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Vivi's next adventure

Chapter 6

The effort of teamwork

After an hour or two of breakfast, the group decided it's time to get a move on. It was amazing though on how Paula can still manage to cook food even though they are in the middle of nowhere miles away from electricity, water or fire. Well what to expect, she operated Spider's Café which lived in the middle of nowhere her talent is a mysterious one indeed. She left the pot and some apparatus behind though; it's too dirty to be taken along. For the first 15 minutes after departure it was silent, quiet and going good. Vivi was pretty glad about that at least it won't end up like yesterday.

1 hour later


Boy was Vivi wrong. Miss MC had been enduring all of the weather's heat until she couldn't take any longer. Even the coat she received is still no match for the hot heat of Arabasta.

"Will you stop complaining already!" Miss V said or snapped at the short woman.

"Hey shut up!" Miss MC snapped back. "Just because you have an umbrella doesn't mean that you have the right to be cocky!"

"Who said I'm acting cocky midget!" Miss V defending her right.

"Oh Jesus here we go…" muttered GW.

"Honestly I'm starting to get annoyed with those two," added Mr 3.

"What's your problem with Miss Valentine?" asked Mr 5 with a slight hint of anger in his voice.

Mr 3 looked at Mr 5. "I didn't say I have a problem with her," he replied.

"Are you calling me a liar?" Mr 5 challenged Mr 3.

"You wanna start with me asshole?" Mr 3 snapped at Mr 5 feeling annoyed.

"Naturally I don't beat nerds but for you I can make an exception!" Mr 5 challenged Mr 3.

Vivi watched her 4 new comrades fighting, she sighed disappointedly. It's her second day and she was hoping to have some progress in this so-called adventure. But the only thing she's getting are more annoying rants and taunts from each agents. She later figured that GW and Paula were the only one who are mature and quiet. Then again GW's expression in the café yesterday changed Vivi's point of view toward the young doctor. And the fight she had with Paula this morning proved that Paula can be immature too sometimes.

"Ohhh I get it now," Vivi heard from Mr 3. "You're in love with Miss Valentine don't you?"

This got Vivi's attention. GW looked at Mr 3 too. Miss V and Miss MC stopped arguing and faced the two boys. Paula paid no attention and act like she didn't hear that.

"Uhh what?" Mr 5 asked in confusion.

"You like her?!" Miss MC asked and yelled while pointing to Miss V.

Miss V blushed. Mr 5 blushed too. GW giggled.

"I knew something's going on between you two," said GW.

"NO!! THERE'S NOTHING BETWEEN US!!" Mr 5 and Miss V yelled at the same time to the group.

"Oh Please you two don't try to deny it," Mr 3 smirked. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice this. It's like written all over your fore…"

Before Mr 3 finished his sentence Mr 5 punched him with his exploding punch. The explosion and the impact drove him 5 meters from where he was standing to the sand. His face was dark from the explosion and smokes were sizzling out from Mr 3's face. The others watched it like as if they don't care, only GW actually find this quite shocking, just because she just lost her partner then.

"How many times do I have to tell you that THERE'S NOTHING GOING ON WITH US!!" Mr 5 yelled at the injured Mr 3. GW was already making her way toward him.

"Yeah exactly," Miss MC added. "There's no way a retard like him would fall in love with an idiot like her."

Miss MC got her reply from Mr 5 and Miss V's glare.

"Miss Merry Christmas," said Vivi. "I don't think you're putting the situation any better."

"Don't worry about it kid," Miss MC replied to her. "They're not going to do anything to me."

"Oh really?!"

Mr 5 and Miss V looked at her in a different point of view. From Miss MC point of view they are in black, taller than her with a killer death glare that looked like they will tear Miss MC in pieces.

"Gulp!" Miss MC cowered behind Vivi.

"Hey guys look!!" Paula yelled out.

Mr 5 and Miss V swung their head to Paula. Vivi and Miss MC too. GW while bandaging MR 3 was trying to see what was Paula's yelling about. Paula pointed out to the two giant rocks facing together bringing a gap in between full of shades and away from heat.

"Come on we can take a break there," Paula suggested.

"Oh thank god!" said Miss MC. "This heat is killing me!" She left from Vivi and follow Paula. Mr 5 looked to Miss V to say something only to see her looking at him as well. Mr 5 turned away with a slight blush while Miss V looked away from him as well. She started to feel awkward at the moment. Vivi saw what's going on and break the moment before the Mr 5 pair did anything weird.

"Hey you two," she called out to the pair. They eyed Vivi. "Come on let's go!"

