one did and she had to go take care of it.

And usually, she'd win.

Like she did that one time with that guy. He had longish silvery hair and was a very good fighter. He tried robbing the museum before, but she stopped him and got him sent to jail for about two years. Ever since then, he'd been out at night and she would follow him.

And she knew that he knew she was there, eyeing him suspiciously.

She still remembered his name: Inuyasha. And she remembered what a fight he'd put up against her. And the angry scowl he had given her when the cops slung him in the back of their car and sped away, lights flashing.

He had been angry.

And even now, whenever she spied on him, he'd still glare at her over his shoulder. He was, quite clearly, very pissed off with her. And he probably would be for a long time.

A storm was gathering off in the distance and the thunder shook the building gently. The dark clouds began to cover the full moon, casting all the light away. The only light there was came from the streetlights. There weren't that many cars on the highway at night, either.

Kagome suddenly heard a gunshot not far off. It was very faint, but she knew what it was. A watch on her wrist started speaking, "Kagome…help…"

It was Miroku! She knew that something was going on at the museum and she knew that she had to get there fast. She jumped down onto the fire escape and ran down the stair, leaping off the last and running down the alley toward the road where she ran down the sidewalk, careful to avoid any people.

Once she reached the museum, she ran up to the front doors where, just a while ago, they had been unlocked. She gave them a quick jerk. Locked. "Damn it," She cursed, turning and running toward the basement where there was a large window. She didn't want to waste bullets, so she ran, very fast, and dived.

She went right through it, causing shards of glass to fly everywhere, but she kept running. She raced up the steps to the main floor, then up to the second floor. Once there, she stopped dead in her tracks, her boots sliding across the marble floor.

Miroku was lying on his stomach on the floor, crimson liquid surround him. He had been shot in the leg and was bleeding profusely. Kagome looked up and saw them.

Naraku, a very well known thief, was holding a terrified Sango in his left arms, the Sacred Shikon Jewel in the other. That jewel was rumored to have great power that was capable of destroying many things. Standing next to Naraku was Kagura, his friend, and Inuyasha.

Kagome gasped. Inuyasha…why was he getting into the wrong crowd again? He had been doing so well…was it to get revenge on her?

"Well, well, well," Naraku said nonchalantly, "If it isn't Dark Angel."

Kagome jerked out her gun and aimed it at his head, "Naraku, let her go!"

Naraku tisk-tisked her, "I wouldn't do that if I were you." He put Sango in front of him. "You could hurt her."

Kagome clenched the gun tighter. Damn…

"Good girl. Wise decision." Naraku commented, pointing the gun at Sango's head. She barely pulled the trigger when he suddenly whirled around to his right and shot Inuyasha in the leg. The latter screamed in pain and fell to the floor, grabbing his wounded limb. Kagome gasped at Naraku's actions. He had just turned on his own teammate.

"You're worthless, Inuyasha." Naraku said, aiming his weapon at Inuyasha's head.

One shot echoed through the museum. Kagome didn't know why she did it. But she had. Naraku turned to glare at her, a bullet wound in his right arm. Inuyasha was clearly relieved for his pale face began to regain its color. "I'll get you for this…" Naraku said, seething with rage, "another time."

He and Kagura then ran toward a big window with Sango and the jewel with them and jumped out. Kagome followed them, "No!" She yelled. She stopped at the windowsill and looked down. They were nowhere to be found.

Kagome punched the wall in frustration, leaving a pretty big dent. She turned around, expecting to find and injured Inuyasha there next to Miroku. That wasn't what she got, however.

All she found was Miroku, lying in pain. All that remained of Inuyasha was a large pulled of his blood.

Kagome groaned and walked over to Miroku and helped him up to a nearby table. He shrieked in pain one time because she wasn't quite able to keep some weight off of his leg. After he had sat down and she had bandaged him up with a medical care kit he kept stored in a nearby cabinet, Miroku finally said something, "Kagome…"

The latter removed her mask to reveal her brown gaze, "What?"

"Bring Sango back. And the Jewel."

"What were you going to ask Sango?" Kagome demanded, ignoring what he told her to do.

"I was going to ask her to marry me." Miroku answered, stretching his leg out a little to get more comfortable in the plastic seat Kagome had sat him in.

"Oh." Kagome replied.

"Please," Miroku begged, "Go save her. And kill that bastard Naraku. And bring the jewel back in one piece."

Kagome nodded, kneeling down in front of him and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry. I will."

"You will?" Miroku asked, sort of doubtfully, "I mean, I know you will…but the question is…" He paused.

Kagome looked away, her mind on someone else. Inuyasha. Why had he done that? How could he have joined Naraku? The two didn't like one another, so why was he working on his side?

"I know you will do it," Miroku continued, "The question is…can you?" He looked at her with his violet eyes.

"Of course I can," Kagome winked at him. She then put her mask back on and stood up, "I'm the Dark Angel, remember?"


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