Code Name: Dark Angel

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16- Conditions and Battles


Kagome felt the tears come, but she couldn't stop them. They ran down her cheeks and neck and soon, she couldn't stand to even look at him. She willingly allowed Hiten to drag her outside into Naraku's car. She didn't make eye contact with Inuyasha as he and Kikyo climbed in after everyone else, hand in hand.

Before she had saw them, she thought she had a fighting chance against Naraku.


Yeah…She didn't give a damn about what happened.


Inuyasha had gotten a woman. Better yet, he had gotten his ex-girlfriend -- the love of his life. He got to sit in a very comfortable chair and get food and wine. He was treated equally amongst Naraku and his thugs. And what did Kagome, Sango, and Miroku get?

A cell.

Seriously. A cell. Metal bars and everything. There was a tiny window, high above their heads, and a brick wall on two sides. But it was still considered a cell. And they were locked up in it.

"Kagome, please," Sango begged. She wasn't crying -- much. She was trembling. "Forget about him. Help us get out through that window."

Kagome was sitting against one of the brick walls, her knees against her chest, her head buried in her arms. She hadn't spoken a word since she had called Inuyasha's name when she saw him with Kikyo. Instead, she had cried the whole way to the piece of shit shipping warehouse that Naraku had taken them to.

"Please!" Sango shook her gently. "Forget about Inuyasha!"

How could she possibly forget about Inuyasha? How could she? It was impossible. She loved him. He loved her -- or so she thought. She had thought that she was the love of his life. She must have thought wrong. "I'm not going to forget about him," she growled angrily, standing up. "Because if I do, I won't be angry enough to fight anymore."

And she suddenly felt angry, too. Angry as in very, very pissed. She felt as if she could break through those metal bars and kill and kill until she felt satisfied that her broken heart had been avenged and somehow pieced together.

"What are you going to do, Kagome?" Miroku asked curiously.

"Watch." She growled. She went to the steel bars and yelled Naraku's name.

"Yes?" She hated his voice. She wanted to cut his throat open and rip out his voice box.

"Those conditions you were talking about," she began. "What are they?"

He appeared from another room and gazed at her curiously. "Just a fight to the death match. You against all my men. Whoever wins can leave."

Kagome figured he wouldn't keep his word about leaving. But she didn't care. It was worth a try. And she wanted to take her anger out on something. "Fine," she said nonchalantly. "Let me out and I'll fight."

"You know there are no guns allowed, right?" He asked.

"I have no guns. Or knives." She responded, spinning around so he could check her.

"Good." He opened the cell and let her walk out. "Men! Time to fight!"

He took her to a large room full of about fifteen men, including Inuyasha. Kikyo was hanging all over him and he didn't seem to mind. He was sitting in a chair with Kikyo in his lap, a vacant chair beside of him -- obviously Naraku's seat.

"All right. It's that time." Naraku said, taking his place in his chair. "Fight."

Impetuously, all the men lunged at her. She was expecting it, somehow, and leapt high into the air, over all of them. She came back down on top of one and slugged him in the face. A man lunged at her with a long, metal pole and swung it at her. She did a back flip and evaded it easily.

The demon powers passed to her by Inuyasha were quite effective and came in handy. She found this out when she punch one of the men. Only, instead of hitting him with her knuckles, she used her razor sharp claws. This worked well. She saw large gashes gaping open across his stomach, blood pouring from them. She smiled in satisfaction. When he tried to attack again, she used her claws on his neck. One down.

The one with the metal pole returned and tried to hit her with it once again, only this time, when he flung it downward toward the top of her head, she caught it inches before it reached her. Then she yanked it from his grasp and whacked him across the face with it, before jabbing her claws through his stomach. He collapsed to the floor and began dying slowly.

Another man appeared and she used the pole to trip him before ripping his throat open. Three down.

"Bitch!" One man brandished a knife without her knowledge and plunged it into her back. She bit her lip and managed to keep herself from screaming. She wasn't about to show Naraku or Inuyasha that she could feel pain. She would appear strong to them. She would appear almost heartless. She whirled on him, causing the knife to pull free from her body, and kicked him in the stomach, sending him sliding across the floor.