Vivi followed Paula and Miss MC, the Mr 5 pair followed her afterwards. GW on the other hand is trying to bring the injured and conscious Mr 3 up on his knees but she's having a bit of a trouble to do that. Everytime she put one of his hands on her shoulder he kept slide down.


And finally under the shades…


Miss MC who was the first to arrive the shaded place quickly threw her backpack away and lay down on the shadow. Vivi sat down on a rock resting her legs. Paula threw her backpack aside and sat on one of that rock away from Vivi. Paula kept her distance away from Vivi hoping that she wouldn't start another "you're gay" argument with each other. For some reason she can't stand it, and she got the feeling that Vivi didn't like it either. The other agents threw their backpacks away from them and just lie down on the cold and soft sand resting. GW too was one of them; somehow she managed to drag the fainted Mr 3 with her to the group. Vivi was amazed at this, what else other bizarre things that she didn't know from the agents.

"Ohh man how lucky are we to find this place," Paula commented.

"Shhh! Less talking and more resting," Miss MC replied.

"I wasn't even talking to you," said Paula to Miss MC.

"Shhh! Less talking and more resting," repeated Miss MC.

Vivi took a good look around the whole surrounding. She remembered this place well. This was the same resting place she and the Straw Hat pirates rest on when they were on their journey to Yuba. She looked at the end corner of the shades, that was where Luffy, Zoro and Sanji defeated the giant Sandora lizard in one blow. And also when they first met Matsuge, the perverted camel. Vivi sighed remembering the old times and the good old days when she was with her friends. She wondered where they are right now. She hoped that they were all just fine and would eventually visit her one day.

"Hey guys," said Miss V. "What are those birds doing with our stuff?"

Miss MC who was tired to complain or repeat her sentence decided that it would be best if she just ignore everything and act like it never happened at all. Vivi was being too ignorant to Miss V and would just lay off with her for a sec too. She is too tired to do something about it.

"Miss V," replied GW. She's lying down face-up with her pink cowboy hat covering her face. "It's just a bird ok! Leave those birds do whatever they want!"

What GW didn't know (or in this case see) was that this bird was actually rummaging through their bags. Miss V still couldn't let her eyes away from those birds. She just got to Arabasta and didn't know what bizarre things were in this country. She knew about the giant lizard though, it was pretty obvious it's just a big-ass lizard that will eat anything. But this bird hit the spots pretty well. It is actually rummaging to their stuff like actual burglars. Except that it's a bird.

"Uhmmm guys," Miss V started again. "They're rummaging through our stuff."

"Miss V," said Paula. She sat down with her head also down not able to see what Miss V's talking about. "A bird can't rummage through our stuff!"

"Look! Just lay off the damn birds ok!" Miss MC snapped at Miss V.

"Birds?" asked Vivi. She still can't think straight, she's a bit tired. She pieced memories in her head while sitting down. Birds. Deserts. Rummaging stuff. It then hit her like a 4 ton hammer. She remembered what those birds are now, she encountered them on her journey with the Straw Hat pirates.

"Oh no!" She gasped. Vivi got up and turned around to look at the birds. It was too late. The birds had the bags on their back and they're making their way for an escape.

"Guys come on!" Vivi got up and start chasing the birds. "Those birds are desert bandits and they're taking our supplies!"

Vivi's words got the attention of the Baroque Works members. Paula acted fast she ran from her rest spot and followed Vivi close behind her. She won't let those stupid birds steal her supplies.

"Come on you lazy ass! They're running away with our stuff!" Paula shouted to the group while passing them.

Miss V got up and followed Paula, Mr.5 too is taking the chase. On the way he met face to face with Miss V. They looked at each other, like a touch of heart-shaped moment is happening between the two partners.

"Come on you guys!" yelled GW who just ran past them.

The Mr. 5 team pulled themselves back together and followed the little girl behind. Leaving Miss MC and Mr.3 still under the shade of relaxedness and laziness. Both members are still lying down enjoying their break not realizing the birds and they were left behind from the group.

"MC, where the hell did everyone go?" Mr.3 asked her.

"Meh, something about birds stealing our stuff," mumbled Miss MC.

"Oh ok," he replied.

"Yeah," said Miss MC.

There's an awkward of silence at the moment. Things were going quiet for a while, the winds were blowing nicely and gently giving an extra pinch of hot air from the sand country itself. Miss MC and Mr.3 were still on the sand feeling relaxed not caring anything at the moment. They feel so…


Miss MC got up automatically realizing of the current situation. Took her long enough to realize, the team were already way past her league.

