Hi guys I'm remaking my Vivi's next adventure fic into a better fic where all of you will like and maybe you kohza fans will like as well. I decide to remake this so you guys will read more of my fic. Now before you will start reading, I just want to say that I'm remaking this to a better way where there is no sex and anything perverted related. I'm making Kohza as a bad guy who wants to… you got to read it your self. I can assure you NO SEX OR RAPE OR ANYTHING PERVERTED RELATED!

Vivi's Next Adventure

Chapter 1


Vivi walks on the hot scorching desert of Alabasta desperate for help. The hot sun is burning her, but she doesn't care. She lived in this country since she was a baby; she got used to with the climate around here. But that's not the problem. She's hungry, thirsty and tired. For two whole days she had nothing to eat or drink. All she did was just walk and walk away from Erumalu. Why did she run in the first place? Because of one man that dare to threatens her. Her ex-friend Kohza.

As Vivi walks as far as she can from the oasis city, her mind flashes back to the last three days. The day where all this crap starts.

Flashback three days ago

Vivi rises up from her bed in the palace of Alubarna. She walks out to her window and stretch herself to the nice happy morning. She looks down from the window of her room inside the palace. She enjoys the view of her lovely country. That's why she decides to stay in Alabasta instead of going out traveling with her friends, the Straw Hat crew, she loves her country. She continues to look down and watch the happy people working and rebuilding the sand country. It seems to be really nice to see her people and to be in Alabasta again. She's very happy to be back. But she's also sad for leaving the Straw Hat pirates. She wonders how they are doing right now. It's been two to almost three weeks since they left Alabasta, she just hopes that they won't forget her. She looks at the X sign on her right arm, the sign of their friendship. Vivi smiles and remembers Luffy's words based on the mark. No matter what happens, this X mark will always be our sign of friendship. The word always echoes inside her head whenever she sees the mark. Somehow it always made her smile. It always made her feel that she's not alone. She knows that she's not alone, it's because the Straw Hat pirates live inside her heart somewhere inside her. Suddenly she heard a knocking sound from outside of her door.

"Come in," Vivi replied to the knock.

The door creaks open slowly and there's the palace's royal guard, Igaram.

"Good morning, Princess Vivi. How are you today?" asked Igaram as he comes inside Vivi's bedroom.

"I'm fine Igaram-san. Thanks for asking," replied Vivi. She turns her head away from the window and now facing the curly-haired man. "Is there something you want to tell me?"

"Well I was just checking to see if you recovered already from…" Igaram hesitates and looks like can't find the word to say.

"The war?" asked Vivi.

"No, I mean…"

"Pell's death?"

"Still no…but,"

"Luffy and the rest's departure?"

Igaram gave up. "Yes, Vivi-sama. I'm sorry to bring that up, because you see…"

"It's ok," said Vivi. Igaram closes his mouth. "I'm fine already Igaram-san. Really I am."

Igaram looked at the blue-haired princess for a while and said, "Princess, you don't need to lie to me just so I can feel better already. I'm really worried about you."

"I'm fine Igaram-san. I really am," said Vivi with a smile. "They might be gone for Alabasta. But they're not gone in my heart."

Igaram looks at her and smile. "You are indeed a great princess, Vivi."

Vivi smiles back, "Thank you, Igaram-san."

"I'm just going to leave now and let you change," said Igaram as he walks out the door.

"Ok then," said Vivi back.

"By the way," said Igaram before he exits the room. "Kohza is out in the backyard. He wants to meet you now."

"He did?" asked Vivi.

"Yes," replied Igaram. "He said it's important. You want me to shoo him off and tell him to come back later?"

"No, no it's ok," said Vivi. "Tell him that I'll be there in five minutes."

"Ok Vivi-sama." With the last reply out the royal guard went.

Vivi locked the door to her room so no one can see her naked while she's changing and quickly she put on a normal shirt and pants. As soon as she finishes changing, she went outside of her room and made her way to the backyard.

In the backyard…

Kohza is back out there looking handsome and muscular as usual. His scar on his left eye is there as usual, it's the sign of his courage for protecting Vivi since they were both kids. Kohza turns around just in time to see Vivi walking to him. Vivi saw him too and waves at him. Kohza waves her back and tell her to come down to him. Vivi nods back and walk over to him. Kohza watches her walking to him. Kohza watches her approaching to him.. Vivi finally approaches to Kohza and give him a friendly hug

"Kohza-san what's up?" asked Vivi.

"Not much Vivi-chan," replied Kohza. "So how are you today?"

"Oh I'm fine thanks for asking," replied Vivi. "So umm…what is it that you want to tell me?

"Well I don't know how to put this…but you know the green city Erumalu?" asked Kohza.

"Yes, it's still in a bad shape now right?" asked Vivi.

"Not anymore," replied Kohza.

"REALLY?" asked Vivi shocked. "You mean…"

"Yes," said Kohza. "My friends and I have been rebuilding it for the past two weeks. That explains of my two weeks disappearance."

"Kohza-san!" Vivi runs and hugs Kohza.

