A/N: Birthday ficlet, Currents 'verse, no indication of time or place, no plot and no beta.


Laugh/Rurouni Kenshin (aka, how to ask nicely for a sparring partner)

"Laugh and die, Miburo." Bad week, bad month, bad year topped by a even worse day and Kenshin's temper was reaching its boiling point. His voice wasn't deep enough to pull off a convincing growl but the arctic steel in it was unmistakable.

A lesser man would have backed off, taking the hands gripping sheath and hilt of a katana for the warning it was. Saitou merely smirked and drew his own sword. "Am I supposed to feel threatened, Battousai?"

Blue eyes shifted to gold. "You tell me."

Sparks greeted the first clash of steel.