A Moment




A Note on the episode: Time remade itself. The fight between the young Bruce, John,

Diana and the JLU against the Jokerz didnt happen, because in the end, Chronos never

caused the trouble hedid. But in the seconds before it all corrected itself, Batman let

his heart do the talking.

Bruce sat, frustrated once more at his age. But perhaps it wasen't a proper feeling. He

was out there in a way. Indeed, his younger self was doing remarkably well against the

Jokerz. Then again, this young man who he once was didn't have one thing.

He didn't love Terry like a son the way the old man did.

Terry was fighting like the devil was on his heels. Rex was tag-teaming with his father,

who likewise watched Rex's back. And the others- minus Diana- were likewise engaged.

Bruce put a hand to his heart, feeling for the offbeat that signaled it was time for the

emergency medication he had on hand. His eyes moved for a fraction of a second to the

inhaler that would save his life. With a hand, he knocked it away.

" No more outliving my kids." He whispered into the deathly silence that reigned for a

single instant before the Dee-dee clones closed in on Terry.

" Terry..." Bruce said with the slight alarm only the young Batman could detect. A

small whisper came back.

" It will only be for a second if the others win." And it would, Bruce had to admit. For

what he knew of how Time worked, as displayed by John and Kyle randomly changing

places, when Chronos was taken care of all would revert to what it was before everything

got to this point, before Chronos even left to begin his work.

But that didn't mean it wouldn't shatter the old man.

" ..needs to be punished!" Bruce turned, frantic, back to the screen. They had him,

and no amount of logical thinking would calm the old man. His heart skipped, sending

pain into his every cell. The inhaler was a few inches from his foot. But he only kicked

it into the abyss near the computer. He froze as Terry pulled on the light beams that

held him fast. He caught the grim smirk on Terry face, and with a pang realized it was

the same one he'd displayed so often when he was that age. And then Terry screamed.

" TERRY! TERRY!" Bruce's sholders slumped as his hands instinctivly shot out to

grasp the desk before he fell. But he didn't even see. Everything around him was grey

and insignificant.

" Terry..." He began, his vision misting up. His heart stopped it's frantic pace, slowing

to normal as the whole room shifted...John and his young self were gone. It was over.

And in that twisted moment before everything changed in his mind, Bruce Wayne died.

" Terry...I love you kid." His hands slipped from the desk as his whole frame listed to

the side.



Yes, angsty as I get is what you just read...well besides'Gandalf at the Gate'. I hope this

made sense. And Bruce, in Batman Beyond, does have a heart condition that seems to

get close to being fatal when he exerts himself physically. I reckon mental strain and

worry combined with grief could have the same effect... Please be kind and review!

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