She didn't bother racing over to him to steal his knife from him like she would've done before. She had knives of her own. Ten of them, built right into her fingers. She used them, too. She used them on all of the twelve men she hadn't killed already.

And by the time it was over, she was bruised, bloody, sore, and still very pissed off.

Naraku rose to his feet, clapping joyfully, as if he hadn't just lost fifteen of his thugs. "Well done, Kagome. I'm impressed."

When the look of pure hatred on her face didn't alter, he said, sort of defensively, "Well, I am. You did wonderful."

"Let my friends go." She growled menacingly. Her voice was so hard and deep that she couldn't even recognize it as her own.

Naraku looked at her as if she were demented. "Let your friends go?" Much to her revelation, he began laughing. Laughing! And also, much to her disclosure, Inuyasha and Kikyo began laughing as well. Hiten was even laughing from where he was standing, behind Naraku's chair. "What are you talking about?" Naraku asked, still laughing slightly.

"You said that you would let them go under the condition that I fight your men to the death." She gazed at all of the corpses around her without pity. "And that's what I have done. I killed fifteen of your men -- the fifteen you told me to fight. So let them go."

Naraku placed a hand against his chin as if he were struggling to remember this deal they had made. "Hmm, yes. You're right. However," he paused and Kagome had a feeling she wasn't going to like what he was about to say, "you still have someone else to fight."

Kagome figured it was Hiten he was talking about. Or perhaps his brother Manten. Bring it on, was all she had to say. She was stronger and a lot more angrier this time round and she probably would end up victorious.

However, those were not the people he meant.

She realized this when he sat down beside of Inuyasha and whispered something to him. Next thing she knew, Inuyasha had gotten up, sat Kikyo in his chair, and leapt in front of her.

"Now, let's see who is victorious!" Naraku shouted, smirking.

Inuyasha stood in front of her, grinning.

"You bastard," she hissed lowly. "What's the matter with you?"

He tackled her in response to her question. All the air rushed from her lungs and he crushed all of her wounds from her previous battle with Naraku's thugs. She coughed unwillingly. "Listen," he growled in her ear. Then he punched her. "I'm doing this to gain his trust so we can kill him when he least expects it." He wrapped his fingers around her throat and she realized that he wanted her to fake being choked. "Just fight me, for real, and then we'll just attack them out of nowhere. Got it?"

He took her slug to his face as a yes.

She sat up, pretending to gasp in a lungful of air, before tackling him and punching him in the face a couple of times. "You really pissed me off, you know?" She kept her voice low so no one but Inuyasha could hear. "I really thought you went back to Kikyo."

Inuyasha tossed her off him and she went sliding across the floor. She stayed on her back for a moment, pretending as if it had hurt immensely. Suddenly, he was over her, grinning in a sickening way. "Why would you think that?" He asked, sounding almost hurt as he kicked her in the ribs. It actually hurt.

"Maybe," she said between kicks, "because you were making out with her." She caught his ankle and twisted it before kicking him in the stomach. He fell on his back and she jumped on him, slashing him across the chest. She hated to do it, but she had no choice. She then punched him a few times. He took hold of her wrist and rotated it into a fairly painful position behind her back. He then placed his razor sharp claws against her throat.

"Look," he began walking up to Naraku. "Put up a bit of a struggle. When I release your arm, we'll attack him, got it?"

She began struggling, tugging at her arm and even head butting him in the head. He made it a few feet in front of Naraku. "Do you really want me to kill her?" He asked, winking at Kikyo, who smiled back. "She could be useful, with the right kind of persuasion."

Naraku considered. "What kind of persuasion do you have in mind?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "Her friends?"

"Good idea, Inuyasha!" Naraku rose to his feet. "I am really sorry for betraying you like that. I see now that you are a clever and valuable asset to this group. I do hope you forgive me."

"Oh yeah, I forgive you." Inuyasha released Kagome's arm. They both attacked Naraku.

It was such an astonishing attack that they totally caught Naraku off guard. And when Hiten tried to pull Kagome off Naraku, Inuyasha tackled him and began beating the shit out of him. "You bastard!" Kagome shrieked in Naraku's face as she punched and kicked and slashed at his body. "I despise you!"

