Chapter 15: Life Ends

Harry followed his companion over the stony and uneven underground on a way, which led constantly upwards, but was invisible to the ex-wizard's eyes. That annoyed the boy, who stumbled every few steps, but still he marvelled over every new thing he laid eye on. Not only the gargantuan mushrooms nourished his amazement, coming alive with light on the command of his guide, there were small animals, too. Some resembled spiders, weaving glistering nets between the fungi trunks, some were more like mice, scraping away from the light.

Every now and then the strange fellow turned his head to check on Harry with his unnatural black eyes. Finally Harry's curiosity overcame his amazement and he addressed the man, "Where are we heading?" "To our settlement, where the Eternal awaits you", Harry was informed. "A settlement, down here?", the wizard inquired doubtful. The person in front of him laughed.

"Your kind avoids dark places but my people adapted and dwelled here for thousands of years undisturbed", said Nighteye, a name Harry placed upon the other for the time being. "Nighteye?", asked the guide unexpectedly and Harry froze, "An appropriate name. Still I prefer Bahram, the name my parents gave me." "You are a Legilimens", Harry exclaimed and the echoes rang everywhere. The other one stopped too and turned around. "What is a Legilimens?", asked the man with obvious interest, while he retraced his steps and jumped down to Harry. "A wizard, who can read the thoughts of other people", Harry explained quickly.

"Ah! Yes, then you could call me a Legilimens I suppose. But what is a wizard?" Harry didn't answer for some time, flat-footed by this question. "A sorcerer…, a magician…, someone, who isn't a muggle…, a person, that can perform magic", stuttered Harry eventually, but Bahram shook his head. "What is magic?", the man wanted to know and Harry was completely lost. "But you… the light… magic", Harry murmured incoherently but still Bahram got the meaning.

"That you call magic? Interesting. We name it psi, the natural basis of all life. Altering it with our thoughts is a high prized gift among our people and considered the greatest of arts. Psions we call those gifted people", explained Nighteye. "You are a psion then?", Harry asked, curious himself by now. "Yes, a telepath to be more precisely. Tapping into other minds has ever been a second nature to me, a useful ability connected to great responsibility. I think that's why Jeslimenta chose me to search for the Lightning."

"What lightning?", Harry wanted to know and the psion laughed. "You are the Lightning", exclaimed Bahram, pointing at Harry's scar. Harry remained silent after that and Bahram turned again, still chuckling. Harry's hand came up and his finger trailed the flash-shaped wound, caused by the killing curse of Lord Voldemort. When he became aware of that his guide was on his way again, he hastened to stay close. Just as he reached the telepath, the man stopped and Harry saw a plateau with a settlement on it.

The even space had a length of some hundred and a depth of at least one hundred feet, illuminated by the light of the gigantic mushrooms. Between and in this tree like plants, Harry noticed dozens of houses and their dwellers. "Welcome to Val, my home", introduced Bahram and resumed his walk with Harry in tow. The boy followed him to the biggest house of the settlement, built of large stone boulders, intrigued by the anticipation of what to come.

The house of the Eternal was nestled to the towering mass of stone, which limited the village to one side, and Harry had crossed the half distance when everything changed.

Thousands of miles away a new life was born, a baby that would alter the face of the world forever and the immortal mind of the omnipotent being, that had watched over Harry's life lost interest in him. Death edged his scythe for the protective hand over the boy vanished and his evasive prey was fair game once more.

Unaware of the sudden adjustments to his fate Harry advanced to the house and did not bother about the soft vibrations under his feet until it was too late. Bahram twisted around and yelled a warning. Harry somersaulted forwards and escaped the first head-sized rock crashing down behind him. Splinters pierced his skin, but a second swish above him demanded his attention.

Harry stretched an arm towards the second projectile and tried to deflect it magically, but his magic failed him. The stone crushed the wizard's head like a hardboiled egg. Everything went dark until finally a white light appeared, tiny at first, but growing, and growing until Harry was enclosed in the bright whiteness. Familiar shadows emerged from the light and Harry smiled as he recognized the approaching people. He remembered the image he had seen in his first year in Hogwarts.

"Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi"

Sorry, guys, but this is the end. Of this story. I didn't intend to stop here when I started this chap and chose the headline, but, ironically, it fits.

Why did I decide to close this story here and now? Well, there are many reasons. For one thing the story is outgrown, too complex, too patched up, too unstructured, due to the constant alteration of the plot on the fly, which, in the end, countered one another. I'm really, really sorry, but that does not make it less true.

Another reason is the realization, that my approach was wrong from the beginning. Thanks again, GaldalfTG, for presenting alternatives and your help in general.

Last but not least, there are my great difficulties with the English language.

Despite this demoralizing bottom line, I don't intend to bury the project "Writing a complete FF in a foreign language". I will resume the work on this project as soon as I have dealt with my German stories to my satisfaction. The new story will contain the main elements of this plot like the Templars and the Vampires, but hopefully in a more structured way and with more details. Another hope I cherish is to find a beta reader, who takes care of my insufferable language.

With that said, the most important thing at the end:

Thanks a lot to every reader and reviewer!

Good bye or farewell, with kind regards

Daly Daermon N'a'shezbaernon