The Wizards of the Djinn

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Chapter 1; The Betrayal

The Burrow; July 15th 1996

Harry had always knew that the Wizarding Community were mainly made up of fools and people that followed fools, but he never expected his friends to do the same. It was in the holidays after his fifth year and he had been at the Weasleys when it happened.

He'd woken up one morning to walk down the stairs to meet the sight of something that would haunt him through his years in prison. His surrogate mother and someone that he thought of as a little sister dead and little did he realise his wand on the floor.

A strangled cry had escaped his lips and his legs had given out from below him. He had sat in a daze as the thunder of footsteps, summoned by his cry, came towards him.

The next half an hour was a daze to him. He remembered cries from people around him and then at the end of it all he remembered being hauled to his feet and something being snapped around his wrists and his energy left him as he fell unconscious.

Extract from the Daily Prophet; Special Evening Edition dated July 17th 1996


Shocking news has been released to the public this morning which has made our beloved nation come to a standstill. At Ten O'clock this morning several Department Ministers, including the Head of the Auror division, the Head of the Department of Mysteries and of course the Minister himself announced at a press conference that the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter (15) had turned his back on the noble cause which the Ministry of Magic stands for.

Events that occurred on the morning of the 15th of this month have unquestionably labelled the Hogwarts Golden Boy as a traitor. After the brutal murders of Mrs. Molly Weasley and her daughter and school associate of Harry Potter, Miss Virginia Weasley, Harry Potter was taken under Auror custody with Albus Dumbledore as witness under suspicion of two accounts of Murder.

It was released this morning that the secret trial in front of a full Wizandgamont was indeed held yesterday and the findings were clear and the verdict was unanimous.

Harry Potter is to serve a life time imprisonment under the care of the Dementors of Azkaban.

This reporter must compliment the insightfulness of reporter Rita Skeeter who foresaw these events but mysterious vanished and also wonders into the competency of Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, who put so much trust into Harry Potter. Is this man really the man that we should look up to in these times of crisis?'

Azkaban; July 16th '96

Harry was slung roughly into one of the darkest cells of Azkaban by two Dementors. He briefly felt his power return to him when the Manacles were removed from his wrists but his rejoice was short lived as an Auror stepped to a wall and found a replacement Manacle that he roughly snapped over his right wrist.

Harry fell to the floor in agony as he felt his Magic ripped from him again by the Manacles. He wondered how Sirius had got the power to change into his Animagus form in order to escape but regretted the chain of thoughts as the Dementor induced memories overwhelmed him. His father's yells almost sounding as though they were telling Harry to run to safety. His mother's screams of pleading almost pleading the Dementors to take her instead of him. Blending with his own cries as he pushed himself backwards into the corner of his cell to escape the Dementors.

He heard the Aurors laughing at him as the turned and left, the door to his cell closing. He curled up in the corner and listened to the cries of the remaining Weasleys as they stared accusingly at him for the murder of their mother and sister. He remembered Hermione's refusal to testify in his behalf, taking Ron's version of events. He saw Dumbledore's ever questioning eyes as they bore into his head, but Harry could barely remember what had happened that morning and his mind had been a mess that he knew not even Dumbledore could have understood.

They had refused to believe his own testimony under veritisarum after he had awakened from its influences without the antidote. They had claimed that he must have had some resistance to it already placed into his system.

His uncle Remus had tried to defend him though but had been shot down by the Minister pointing out that he was untrustworthy as a Werewolf and not fit to testify. Dumbledore had almost come close to trying to protect the boy but had come up with nothing to prove his innocence. He had even brought up the prophecy in a vain attempt to save Harry but with it smashed there was no proof and the Minister had gotten even angrier at the assertion that his Ministry wasn't capable of defeating Voldermort, who he had obviously referred to as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

It was hours before the Dementors believed him weak enough to leave for a few hours and they moved away. The voices took about five more minutes before they too leaved but with their absence Harry started to hear his fellow inmates cries of anguish, results of madness after years of captivity.

Harry cried himself to sleep curled on the thin, moulding mattress in the corner of his six by six cell. A night full of nightmares was all he could look forward to.

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