He kicked her off him and, instead of running as usual, he snaked his fingers around her throat and began choking her. This time, it was real, unlike it was with Inuyasha. She really couldn't breathe. Everything started to blur and she felt her arms and legs getting weak. She saw, out of the corner of her eye, that Inuyasha had killed Hiten and when Manten came out, he did the same to him. He was on his way to help her when Kikyo got in the way.

She knew Inuyasha wouldn't be able to kill her.

"I am so delighted that I discovered your identity," Naraku said. She could hardly focus on what he was saying due to the lack of oxygen. "You remember that night so long ago, don't you? The night your parents died, I mean. You remember the face of their killer? Apparently not, since you threw an innocent man in prison for a crime he didn't commit."

Kagome wasn't sure how, but she felt her eyes widen.

"That's right, Kagome," he continued. "I killed them. It was me who broke into your home all those years ago and murdered your family."

She suddenly felt a newfound rage flow through her and she shoved him off her. She sucked in as much air as she could, as fast as she could. She was in a hurry to kill him.

"What is it, Kagome?" He demanded. "Are you shocked by this bit of news?"

"Because of you," she said in a low, rueful voice, "an innocent man died in prison."

Naraku pretended to be heartbroken. Then his expression changed to a scowl of malice. "Get over it, sweetheart. Innocent people die every day."

She slugged him, hard. He went reeling onto the floor. She jumped on him and plunged a clawed hand through his stomach. Her hand came out of his back. "That night you killed my family," she said, her hand coming out of his stomach before going through it in another spot. "Was the worst night of my life." She slapped him, using her claws to tear away some flesh. "If you hadn't killed my family," she went on, kicking him across the floor, "I wouldn't have become this killing machine I am now."

"So what are you going to do?" He demanded, pushing himself to his feet. Blood was, she was with satisfaction, pouring from his mouth.

"I'm going to thank you," she said. She grabbed him by the throat and pinned him against a wall, his feet coming up from the floor. "Thank you, Naraku, for making me into what I am. Thank you for helping me meet Inuyasha. Thanks to you, I am a half breed killing machine. And you're about to die."

"Kagome!" She heard Inuyasha shriek. "Move!"

A sharp pain erupted through her back. It wasn't from the stab wounds she had received in her previous battle, either. She had been shot.

By Kikyo.

She fell to one knee, dropping Naraku to the floor.

"Damn!" She cursed as pain seared her back. "Inuyasha, you better get that bitch before I do!"

Impetuously, Naraku was on top of her, punching her. He stabbed her in the stomach with a knife. She wasn't sure how many times he did it, since she only felt pain everywhere, but she guessed it was about three or four. She kicked him over her head and did a back summersault onto his stomach. Time to end it. "Naraku," she said, her voice hoarse. "You made my life a living hell. But like I said, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Thanks again. But it's time for you to die."

And that's when she broke his neck.

She heard Kikyo crying in pain and she turned to see that Inuyasha had stabbed a couple holes in her. "Stop, Yash," she said. "Give her to the police. It's over. Naraku's dead." Kikyo wailed at this bit of news. But inside, Kagome was rejoicing.


"Well," the police offer said. "Thanks again, Dark Angel. We appreciate you helping us out."

Kagome smiled behind her mask. "No problem."

After she had killed Naraku, she released her friends and found a mask that resembled hers and put it on. Then she phoned the cops. They recovered all the objects he had stolen and put them back in their proper places. That was it. Case closed as far as Naraku went.

Their injuries were another story altogether. It took two weeks for Inuyasha and Kagome's wounds to fully heal right. Then everything was back to normal.

Miroku had asked Sango to marry him like he had revealed to Kagome that he had planned it and she happily agreed. They both ran the museum together and managed to get Inuyasha and Kagome a job in security. Inuyasha and Kagome found a home not too far from the museum, bought it, and settled down in it.

Everything seemed normal during the day. At night, however, Inuyasha and Kagome always managed to find trouble. Only they weren't the ones getting in it. They were both putting a stop to it -- together. A crime fighting duo.

They were the ones who brought a new meaning to "more than just the stars come out at night."

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