"The birds are running away with our supplies!" said Miss MC shocked.

She fidgeted at the moment running around in circle in panic not realizing what to do next. She stopped all the sudden, she looked back to the group. They're visible enough to being followed. Miss MC grabbed Mr.3's trademark number 3 hair and dragged him away.

"Come on we have to get those damn birds!"


Miss MC stopped when she left the shade and dropped him down. She didn't stop to wait for Mr.3 to get up, she just left him there and chase the group with full speed.

Mr.3 got up not long after Miss MC dropped him down. He first brushed the sands off his face and body before he went and chase down the group.

"Wait for me!"

The Birds began to take in flight-mode. There are 5 of them in total; Paula is making sure on that. Vivi was up in the lead since she's the one who chased them first, the others were coming behind her. Miss MC caught up with the rest of the gang while Mr 3 was still all the way at the back not getting any closer with the group. All birds were now on their wings flying away with the supplies that the ex- baroque works had.

"WAIT!!" Paula yelled out to the bandits. "COME BACK HERE WITH OUR STUFF YOU LITTLE SHITS!!"

The last bird who flew away turned around after hearing Paula's yell. The bird scoffed at Paula and stuck his tongue out to her. This angered at Paula even more, having her stuff stolen made her mad already. Imagine getting it rubbed on her face.


"I'll handle them," said Mr 5. He went through his jacket pocket and pull out his prized revolver that he first used against Usopp and Caroo in the battle at Little Garden. He opened up the wheels and blow on the bullet holes filling them with his explosive breaths. He cocked the revolver back to its place and take aim to the birds.

"Ok guys watch out I'm gonna fire!" The team decided to keep their distances from the birds so the explosion won't hit them as well.

"You better not miss asshole!" Miss MC warned Mr.5.

"Oh please," scoffed Mr.5. "Have I ever missed?"

"Uhhh yeah," said GW.

"That statement was supposed not to be answered," said Mr.5.

"Fire the damn gun!" yelled Paula. "They're getting away!"

Mr.5 took aim to the birds, he steadied his gun to the birds locking the position. Vivi hoped he won't miss on this shot; she wouldn't want to walk all the way to Rainbase with no supplies. And the fact that with Miss MC tagging along, she'll complain likes madness. The group watched Mr.5 point his gun towards the birds, their fate lies in his hand…or gun. Mr.5 pulled the trigger shooting couples of his explosive airs, which are used like his bullets. Nothing can be seen to whatever had left the revolver, but did it hit the birds? Seconds has passed, nothing happened yet.

"Well," Paula spoke up. "Did you get them?"

"You better did!" Mr.3 said who finally caught up.

"Don't worry, just wait!" said Miss V who had high hopes on her partner.

The last bird who give 'the strawberry' to Paula looked back to laugh at them more, but when he turned around something did not feel right. Name it like a sixth sense or something because the bird felt something is chasing them, and it's not something that is pleasant. The bird felt something closer. And closer. Closer. And closer. Closer…


An explosion occurred between the bandit birds. The explosion engulfed the whole bandit birds taking them all in one whole big explosion.

"Alright!" The group cheered.

"I told you I never missed!" Mr.5 commented.

The whole group followed in towards the birds that were now down injured from the flames and explosion. Paula turned one of her fist into one whole big ball of spike she charged to the bird who ridiculed her. The bird looked up with effort, it soon got scared when it saw Paula's 'fist'. She was about to dive it to the birds until she felt someone's hand held her arm from going in any further. Paula looked back while the bird cowered itself with its wings. Vivi held Paula's arms just in the nick of time.

"Paula there's no need for this," she said. "We'll just get our stuff and leave."

Paula studied Vivi's face, she looked like she really mean it and very determined. Paula looked at her group, they're just picking up their stuff while GW left behind some bandages and medicines. Paula felt ashamed to be the only one who wanted to get revenge. She returned her hand back to normal, Vivi's hand released Paula's arm.

Vivi hugged Paula from behind. "Thanks Paula."

Paula twitched her right eye. "I knew you're a fag."

Vivi immediately release Paula and walked pass her grumbling. "Whatever!"

Paula laughed by herself quietly. She picked up her bag supplies, while Vivi picked up her own. The group left the injured bandit birds to take care of themselves, they continued their journey. Hopefully nothing will interrupt them again.

"So much for resting," complained Miss MC. "Damn birds!"

"Well we need to get a move on anyway," said Vivi. "Let's continue our journey!"

