Chapter 4

By Crash


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Kakashi woke up. Maybe it was 7ish in the morning. Maybe. He sat up, ran his hand through his messy hair, and shook his head. He was shirtless, wearing black pants. It was a routine morning, except he had his mask on. He rarely slept with it on while he was at home. Still groggy from just having woken up, he vaguely wondered why he was wearing it. He got off his bed and shuffled to the bathroom. He stopped when he saw his sweatpants draped over the back of the sofa and a blanket spilling off the armrest and onto the floor.

'Oh…that's right' he though to himself, again running his hand through his hair.

And he went about his usual morning business. Every morning he did the same thing, as most people do. He relieved himself, washed his hands, brushed his teeth, gargled with mouthwash, showered, wrapped a towel around his waist and dried his hair with another towel on his way back to his room. He was now wide awake and ready to face the day and he pulled on his usual clothes. Tying his headband in its usual place. He zipped up his vest as he walked out of his room once more, and pulled on his gloves. He went around the couch, and picked up the pillow which had found its way to the floor.


She snored lightly.

Kakashi walked closer to her and quickly averted his gaze. It seemed that at some point in the night she had discarded the sweatpants he had lent her, explaining why they were draped over the back of the couch. This left her in only her pink panties and the black t-shirt, which had been sufficiently twisted and pushed up so that a great deal of her skin was showing. Kakashi coughed uncomfortably, somewhat grateful that she was sleeping face down on the sofa, because he was quite sure that if she hadn't been, he would have seen a great deal more than she would have wanted.

"Who sleeps like this?" he mumbled. But he suddenly remembered a scene from the first volume of Icha Icha Paradise where the heroine is sleeping in nothing but her under things, and- he thought it best to push that out of his mind. Besides in the book the scene takes place outside and in much different circumstances than the present and had nothing to do with his apartment, his sofa, or the girl currently snoring on it.

"Yukiko-san" he said again, louder than the last time. "Wake up."

Once again she did not react. He lifted the pillow in his hand and swung it down onto the back of her head. At the unexpected impact, she rolled over, a bit too quickly and fell off the couch rather disgracefully.


Ouch…why am I on the floor? I kept my eyes closed. Maybe I'll fall asleep again…I was in the middle of a rather interesting dream. Come on, fall asleep again…

"Get up and get dressed or something…"

"I am dressed"

I opened one of my eyes, adjusting to the brightness. I saw Kakashi's feet facing away from me. It was oddly cold…


Wait a minute! What the hell!? I'm not wearing any-

"Where did the pants go?! Don't look you pervert!"

"I'm not looking-besides you took them off yourself."

I was blushing. No way… I don't remember that at all! I sat up on the floor.

"I did?" Did he use his Sharingan on me? I stared up at him. I can't believe it-

"Yeah." I stared up at him. I can't believe it- how could he? When he's supposed to be taking care of me? I didn't think he was that kind of- He spun around, from what I could see he looked a bit alarmed

"No! No- Yukiko-san- I know what you're thinking- Don't think like that!"

Tears welled up in my eyes- that verifies it! I can't believe this! I looked away from him- how could I look at him after-

"How- how could you!"

"Hey! Stop accusing me of stuff that didn't happen! I didn't do anything to you-I'm not Genma."

"Nothing happened?" Haha…It must be my active imagination, of course he wouldn't do anything to me, he's a professional.

"No. Nothing." That's a bit of a relief.

"Don't be so misleading then." I scoffed. I stood up and crossed my arms, scowling at him. "Don't beat around the bush. People make assumptions you know."

"Most people don't assume that sort of thing so quickly." What? Is he saying I'm stupid or something?

"I'm going to change." I picked up my pile of clothes from the coffee table and marched into the bathroom, closing the door a bit harder than I mean to.

I closed the toilet lid and set my clothes down on top of it. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I need to fix my hair. It really is a mess. I took the hair ties out. Hmm it's getting a bit long. I looked at the ends- oh great, I've got split ends…I guess I should take a shower. Oh- mouthwash! Well, if I haven't got a toothbrush I guess this'll do.

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It's always nice, that feeling after taking a nice hot shower, mmm it's good to be clean! After I put all my clothes on, I looked in the slightly foggy mirror and fiddled with my damp hair. I think I'll leave it down…hmm…I untied my headband from it's normal place around my neck and put it around my head in the same way Sakura's had been. It's not that great of a look for me…never mind- I put it back where it usually went. I opened the door and walked into the kitchen. Kakashi was leaning against the couch, reading of course.

