Wizards of the Djinn

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Chapter 10; Making a point.

Dratis Hall

Harry stood opposite Tom with a sharply cut gemstone on a marble pedestal between them. Everything was set for the last stage of bringing Maridis back to life. The defences on the city were fully powered once more, the Daemons already in residence were currently searching the grounds or ordering the lower Demonic beings like the imps to clean the long neglected centre of the city.

And now Hogwarts was fully under his command, he knew that word had gotten out to the Ministry before all of the Aurors were found so he had made the decision to lock all the students into the Great Hall and the Aurors all in the Dungeons until he could get back to help Albus separate the good from the corrupt. The teachers of course he had allowed free reign of the school and access to the Great Hall to care for their students but had asked them not to tell them everything yet.

Now he stood ready to drop the Dome and announce his arrival to all the upper Daemons both in this realm and the Daemons home before the bulk of the Ministry forces could arrive.

"Just cut your hand and allow three drops of your blood to hit the stone." Tom prompted.

Harry picked up the ceremonial dagger that was sheathed in the marble pedestal and without a second thought run the cutting edge across his palm from the base of his index finger to opposite the base of his thumb. Blood instantly welled up in his hand and he tilted it slightly to allow it to run off and let three exact drops land on the stone before his grabbed the offered cloth from Tom's outstretched hand and wiped the remainder off before tying it in a quick knot around his hand to stem the blood flow so that Carver could heal it from within.

As soon as the blood had run down the cut grooves of the stone it sunk in and the once blue stone slid slowly into a blood red colour and flashed once before dulling again to its original colour.

"Is that it?" Harry asked having expected more.

"To declare your return yes." Tom smiled at the young man, "You wouldn't have felt the announcement, I felt as if a warm surge had hit my soul and the effect on me is greatly lessened as I am within Maridis and therefore I already should know of your presence. Any Daemon outside of Maridis land would have felt an incredible surge of power and adrenaline. It is unmistakable to any Daemon."

Harry nodded and allowed Tom to continue.

"Now we must lower the Dome so that they can enter. To lower it you must channel some of your power into the stone as well as your intent to lower it. I must also do the same as it takes two Marids to lower them."

Harry did as told with the help of Carver and he felt a shudder in the walls as Tom finished channelling his own power.

"It is done, I believe it will be some time before the Wizarding Ministry can respond to the Dome shutting down. It might be a good idea to pay the Auror's a visit so that we can evict them as soon as possible as a statement of our intent."

The two headed out of the door and Tom pointed up to the opening in the caverns roof before transforming fluidly into a raven. He allowed carver control and felt himself shift into his Daemon form. His bat-like wings erupted from his back and not thirty seconds later he was launching himself into the air with his larger leg muscles careful not to scratch the marble flooring of the balcony they had exited the Hall to.

He flew out into the open air over the forest canopy and barely flinched as a Raven landed on his back between his wings. Carver snorted in his head and informed him that no Daemon would ever try to do what Tom had just done. Harry laughed dryly, obviously the eight thousand years without anyone more powerful than a Djinni had had some effect on the Beta-Marid.

Harry wheeled around till he had Hogwarts Castle in his sights with the sun just beginning to lower behind its battlements and towers. The newly allowed wind and light brought some of the life back to the Castle. It took Harry a few seconds to realise what was missing from the silhouette. He had only seen Hogwarts full silhouette once before and that was when he and Buckbeak had flown in that one Care of Magical Creatures lesson. Now that he saw it he regretted the loss of the Castle's Astronomy tower and thought about offering to help rebuild it.

'It wouldn't do any good; it would just be destroyed again if you or Tom were to raise the Dome a second time. They will have to just cope without it.' Carver replied after listening to Harry's thoughts.

Harry landed less than five minutes later outside the Entrance doors and was met by what was fast becoming his Inner Circle but what he thought more of as his friends. Chris, Alter, Gaia, Lucid, Denier and Tolan had left the guarding of the Aurors and Students to the others and had ventured out as soon as they felt Harry's announcement in their souls.

"I've dropped the Dome and we should be getting visitors soon. Any Daemon can either move into Maridis but make sure the Family Halls stay empty for now or they can wait here if they need to speak to me. Call me as soon as the Ministry arrive."

"What do you plan to do with them once they arrive?" Chris spoke with a smirk which told that he spoke of the Wizards rather than his own kind.

