Sasusaku: Haruno Sakura a girl with looks and riches has always being annoyed by Uchiha Sasuke, who has everything just like her. One day Sasuke feels differently about Sakura and wonders if she feels the same for him. Will they ever confess to each other?

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This story is set in the 21st century (2005 to be specific) in Tokyo Japan. Characters are OOC and Sasuke's parents were never killed. His Mother and father were in USA doing business while Itachi was studying in England.

Chapter 1: Will I ever have peace

A pink haired girl was hastily rushing to school knowing that she had only 5 minutes until she was late. On the way she saw a certain Uchiha that had bugged her for 7 and a half years since they were halfway through the first year of college.

She shrugged when she noticed that he was also rushing to get to school meaning he'd annoy her on the way. The Uchiha called Sasuke saw her and gave a smile that would melt the hearts of every girl except hers. Sakura completely ignored that heart melting smile and tried to outrun him without a word. When the two finally made it to school they quickly opened their lockers grabbing their books for their period 1 class and dashed off into same classroom.

"Any luck with her yet Mr beautiful?" asked, a blonde with spiky yellowish golden hair with three whiskers on each side of his cheeks with a smirk.

"Shut up baka… He's trying." Said, another one of his friends with pale pearly eyes and long thick black hair with his serious expression as usual. (a/n sorry to interrupt right now but Neji, Naruto and Shikamaru are Sasukes friends and Hinata, Ino and Tenten are Sakura's friends.)

Sakura found a seat right next to her friends and stood right after she sat as their teacher had just come in. The classroom like any other had white everywhere with vivid blue carpet, huge clear windows, bright mahogany chairs and tables and a whiteboard with whiteboard markers. (duh….. )

"Good morning students please take your seats" commanded their teacher which was Gai-Sensei. Oh how everyone joked about his bushy eyebrows, bob haircut and his sloppy green outfit but the most that people joked about was his retarded yet so childish way of thinking.

As Gai-sensei rambled on about how poor the fish was and before dissecting it to show the whole class and talk about a ton of other stuff about how they grew, how long they live, how they lived and about their youth. Gai-sensei in most people's minds was a mentally retarded old man that always rambled about youth childishly (sorry to all those Gai lovers ).

When they had finished their biology lesson it was time for P.E and everyone got their things and hurried to the gym. Sakura was doing the same until she opened her locker and suddenly water that was held in pressure by chakra came splashing right into her white uniform soaking the top half of her body.

"UCHIHA! I'm going to get you for this!" yelled, Sakura as she took out her P.E uniform which was surprisingly dry, it seemed that the water didn't soak anything other than her.

Sasuke was crouched on the floor with his back to the wall laughing out loudly.

"Didn't see that one coming did you Haruno? I placed my chakra and used it to pressurize the water and made it push right into the door of your locker waiting for you to open it and get soaked. Your timing was perfect too just before my chakra died" he explained, still laughing with pleasure.

Sakura walked slowly to Sasuke clenching and unclenching her fists with killer eyes. If looks could kill Sasuke would be drop dead on the floor right now but no, life was cruel so she decided to give him a bashing.

Sasuke saw her body language and her facial expression and a sweat dropped. The all so carefree laughing boy was now a little nervous knowing that Sakura could hit pretty hard especially when she put a lot of chakra on her hands.

"Hey; Sakura it was only a prank, I've been pranking you for the last 7 and a half years so don't take it so seriously." said, Sasuke with a little pinch of nervousness in him.

Sakura on the other hand was completely ignoring what he had to say as he would always say something like "It's only a prank, nothing much." and all that other bullcrap that she had put with for 7 years! She had every single reason to be mad at him with a urge to strangle the hell the out of him with her own hands but Sasuke was too fast. She remembered a prank a week ago where she found herself tripping on a rope with a whole dunk of mud falling right onto her making her look like a pig taking a bath especially with her pink hair. And then, she thought 'This isn't as bad as the mud at least but he's still gonna pay!'.

Inner Sakura "Don't hurt Sasuke-kun! You know you like h-" being cut off by Outer Sakura.

'Shut up baka! I've been tortured by him for 7 and a half years it's time for retaliation!' scolded, Outer Sakura to Inner Sakura for thinking about him at this kind of time.

"You…. Are……..DEAD UCHIHA!" Sakura screamed and started chasing him like hell to whack him on the head as she usually tried.

"Oh Sakura you're so much fun!" with that Sasuke quickly ran around smiling and taunting her till they arrived at gym class (with their P.E uniform of course ).

"Sakura calm down…. You'll get him next time." Said, her best friend Ino. After she finished comforting Sakura which was easy to do as usual with just one sentence started to give the whole group of pranksters a death glare especially at Sasuke.

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