"Hey, I'm hungry." He looked up at me. "Are we gonna eat now?" Please?

"Yeah, let's go." He went over to the doorway and started putting his sandals on. I grabbed my sword from the coffee table and attached it to my waist. I kicked my feet into my sandals and followed him out the door. We walked down the stairs and out to the street.

I was trying to keep up with him again. Really. He ought to walk slower or something!

"Where are we going?" Hungry…

"To get food." I know that!

We turned down a street lined with shops and small restaurants. I followed him into a little grocery, there was a sign on the door announcing that there was a sale on daikon. We were greeted by a small old woman at the register.

"Welcome- Oh! Good morning Hatake-san!" I tried to busy myself with looking at some bread. "Who's this? I haven't seen her before, is she a new friend?" That emphasis on friend is too weird. Oh no-she's coming over here…Stop looking at me you weird grandma! I looked around for Kakashi. He was getting sandwiches from a refrigerated shelf.

"Sort of, Sachiko-san," he waved a plastic-wrapped sandwich at me. "Is an egg salad sandwich alright?"


"Orange juice?"


"No! Not orange juice! A pretty girl should have milk! Yuki-chan, you're still growing, and you want to keep your bones strong!" Yuki-chan? Didn't I stop growing yet? I've been this tall for a while… "Milk keeps you healthy! Look at me! I drink milk every day! When the two of you get old, you'll be the one taking care of him!" What?

Kakashi laughed "Sachiko-san, it's not like that."

He picked up a bottle of milk and a bottle of orange juice, and carried all of his items to the counter. Sachiko, smiling, went behind the counter again and put some numbers into the cash register.

"Hatake-san, this old lady can tell!" and she chuckled, bagging our items. Oh great, this grandma thinks I'm his girlfriend or something!

"Alright then Sachiko-san." Kakashi handed her some bills in exchange for the small plastic bag. "See you later," Kakashi said with his eye closed in his little smile. I stood there. He turned around and I followed him outside. Why didn't he say something? That old lady is the sort that will tell all the other old ladies about that conversation! And then people will think me and Kakashi are together! What will-

"Here you go," A sandwich appeared in my line of vision. I grabbed it and unwrapped it. I had forgotten how hungry I was! I ate it quickly as we walked. Then he handed me the bottle of milk and I finished that off. Wait. When did he eat? He just threw away the orange juice bottle and the plastic bag. I didn't even notice.

"Where next?"

I wasn't really sure what time it was. I knew that we were supposed to meet the three kids at a bridge. It was their normal meeting place. I knew that from the last few weeks I had spent watching them. But Kakashi was always late. Sakura usually showed up first, a few minutes later either Naruto or Sasuke would show. They usually stood around arguing, complaining, or not saying much of anything until Kakashi showed up. His timing was never exact. Sometimes he would show up after ten minutes, one time he was a whole hour late. Every time Naruto and Sakura would tell him he was late, and he'd make some sort of excuse while scratching the back of his head. Then Naruto and Sakura would shout at him and call him a liar.

Sakura usually came around eight 'o clock. It must be past then already…But why was Kakashi always late? He's got bad posture… Am I going to see where he goes before he meets up with his team? I felt excited. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't realize that he had stopped walking.

"Omph-" I walked straight into him! Embarrassing! I had bounced off of him. "Where…" That's the monument I fell asleep next to… Why are we here? I opened my mouth to ask him when I noticed that he was staring at the monument. As I stood next to him, something told me that now was a bad time to say anything. The monument had names carved into it. I didn't have to ask why they were there. I knew that monuments like the one in front of me were usually dedicated to those who had died in battle. We stood in silence and I read the names to myself, sometimes wondering who they were. I could feel Kakashi getting ready to turn around and leave when one name caught my attention. He had put his hands into his pockets.

"Uchiha Obito?"

Kakashi stiffened. I glanced at him his expression didn't give anything away, but his body was tense.

"You knew him? He's related to Itachi-sama, right?" I smiled at his back, hoping for an answer. He didn't say anything. Instead he walked away. I followed him, having to jog a little to catch up. "Well?"

He didn't face me, he kept walking. Answer my question!

"You shouldn't say that person's name with so much admiration in this village Hanatsurugi-san." The way he said that, he seemed to also be telling me not to say anything. So I didn't.

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