Hello again everyone! I finally finished Commodore Sparrow, and proudly present Jack to the Future for your reading pleasure. Though Commodore Sparrow is mentioned a few times, you don't have to read it to understand anything in this story (but feel free to read it if you haven't!) Once again, Jack is flung into another insane situation that he has to find his way out of, hopefully with lots of humor and excitement along the way. Well then, without further ado...

Jack to the Future

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"Well, this is just lovely." Jack managed to get out between mouthfuls of salt water. The Black Pearl was in the middle of a rather angry tropical storm. The captain had been through several, he could steer through them with his eyes closed, and this one didn't seem any different-yet. He had been rather paranoid as of late however, as one with a greenish tint had somehow caused him to switch places with Commodore Norrington and more or less flipped the entire universe on it's backside. So, it was safe to say that he had good reason to be a little concerned. This storm seemed to be of the regular variety, however. No weird colors or three story waves.

After a good long battle, the storm finally realized it was no match for the Black Pearl. At least, this is what Jack reminded Gibbs after they had gotten through the thick of it, as he did after every storm. Gibbs in turn responded with an eye-roll and the customary , "Aye, Capt'n"

Although the wind had died down and the large waves nearly ceased, thunder still echoed in the sky, and the visibility was poor. This may have explained why the Pearl nearly rammed into a ship that was being tossed around on the shrinking waves.

Jack, still manning the helm, took evasive action to steer the Pearl away just in time and let loose with a string of obscenities that would make any self-respecting sailor's ears bleed. "What in the bloody hell was that ship doing there?" Jack yelled, flinging both arms in the direction of the ship in case any of the crew members missed the vessel about 20 feet in front of them. The sharp turn Jack had taken in order to avoid the ship brought them right next to the vessel.

Jack would have loved to give the captain of the vessel a piece of his mind, but unfortunately for him, there wasn't a captain. In fact, as the Black Pearl sailed next to the strange ship, the crew didn't see a single soul aboard. An abandoned ship in the middle of the Caribbean would have been strange enough in itself, but the vessel itself was quite extraordinary. It was small, slightly smaller then the Interceptor, and it's surface had a silver, almost metallic quality to it. Jack couldn't tell if it was painted, or the wood itself, but he had ever seen anything like it. The sails and anchor were up, and it wasn't flying any colors.

Gibbs rushed up to the helm to join Jack, already staring down intently at the ship. "What do ya think Captain? Pirates?" Gibbs asked, slightly out of breath.

"There's no damage. No sign of a conflict." Jack said, scrutinizing the ship through narrowed eyes.

"Well, the crew could have surrendered without a fight."

"And then up and disappeared?"

"Captured? Killed?"

Jack's eyes narrowed even further until he was nearly squinting at the pristine vessel bobbing below them. "I don't think so."

"Then, what is it doing here?"Gibbs asked, more as a rhetorical question the anything.

"No idea. Which is why we're going to go have a look."

The first mate straightened at the sound of his question being answered and whirled to face his Captain. "What? Jack are you sure? It could still be dangerous"

Jack furrowed his brow and swung his head in his first mate's direction "Gibbs, we're pirates. Danger is in the job description." He placed a hand on his own chest. "Being Captain, I shall put it upon myself to investigate."

The Pearl was maneuvered until it was alongside the other vessel, and set a plank across to the mystery ship. The waves were still rocking the two ships slightly, and it was a rather steep decline since the deck of the vacant ship was much lower then the Pearl's, but Jack made it over to the other ship with a speed and grace that never ceased to amaze his crew.

Jack leapt off the plank and scanned the ship, finding it to be even stranger then anyone had previously thought, if that was possible. The deck of the ship was completely bare. No guns, no crates, no barrels. The masts towered above Jack as he stared skyward. They seemed to be even taller then the Black Pearl's despite the obvious difference in height of the two ships. Jack headed back up to the helm of the ship, noticing the simple elegance of it as he went. It wasn't particularly ornate, but it looked as though years of work were put into each detail.

When he reached the helm he noticed something next to the ship's wheel. He headed over to find a large compass was mounted right next to it. Jack had never seen such an intricate and beautiful compass in his life. He would studied it a bit more closely, but he had a sudden urge to get back to his ship. Though beautiful, the ship had a very unnerving quality to it.

Jack took the stairs down to the main deck a few at a time and headed towards the plank when he noticed something strange about the main mast. He took a few steps toward it, and gave it a tentative knock with his fist to confirm his suspicions. Gibbs noticed him scrutinizing the mast from the deck of the Pearl.

"What is it Capt'n?"

"The mast! It's covered in metal!"

Gibbs jammed a finger in his ear and shook it vigorously. "Come again?"

"METAL! Why in God's name would you plate a mas-"

Jack wasn't able to finish his sentence however, as a bolt of lighting burst forth from the sky and struck the main mast. After a flash of blindingly intense light and a crack of thunder that shook the Pearl, the crew recovered from the shock and stared in the area that Jack and the ship had been, only to find the empty ocean, steam rising from the waves.

Alright, the lightning might be a slight reference from Back to the Future, but we'll just call it "paying homage to" since rip-off is such a harsh term! Please leave a review and tell me what you think!

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