Title - All It Takes Is Time
Author - Moonbeam
Rating - PG (I think)
Disclaimer - not mine, if it was Peyton would have chosen a character direction, Lucas would be shirtless more often, Nathan would have some redeming qualities, Moira Kelly would be in it a lot more, someone would bitchslap Dan from today to Armageddon and most importantly of all, aside from the Chad shirtless thing, Lucas and Haley would have gotten together or a least be playing out some major UST without Nathan around to piss me off, or maybe just around less and he gets kicked a lot.
Spoilers - I've only seen the first four episodes.
Author's Note - Please don't mock for the format I'm trying something new. Let me know how it goes.
Pairing - see Disclaimer rant.

All It Takes Is Time
by Moonbeam

Twelve Years
How long it took me to realise what was in front of me.

Two Years
The time it took to convince myself that I should tell her.

Three Seconds
The length of our first kiss.

Ten Minutes
The time it took me to explain to her why I had just kissed her.

Three Minutes
How long the girls in her living room had laughed at my attempt at an explanation.

Two seconds
"I love you."

Three seconds
"I love you too."

Four seconds
"Took you long enough, dumbass."

Minutes unknown
Out first 'real' kiss.

Two Minutes
To clear her living room.

Three minutes
To strip her bare.

Infinite Moments
I tasted her, touched her, loved her.

Hard to leave her bedroom, hard to leave her bed, or her side.

Three Weeks
Then I proposed.

Four Seconds
She said yes.

Two Hours
The trip to Vegas.

Thirty Minutes
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Ten minutes
Elvis married us.

Infinite Moments
Our wedding night.

Three days
Our honeymoon.

Three hours
Mile-high club.

How long my mother cried when she found out; never been so happy for me.

Three Minutes
How long it took mum to make us agree to a second, large wedding.

Fifteen minutes
Drive to the in-laws.

Thirty minutes
Spent explaining why I dragged their daughter to another state to get married.

Ten minutes
Celebratory drinks.

Five minutes
Drive home.

Hours unknown
Curled up on the couch, no words, just holding her in my arms.

Three days
Telling all our friends.

Four months
Place settings, bands, suits, dresses, speeches.

Waiting, pacing with limited oxygen.

Blinding sunlight.

Three seconds
She's never looked so beautiful, I love her too much to breathe and too much to stop.

Twenty seconds
Walking slowly, stepping carefully on foreign heels.

Four seconds
Her eyes are glassy but I'm already crying.

Twenty minutes
She squeezed my hand when I needed to say something, everything faded, she is just too amazing to look away from.

She undid my tie, I tried to undo her dress but she wouldn't let me.

Twenty-six minutes
"Congratulations." "About time." "You look gorgeous honey."

Four hours
Holding her, music in the background.

Saying goodbye.

Ten minutes
Walking to our room, trying to feel her up through the dress, she keeps slapping my hand.

Door closed, she slams my body against the hard wood.

Infinite moments
She smiles at me and I still can't breathe but she is mine now. And I've always been hers.

Two weeks
Nature, fresh air, trees, furry animals. Didn't see any of it, didn't leave the room.

Ten minutes
Carried over the threshold. Through our house, into the bedroom.

Eighteen Months
The rabbit is dead, I'm gonna be a dad.

Seven months, three weeks
Water's broken

Fourteen minutes
At the hospital

Three hours
Ten centimetres dialated

Five hours, three minutes, 22 seconds.
James Lucas Scott enters the world, perfect.

Two years, six days
Alexander Keith Scott enters the world, also perfect.

One year, three months
Mackenzie Karen Scott is born, perfect and gorgeous.

Three seconds
Time it takes for Mackenzie to wrap her father around her little finger.

Sixteen years
James and Alex grounded for fighting with the first boy to break Mackenzie's heart.

Five years
First baby married, James. Held her hand while she cried.

Four years
Buried her head against my neck to hide the crying after I gave Kenzie away.

Six weeks
First grandchild, James' little girl.

Two months
Alex elopes.

Ten months
Kenzie and Alex both have babies.

Eighteen months
James' has twins.

Two years
Alex has another son

Three months
Kenzie gives her son a little sister.

Fourty-two Years
Happiness, tears, fights, making-up, laughter, smiles that squeeze my heart. Perfect.
She dies in my arms

Three weeks
Can't live without her, never could.

The end.