"I plan on scaring them, if I know Fudge's ways then he will come personally, probably with Umbridge and his loyal officials and then probably around fifty Aurors to act as his body guards, so I was thinking to fend them off with a few as possible to prove our strength once and for all. Any Marids or high level Afrits that arrive; ask them if they would like to join me and Tom."

The group slowly nodded grudgingly accepting that they would be left out for now but knowing that they could always watch the spectacle. And with that Harry turned and walked through the opened doorway and was met by Albus, the very man he had wanted to speak to.

"The wards informed me of your arrival into her grounds." He stated with some of his old sparkle in his eyes at Harry's questioning look. "I see the Dome has come down. Did you need to see me?"

"Actually Professor," Harry smiled back, "Tom and I are about to visit the Aurors and I was on my way to ask if you could join us. They are all together and I don't want to hold any that are loyal to you or at least friendly to you for long. I expect it is rather cold down there."

"Indeed I would." Albus laughed, "Please call me Albus. I did just come from there. Alas I was turned away by a cheetah, a lion and what looked to be a cross between a walking squid and a shark. Why if I may ask have you put them in the lowest and coldest dungeon when there are so many more liveable ones."

Harry laughed but let Tom answer him. "I am afraid Headmaster that most if not all Daemons have a flair of the theatrical. We tend to always do something all the way. If they are being held captive then they will be held fully captive."

They were on their way down through the Dungeons before Harry spoke again. "As you have noticed the Dome is down and the Ministry will probably be sending somebody soon. Remember I promised to keep you, Snape, Zabini and Malfoy safe and I will do. You are welcome to join us when they arrive as I am sure it will become quite exciting as I have already invited Daemons in this realm and their own to join us and I plan on kicking Fudge out of Hogwarts with the most powerful of them."

"I have noticed that they seem to follow your orders, especially Fawkes and he doesn't even take orders from me unless he wants to." Albus asked.

"The Daemon's follow a strict hierarchy. They have four basic levels. Imps, Djinni, Afrits and Marids. Imps being the lowest and Marids the highest. Of course each of the groups have many smaller groupings depending on the power levels or the type of Daemon within that group. Imps are basically all the same except for power levels, the same goes for Djinn and Marids. The Afrits are split into elements and then into power levels." He paused to let this onslaught of information settle into his old mentors head before continuing to the point. "Basically if a Daemon that is more powerful than you gives you an order then you comply unless it conflicts with an order given by a Daemon more powerful than the other. Or if the Daemon is weaker than you then you can order it about unless it is working for a Daemon more powerful that yours. Does that make sense?"

"Are there more Imps than Marids?" Albus asked as they walked around another corner and Harry waved aside a group of Cat shaped Daemons guarding the hallway. They headed towards the furthest door and the two Daemons guarding it.

"The ratio at the moment is close on ten thousand Imps to every Beta Marid. Twice that for the Alpha Marids." Tom stated and Harry explained that Alpha Marids were the more powerful of the two types.

"What stops the Imps from ganging up on the more powerful Daemons then?" Albus asked as they approached the doors.

Harry nodded to the guards as they moved to open the doors to the Aurors' cell.

"There has never been a civil war between Daemons. The Imps don't attack the higher levelled beings because they are too stupid to know that another way is possible. The Djinn on the other hand could be more of a threat but no Daemon would attack another for no reason or just for power. The Djinn know that they are safe from their leaders and that their leaders will protect them where ever possible and will only ever attack them if ordered to do so by a Wizard who has bound them but that was rare even when the Wizards of the Djinn were common as it normally caused a lot of problems as the Daemon would try to get out of it." Tom explained patiently.

Albus looked at Harry in blatant confusion and Harry took pity on him. Harry knew how it worked but only through being part of the system himself. "It's complicated Albus but it works, trust me." He said before he walked into the room followed closely by Albus and then Tom.

Harry glanced around the room, the twenty or so Aurors sat along the wall watching his group carefully. Some looked as though they wanted to shout out insults at who they recognised to be Harry Potter but just as one made to stand a few figures stepped out of the shadows on the rooms other side. They looked like similar to Dementors but Harry knew they were Djinn sent to guard them. It must have been their presence that made the Auror's so cooperative in the first place.

Harry spoke towards the Djinn. "Easy my friends." They backed up again into the shadows. He turned back to the Aurors. "You may rise if you wish."