The group stayed together and made a move on leaving the birds, unaware that behind them the birds were swallowed by the sand. Miss MC sensed something, she turned around following her animal-like senses. Miss V noticed this.

"What's wrong Miss MC?" she asked.

"I sensed something unpleasant is coming," she noted to Miss V.

"If you're going to complain again," started Miss V. "I'm ignoring this!"

"No you idiot!" snapped Miss MC. "This time…it's dangerous!"

Miss V looked at her confused. "What?"

Out of nowhere the sand behind Miss V exploded upwards, this got the group and herself startled. The sand began to lose to reveal a giant man-eating plant (in animes only – A/N), in its mouth was one of the bandit bird. The group looked up to the giant monster with fear and shock. GW and Mr.3 yell as ususal and run hiding behind Paula and Vivi.

"What the hell is that thing?" Mr.3 asked Vivi.

"It's a carnivore plant! The second monstrous creature on the sand, second to the Sandora Lizard of course," explained Vivi.

"We don't need to know that!" Paula growled. "How do we kill it?"

"Well his face is its weakness, but his mouth is his face and…" Vivi was cut off when Mr.5 raised his revolver one more time. He took aim to the plant's head and pulled the trigger firing couple of shots to the monster. The carnivore plant threw the bird up in the air and was about to put it in his mouth until the explosive breath bullets hit the plant's head preventing it from eating the bird. The bird fell down to the soft sand. Miss V ran and picked it up with her hands, she ran away just in time as the monster's head dropped down. The group looked at the falling plant, it laid motionless on the sand.

"Is it dead?" GW asked.

"I think so," replied Mr.5. "My breath's explosive is very destructive you know."

"Yes yes you helped us twice," ranted Mr.3. "Thank you for being so useful to us. Is that what you want to hear?"

"What the hell's up with you?" Mr.5 asked. "Jealous?"

"ME?" Mr.3 enraged asked. "Jealous! Of you? HA! I think you're the jealous one since I was ranked higher than you!"

"Guys shut up!" Miss MC quietly ordered.

"No no seriously this guy need to listen!" Mr.3 interrupted. "You have to…"

Miss MC tried to ignore Mr.3's rant, she felt like that there's something else was bothering her. It's not just the plant, it felt like the plant but more destructive. Call it a hunch but it felt like there are more of…

"GUYS!!" Miss MC yell out to the group. "THERE ARE MORE OF THEM!! WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!!"

It's too late for that. Sands began to burst up in the air, from north, east, south and the other directions. Circling all over Vivi and the rest, the carnivorous plants, five of them in fact. Each of them eyeing the group like it's a buffet table.


"SHUT UP!!" Paula screamed at GW. She calmed down sniffling her running down snot. "We're not gonna die here! We're getting out of this together! As a team!"

"But two of us can't fight," GW signaling herself and Vivi.

"Then we'll protect you!" Miss V handing the bird to Vivi. "Please take care of it."

Vivi accepted the bird carrying the injured animal in her cared hands. Vivi watched Paula, Mr.5, Mr.3, Miss MC and Miss V on their battle position determined to protect their comrades. Vivi never thought they are to be like this, they certainly fight with each other a lot but yet they took good care of their comrades very strongly. They remind her of the Straw Hat pirates. Vivi watched them in awe.

"Alright guys," ordered Paula. "Get them!"

The fighters charged into action fighting every carnivorous plant they first saw. One of them opened its mouth wide and dove down straight to Paula. Paula saw this and jumped up in the air dodging the plant's mouth as it's closed it. She transformed the bottom of her feet into multiples spikes on her sole of her sneakers. She dove down slamming her spiked feet to the plant's top mouth. She backflipped herself lands in front of the monster's mouth. She turned her fingers into spikes and close the mouth shut together with her spiked fingers before the monster cried out in agony. She then transformed her hairs spiking them all up like a sea urchin; she thrust them into the monster's head stabbing the thing. Finally it stopped moving.

"Candle wall!" Mr.3 named his attack. He threw his hands up creating his waxed wall preventing the incoming plant took a bite of his body. The plant was stuck with a giant candle wall between its mouth, he spat the wall away looking for its prey. It looked down to see an upcoming sharp object at it.

"Doru Doru art!! Harpoon!!" Mr.3 called out his attack once more as it went through the monster's head killing it in an instant.

"Ha! Did you see that Mr.5?" he cockily asked.

Mr.5 threw his partner Miss V up in the air, with the power of her 'kilo kilo fruit' she can change her weight at will. She flew up with such ease, she then open up her umbrella. The wind carried her off over to the plant's head.

