Caught by the cook.

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Inspired by: Fire Tears continuous onslaught of 'One-Piece' fics which I was reading just before I decided to start this.

Luffy laughed as he made off with the hoard of food that he had just stole. Sanji had never actually caught him in time to punish him and for that Luffy was grateful. But just as he was about to sneak into his room he felt a hand grab him around the neck.

"So you thought you'd get away this time?" Sanji snarled, "just be thankful that your position keeps me from killing you," he continued, "this time," he added and flung Luffy to the ground.

Luffy rubbed his neck which now showed visible red marks.

No food for you," Sanji added as he picked up Luffy's hoard.

But Luffy stretched his arms, grabbed some of the food and fled into his room.

"Why you damn littleā€¦!" Sanji cried in fury, "I'll get you for this!" he shouted then left for the kitchen.

Luffy meanwhile was behind a locked door enjoying the spoils of his labour. But he made a mental note to be more careful when stealing from the cook.


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