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Holding onto Robin was like straining to hear the drop of a pin in a hurricane. His presence was cold, a trail going back a thousand years, as faint and weak as the light of a single star in a vast night sky. Death cannot be reckoned with. Raven was losing him, whether she wanted to or not.

A suffocating veil of disbelief pressed in upon her senses as she released his icy body, uncontrollable shaking making it impossible to stand. This was a dream, all of it. A figment of her imagination. Anything, anything, but the truth. All of existance could disappear in one blinding flash, but nothing could ever take Robin away from her. Nothing.

He's dead, Raven.

"No." The tears would no longer come, the insane pressure would not release. She couldn't breathe.

He's dead, there's nothing you can do. Robin is dead! DEAD!

To her horror, the words slipped from her mind to her lips, falling like stones upon the silence. "Robin is dead."

Everything--everything--exploded as the ripples swept her under and realization hit hard enough to shatter her soul. Something that could only be defined as insane desperation seized her mind and took command of her body as the ground shook beneath her and the entire room glowed with the feirceness of a murdered heart. Robin's limp and mangled body was lifted into the air, pulsing black and shaking as much as the sorceress responsible for its movement. Black tears coursed down her cheeks as she howled with a pain deeper than anyone could possibly imagine, and she flung out her hand towards him, pleading for his return.

Under Raven's control, limbs seemed to straighten into their natural position, congealed blood vanished, cuts and scrapes evaporated, Robin's face glowed with a healthy light, a smile gently curved his lips--no longer blue--and the trademark yellow, red, and green costume appeared once again. Maskless eyes snapped open, their color shifting uncertainly from brown to blue to hazel...all would have seemed perfect, if not for the eyes. They were plastic, empty...lifeless.

The pleasant image vanished altogether as a sob tore through the air, Robin's broken body falling to the ground like an abandoned puppet. The black energy retreated, the violent shaking and cracking ceased. Silence was absolute.

Raven looked, not towards the ghastly form on the blood-stained ground, but uncertainly into the empty air, ice freezing her heart within her chest. She couldn't lie, couldn't run, couldn't hide anymore. She was as cold and lifeless as him when the words slowly struggled free of her white and trembling lips...


"Not yet. Not today."

Raven's eyes snapped open, and she couldn't keep her heart from leaping with renewed hope. That was Robin's voice...it echoed strangely all around and inside her, but still it was his. Her gaze fell upon his body, seemingly cold with death, and she waited with bated breath, praying wildly, her entire life depending on this moment...

Much as it had in Raven's false vision, the Boy Wonder's body was lifted off the ground, shaking wildly and glowing a faint, barely detectable white as the entire world hung in the balance around him. The shaking became more violent, and Raven could have sworn she heard a faint gasp as one by one, broken limbs were straightened out, bone retreating as punctured flesh sealed over. The bone-deep wound in his chest slowly faded as each layer fused together once more, until the skin was pale and smooth. The horrible gash and lump on the back of his head closed over and sank back into his skull. Every injury was targeted and healed until Robin looked as though he had merely taken a blood bath. The shaking stopped, the light died out, and Robin sank back to earth with an audible sigh of exhaustion.

Raven could barely make out the words as darkness closed in around her, a soft hum almost drowning them out...

"All is well, Raven. All is well."

It took much more effort than usual to travel back to the mortal realm. Miseria was exhausted beyond belief, the horror of just how close she had come to failing the boy still fresh in her mind. The closer a soul was to death, the harder it became to call it back to life.

Missy gave herself a mental shake. Robin would be all right now. Venton had not controlled him long enough to make him dependant...and the rest would have to mend itself over time.

But time...Time was in short supply for the brave young hero.

The demon materialized in the dark, shadowy room, sad eyes resting on the silent figures lying side by side. Never before had she seen two young people so completely united in heart and spirit. To tear them apart would be unforgivable cruelty.

Missy sighed, kneeling beside Raven and brushing a tear from her cheek. She would have to learn the rest of the Prophecy, eventually she would have to face the inevitable. The boy already knew part of it, but not for long. Out of kindness, Missy had removed all memory of the horrible events, to ease his troubled mind. She owed him that much.

She would tell Raven...but not now. "Let her sleep while she still can," the demon thought, slowly moving towards Robin.

Aside from the blood, he appeared perfectly normal and healthy, but she knew better. Tears of regret gathered in her chocolate eyes; it had to be done! She had no choice...Earth and all its people had to be saved, but theirs were not the only lives that would end, should Trigon win. A deep frown etched on her ageless face, Missy swept a hand over him, and the blood vanished. There was no need to upset them any further.

With one last glance, Miseria vanished. All was well...for the moment.

Robin's eyes opened ever-so-slowly, eyelids heavy as though filled with lead. Little by little, the room came into focus, but his strength did not return. Any attempt to move set the world to spinning nautiously above him, and a dull pounding hammered against his skull. What happened? He was in his room, but had no recollection of how he got there. "Think!"

He strained his sore head, and at long last, came up with a memory, vague and distant but still there...

"Robin, please don't do this." A hand...

The pounding got worse, but still he struggled, desperate to remember.

"Just...help you! ...don't...Slade...your own!" Someone screaming his name...


Pain...horrible, horrible pain--

"Raven!" Panic welled up in his chest as he failed once more to move, the world spinning dangerously and a darkness gathering in the corners of his mind. He heard movement off to his right, and felt a hand clasp his own. A quiet voice spoke, but the words jumbled together...the voice, however, was unmistakable. "Raven?"

The whispering stopped, and a face swam before his eyes, purple clouding his vision. "Robin...you're alive," she choked, cool hands running through his hair and along his face as though to confirm the statement.

"What...what happened? I...can't remember...my head..." He groaned quietly as the pounding kicked up a notch.

Raven frowned deeply. "You mean, you don't remember...him?"

The simple word sounded ominous in his ears, a nameless fear whispering through him. Robin's stomach lurched unpleasantly. "Slade? Where is he?" He tried to sit up, but Raven gently pushed him back down.

"No...not Slade. Robin, you don't remember anything?"

The pounding moved in behind his eyes. "I don't...understand...what...?" He stopped as Raven's face blurred and shifted, his brain going numb. From somewhere above him, her voice whispered, and he could detect a hint of fear.

"It doesn't matter. Sleep, I'll be right here with you."

That knowledge soothed him immensely, and he stopped struggling as darkness engulfed his mind and the pain melted away.

Raven's worried frown remained as his eyes drooped shut and his hand went limp. She couldn't let him be his normal destructive self, not until he recovered. She knew that pulling someone back when they were so close to death could have horrible effects on the mind, body, and soul. He needed rest, and she would make sure he got it. As for his memory, or lack of it, she suspected that Missy had something to do with that...and honestly, she was grateful. Robin didn't deserve to be plagued with such horrible thoughts. Venton...she shivered slightly at the thought, Venton was gone. She could only pray that it would stay that way.

With a start, she remembered some people that she hadn't thought of in what seemed an eternity. Raven reached wearily for her communicator, calling up Cyborg with a nervous twisting in her stomach. They had a right to know what really happened to their friend.

"Wazzup, Rae? How's Robin settling in?"

Raven closed her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and opened them again. "Cyborg, you are not going to believe this..."

Well, that's it. THE END! I brought in the other Titans because I know you think they've been horribly neglected...but they just couldn't really have a part. None of them could go inside Robin's mind, and that's where most of the story took place. Hopefully you liked this, cuz I really enjoyed writing it. Later days! -Dusty