"You have no idea how this means to the whole country Kohza-san!" said the happy princess.

"Yes, Vivi-chan," said Kohza. "And I want you to be the honor to open the new town."

"Me?" asked Vivi.

"Yes, Vivi-chan. I want you," said Kohza

"I loved to," replied Vivi. "Of course. I want to see it."

"Than let's go now," said Kohza.

"NOW?" asked Vivi.

"Yes, Vivi-chan," said Kohza. "Now, today. Let's go."

"But…but…" hesitated Vivi. "What about papa and Igaram? They probably want to see it too."

"Yes, I know that," said Kohza. "But I think they're too busy. So let's just go there, the two of us. Me and you."

"Only us?" asked Vivi.

"Yes, Vivi-chan," said Kohza. "Me and you. Only us good friends."

"Is Karu in too?" asked Vivi.

"No, Vivi-chan," said Kohza. "I'm sorry but we haven't get to spend much time together lately."

"I don't know Kohza-san," said Vivi feeling a little unsure.

"Don't worry," reassured Kohza. "There will be other people there too. So we won't be alone."

"Can I think about it for a while?" asked Vivi.

"Can't you decide it now?" asked Kohza. "After all I thought that this is what you want."

Vivi looks at Kohza for a few seconds. Can he be trusted? Than she sees the scar on his left eye. The scar that saved her when they were kids. Kohza risked his life to protect her even it means that he will die. Vivi smiles. He can be trusted, the scar is a sign of proof.

"Sure Kohza-san," said Vivi. "Of course I'll go with you today."

"You will?" asked Kohza.

"Sure," said Vivi. "Just give me a few minutes for me to pack a few things"

"No problem," nodded Kohza. "I'll be waiting for you outside of the palace with a camel carriage."

Vivi nods and run into her room to pack some stuff. Kohza watches the princess runs and smile evilly as his plan that he has been waiting for so long to come true.

Outside of the palace…

Kohza walks down the stairs of the palace and jumps in to the front seat of the waiting camel carriage. He touches the scar on his left eye. I'm glad there is a use of this goddamn scar. If not, then how the hell is she going to trust me?

A few minutes later, Vivi walks out of the palace and walks down the staircase. There following behind is the King of Alabasta, Nefertari Cobra, Igaram and Vivi's faithful giant duck, Karu. Kohza is shocked. He said only the two of them.

Vivi finally arrives on the carriage and jumps in the carriage and sits next to Kohza up in front.

Kohza looks at the rest of the royals. "You know you guys aren't coming right?"

"We know," replied the king. "We just come by to say good bye and good luck."

"Kohza, if anything happens to the princess, you'll be the one to be blame," warned Igaram with a fist. "Take good care of her."

Kohza smiled and said "Don't worry, I will."

"Quaccckkk," quacked Karu.

"We'll be going now," said Vivi.

"Yep," agreed Kohza. "Let's go!"

The camel, which is the perverted camel Luffy saved a few while ago, walks leaving the royals behind. Vivi turn back to wave goodbye to her dad, Igaram and the crying Karu who will miss her mostly.

In Erumalu…

It takes the whole day for Kohza and Vivi to reach the oasis city. They have to leave the camel behind and cross the river with the help of the Kung Fu Dugong that Luffy befriends with. And the rest of the day, Kohza and Vivi walks to the city.

Finally they arrive in Erumalu at nighttime. Vivi watches the city as the new and improved Erumalu shines inside her eyes. Vivi was so happy to see Erumalu back and in powered again.

"This is wonderful Kohza-san," said Vivi happily. "I can't believe Erumalu is back again."

"Anything for you Vivi-chan," said Kohza in return.

Vivi looks the surroundings of the city. It seems so quiet. None of the houses are lighted and there's no trace of living in the town. Vivi starts to worries if that they're the only one who's in the city.

"Kohza, where is everyone?" asked Vivi.

"They're all probably asleep, Vivi-chan," said Kohza. "They must be tired for working all day."

"Working for what?" asked Vivi starts to getting all worried.

"For rebuilding the city of course," said Kohza back. "There are some parts that aren't finish yet."

"I thought you said that it's all finished," said Vivi.

"Did I?" asked Kohza. "My mistakes then."

Vivi watches the surroundings, as she sees no signs of livings at all. Vivi starts to get scared and check inside to the nearest house. She runs inside to see the house is completely empty and no one is inside. Shocked, Vivi checked into another house to see it's empty too. She goes into another house to see it's empty also. Horror struck to the princess as she turns to see Kohza.

"Kohza, I don't think you're telling the truth," she said bravely to him.

Kohza turns to face her. "You are a smart one Vivi-chan," he said with an evil smile.

"What the hell is going on here!" demanded Vivi.

"You want to know!" said Kohza back with a loud tone.

"Kohza, you're scaring me!" said Vivi. "Please don't do that."

"Do what?" asked Kohza approaching to her.

Vivi backs away getting afraid, then suddenly she hits something on right feet and falls down. Kohza grabs his trusted sword that he always hold on his back and point the blade to the princess as she tries to get up.