"5,000 KG press!!" Miss V cried out. Her body suddenly turned heavy, she landed on the plant's head sending his head down to the ground. The plant monster land on the sand. Mr. 5 ran towards it and Miss V jumped off from its mouth. Mr.5 forced open its mouth throwing in his explosive booger in it (that's just sick – A/N). Miss V shifted her weight again shutting the monster's mouth shut. Mr.5's explosion explodes inside the monster's mouth killing him instantly. Smokes came out slowly through small holes between its teeth.

Miss MC transformed into her mole form and jumped inside the sand avoiding the monster's diving attack. Miss MC didn't come out any time soon, the plant looked around searching for its prey. She popped up randomly giving the thing the finger, which of course angered the monster. It dove down again to Miss MC, she jumped in just in time the plant took a chomp. Swimming underground like a mole Miss MC swam gracefully passing the plant's head undetectable. She jumped out just right on the monster's neck, she pull out her claw and furiously slashed the monster's neck cutting it off.

"Alright they did it!" GW cheered.

"Wait!" Vivi called out. "There's supposed to be one more! Where is it?"

GW stopped cheering when a huge shadow covered on her. GW looked up confusingly unaware of the monster was above her. It opened its mouth sending it down to GW. She was too late to react, the quick monster got her all inside its mouth. GW yelled inside the monster beating the thing from the inside trying to escape before getting swallowed.

"Help me you guys!" GW yell from the inside.

"Hang on Golden week-chan!" Vivi cried out. She put the bird down, quickly rummage through her bag and found what she was looking for. She charged towards the monster with a butcher knife in her hand. Since the monster was too busy trying to swallow GW, it didn't notice Vivi charged towards its neck. Vivi violently landed the knife in its neck sending pain to the monster. The monster cried out in pain releasing GW off from its mouth. Miss MC popped out just in time to catch GW, the monster turned around looking at Vivi. Vivi noticed this and began to look worry. The monster went straight for her, although it had been stabbed it had some energy left. Mr.3 quickly threw open his hand creating a candle wall in front of her, the monster charged through the wall instead hitting its head hard. The monster landed on the sand, Paula wasted no time. She jumped up in the air and curled herself into a ball. Spikes appeared all over her body turning her into a woman of spike.

"Stinger hedgehog!" Paula cried out killing the monster with herself. The monster is lifeless now, not moving at all died from Paula's killer attack. Paula curled herself back up cracking her neck.

"Well that was kindda fun," she commented.

"Fun for you guys!" GW cried out. "That thing nearly ate me!"

"Well everyone is fine," Vivi said. "That's what matters now." She looked towards the group, just then they all work together as a team protecting each other especially her. Vivi smiled brightly, she's glad that there are people like The Straw Hat.

She bowed down to the group "Thank you everyone! Thank you for saving me!"

Paula smiled this is the first time she ever gets compliment apart from her cooking. Miss V smiled too feeling good to be said a good job. Mr.5 and Mr.3 each adjusted their glasses, while Miss MC dropped GW telling her it's time to walk on your own feet.

"Yeah yeah," Miss MC retorted. "We're just doing this because of our deal."

Vivi smiled at her. She knew that Miss MC didn't mean that.

"Well," Paula grabbed her bag. "Come on let's go we have few days left until we arrive in Rainbase."

"Yeah," Miss V pulled up her umbrella. "Before anything else comes in."

Mr.5 and Mr.3 followed behind, Miss V looked behind smiling at the two boys. Mr.5 scratched his head looking away from her, or more like trying to avoid awkwardness. Mr.3 noticed this and jabbed him on the left.

"Ohhh I knew I was right," Mr.3 teased him.

"Don't even start," Mr.5 warned him.

"Oh come on," Mr.3 went a bit further. "You like her, she likes you. There's no chemistry in that."

"Ehh she likes me?" he asked hopefully.

"No but we can find out," Mr.3 said grinning.

"Don't even dare!" Mr.5 shut Mr.3's mouth.

Vivi watched the two boys fight ranting at each other, she smiled at this. Though they fight a lot Vivi will always know that they are a team, and as a team they work together. Similar just like her friends, Vivi felt a bit more comfortable now around them. She called GW to hurry with tending the bird, GW followed her leaving the sole survivor by itself. Miss MC picked up the pace and caught up, the group are together again on their journey towards Rainbase. Who knows what will happen next, but one thing for sure they will tackle it as a team with the effort of teamwork!