They all instantly got to their feet and one moved to the front of the group. Harry paused as he listened to Albus mutter under his breath. A statement that was meant for Harry and Tom only told them that this was their commander and at the simple whispered "Fudge" that he was against them completely.

"Harry Potter!" The man spat out the name in disgust. "I should have known you'd come and gloat. All Dark Wizards do!"

"Who are you?" Harry stated simple.

"Commander Rupert Tellen, Order of Merlin third class." He puffed up his chest slightly. "And you are under arrest for attacking Ministry property and detaining Law enforcement officials!"

"Silence!" Tom spoke firmly using his Marid voice to covey the order.

"You cannot arrest me Commander Tellen. You are officially out of your jurisdiction and into mine and therefore my prisoner until I say otherwise." Harry spoke calmly to the shocked Auror.

"What do you mean out of our jurisdiction? We are in Britain are we not?" A second, more sensible Auror spoke up. And again Albus muttered under his breath to tell them that the man was a law abiding man.

"You are not Mr. Folker." Albus spoke kindly. "Hogwarts is now part of Maridis, a place far older than Britain."

"You are a British Citizen though!" Spoke another man who Albus quietly declared the same as the first.

"I am not. I have been taken in by another country so to speak and have declared my intentions of independence from the British Ministry and therefore cannot be prosecuted on my own land." Harry spoke simply, he had had a lot of time in Azkaban to find out all he could for his eventual escape.

"Then we are at war!" Shouted the first Auror again and yanked out his wand pointing it straight at Harry as did about half of the other Aurors. A few pointedly stared at Harry while a few others hesitated. Harry knew in that instant who people preferred to side with. He nodded at them but the commander was too furious to notice but they did and they all drew there wands at Harry so as not to look suspicious but a few winked in his direction.

"You are our prisoners Auror. Put your wand away or we will remove them from you." Tom said simply. And as if on cue the ten or so Aurors leapt forwards a step and begun to cast spells. The other ten followed more sedately.

In half a second everything came to a halt as ten Djinn leapt from their hiding places around the room and landed to either side of Harry, Tom and Albus with one Djinni in front of each to cover them. By the Auror's reactions it was obvious that they had only seen the three from before and were surprised by the change.

"We still outnumber you two to one. You can't win you arrogant little bastard!"

"Any two of these Djinn could take your group out Tellen." Harry spat starting to get annoyed at the delay. "I have better things to do than this."

He motioned to Tom and the two of them pushed through the Djinn guarding them. Changing as they went, Harry to his Daemon form and Tom to an imitation of it. HE asked Carver to once again change his voice and growled lowly.

"Tom and I could take out a full battalion of Aurors let alone pompous prats who are only in command for sucking up to Fudge!" Harry spat his voice rumbling across the room. The ten hesitant Aurors stepped back.

Albus stepped forward slowly trying to push aside the six foot Djinn guarding him. "With Harry permission I am offering those of you who want to help us sanctuary here. You will be protected and can leave at any time."

Harry nodded and his eyes glanced to the back of the room. A silence hung across the room.

"No self respecting Wizard would associate themselves with you Potter! You're an abomination!" Teller snarled out but was cut off before he could continue as four of his Aurors brushed past him knocking him to side as they went. "Traitors!" He roared.

"Stupify!" The spell flew across the space towards one of the converted Aurors but never reached its target as one of the Djinn deflected it back at the Aurors with a golden Shield. Harry was close behind the spell as it returned and his clawed hand picked up the man by his throat as the other ripped the wand from his fingers.

"Enough of this. You are free to walk out now. You will give your wands to one of the guards and they will return them to you once you are out of the Hogwarts grounds." Harry spoke calmly his prisoner turning slightly blue from lack of air. He threw the man across the room where he hit the wall five foot from the floor and then fell to the ground unconscious. "Take this pitiful excuse of an Auror with you. If you try anything then you will become a long term resident to this Dungeon." He finished looking at the rest of the room.

The room quickly emptied and Harry sighed as Albus took the four converts up to the Great Hall. He fell back to his human form and Tom copied him again taking the form that Harry had first seen him in.

It was Tom that first spoke up. "If all the Auror's of Britain are like that we won't have a problem taking over this country let alone just staying in Maridis."

"What we plan will depend on what stunts our enemies pull. My first priority is the Daemons happiness and livelihood not the conquering of a country." Harry whispered as he closed his eyes wearily.

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