"Kohza, what are you doing?" asked Vivi with tears coming out on her eyes.

"What does it looks like!" said Kohza. "I'm going to kill you!"

"Kill me!" yelled Vivi in terror. "This is not funny Kohza!"

"Who said I was joking?" yelled Kohza in anger.

"Please Kohza," begged Vivi. "If you're my friend then please let me go."

"Friend!" yelled Kohza. Then he laughed in a maniacal tone, which is very similar to Crocodile's laugh. "You still have no idea do you?"

Vivi was shock. He plans this all the time. "About what?" she asked him.

"I wasn't your friend in the first place," said Kohza. "The only reason I pretended to be your friend is to have your kingdom!"

He pretended to be her friend. Vivi can't believe this at all. After all these times he plan this only to have her. He's no worse than Crocodile is.

"I got my eye scarred only to gain your trust Vivi," continued Kohza. "It hurts but it was a worth it."

"Even though you killed me Kohza, you're still not getting my kingdom!" yelled Vivi bravely.

"I know that," replied Kohza. He knew one of these things are coming so he went into his pocket, while still pointing the sword to Vivi, and throw her a piece of parchment and a pen.

"I'm always ready and prepare for everything," said Kohza. "So I want you to write down in your own writing and to sign that you're going to hand me over the throne!"

Vivi is really pissed off now! This man is no different than Crocodile who is greedy for the kingdom and the country.

"I would never hand over my country to you!" said Vivi bravely and angrily.

Kohza laughed and laughed to Vivi's statement. "Oh give it up already Vivi! Who's going to rescue you! It's miles away from your kingdom and the nearest city, you will do it either you like it or not!"

Kohza is right about this. Erumalu is miles away from another city and Vivi is in need for help. There's no other choice for Vivi to do. The only thing she can do is to run away or hand in the kingdom to him.

"Give it up!" said Kohza. "You can not save this country from me!"

The words! The tone! It echoes on her head as it reminds her of Crocodile! With anger and bravery Vivi kick Kohza's hand thus dropping his sword. She turns her feet around slickly and kick Kohza right on his testicles.

Kohza feels something really painful.It feels like something is bleeding and very very bad. He dropped on his knees and relaxing his pain on his privacy.

Vivi wastes no time. She knows Kohza is strong; she quickly gets up and kicks him in the stomach very hard.

Kohza feels another pain straight coming into him. This time he feels it in his stomach. He uses his other hand to hold his stomach while the other one holding his balls.

"You're crazy Kohza!" said Vivi in her angry tone. "There's no way I'm handing over my kingdom to you!"

"Oh really," said Kohza still holding his pained body parts. "What are you going to do about it?"

Vivi knows well that Kohza doesn't fall down that easy. He's going to get up and revenged her or something. She knows he is fearless and strong. She has no chance on beating him.

"You shouldn't have done that," warned Kohza.

Vivi can see that he's recovering from the attack. Her attacks are nothing to him. With no other choices, she turns around and run. She runs as fast as she can. She had no idea what he is planning or where is she going to go. But there's nothing she can do except just run and run away from that sick pervert away as possible. Vivi left the Elumaru town with nothing except her coat that is still on her. She doesn't dare to turn back to see him or take a last look of him. As far as she desires is to be away as far as she can from him.

"You know that I'll get you Vivi!"

Vivi can hear Kohza's yelling from where she is right now. She knows that she probably went quite far from him already. But she can still hear his yellings.

"There's no way you're going to stop me! One day your country will be mine!"

End of flashback

So after that day Vivi has been completely exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and confused. She had no idea that this will happen. She always thinks stuff that will happen completely right. But it didn't. Kohza has been planning to have her kingdom since they were kids. She has been confused after all these times, that she even got herself lost in the desert. Is it because she's so tired and can't think straight? Or is it that the betrayal of Kohza makes her crazy? She is lost in the middle of nowhere without anything. There's nothing she can do now except just let herself fall and die. She can do that but something on her heart somewhere urges her to live on and not to drop her life because of one guy. But what else can she do? She needs help. But who the hell wants to help her in the middle of nowhere? There's absolutely no one. There might be people around the desert lost too like her. But it takes a chance of 5 that she'll met one today.

Vivi continues to walk and walk. Her body is filthy and full of sweat. Her feet had become completely scorched and bruised from the hot sand. She walks and walks…until she sees something. It's a figure of a house. She thinks that she maybe hallucinating. Vivi rubs her eyes with the coat and take a proper and good look. It's true. It's a house, no wait…IT IS A HOUSE! Vivi's miracle and hope lifts her. She runs as fast as she can to go closer to the house. As she finally become very close to the house, she can see it properly. It is true. She's not dreaming. Finally happy and reached her unknown destination. Vivi takes a look at the sign or the name of the place before she collapsed on her knees, full of tiredness.

As Nefertari Vivi, the princess of Alabasta drifts off on an eternal slumber, she remembers nothing while she was out except the sign or the name of the house she found in the middle of nowhere.

The name of the place is called Spider's Café.