The underworld – 13.12 pm
Evil Chris walked around the room placing candles on the ground. "I hope he knows what he's doing." He grumbled. Stepping back he looked at the circle of candles. Alexus walked in and looked at the circle. "Lit them." Chris snapped his fingers and the candles burned. "Why are you doing this?" He asked curious.

Alexus looked at him. "What better way to get my daughters back here by summoning there mothers spirit?" Alexus smiled evilly. "You do know she can leave at any time." Chris replied to him.

"Yes I know that but you're going to write me a spell that makes sure her spirit can't leave anymore." Alexus patted evil Chris on the shoulder.

"You want me to write a spell for that? I don't do spells, why do you think I had to get that other one in the first place?" Chris folded his arms and frowned.

"Well it's a good time to learn it or I'll make sure you wished you never came back through that portal." Alexus snapped at him. "And don't forget you're still partially whitelighter and in this plane you still can be killed by a darklighter arrow." He conjured his crossbow and waved it at evil Chris.

"Ok, ok. You don't have to get cranky on me." He walked to the table and started to scribble down a few words. Shaking his head he ripped the note of and tore it apart. Looking back at the notepad he wrote something down. Looking pleased at it he wrote some more. "That'll do it." He dropped the pen and passed the piece of paper onto Alexus.

"I hope your happy with it." Chris said sarcastically. "Oh I'm happy but you're the one who's going to say it." Alexus gave the spell back.

"I figured that much." Chris mumbled. "So should we get this over with then?" Alexus nodded and stepped back. Chris looked at the page that he had ripped out of the book of shadows.

Hear these words,
hear my cry,
spirit from the other side,
come to me,
I summon thee,
cross now the great divide

White orbs emerged inside the circle and Alexus looked at it with amazing. "This better work." He mumbled. The orbs disappeared and a woman was standing in the circle. "Ok this is not Lenora." Alexus said mad. "No it's grams." Evil Chris said looking at the older woman who looked like his grams in the other plane. "Chris sweetie what's going on?"

Lenora's cabin – 14.42 pm
Hearing a loud noise Chris came running back in looking at the two girls giggling above a pan. "What happened?" He asked concerned. "Ow Amy here just threw in a wrong herb and it kinda said boom." Charlotte grinned. "How should I know this herb would do that. I have never heard of it." Amy tried to defend herself.

The two started to laugh again and Chris scratched his head. Charlotte looked much happier since she found out about her sister. "Could you please be more careful? We don't want to blow up this cabin." Chris tried to say serious.

Charlotte walked up to him. Looking him deep in the eyes. "Yep I know for sure now." Chris stared at her suspiciously. "You know what?"

"Can't tell." She said teasingly and started to walk back to Amy. Chris grabbed her arm gently. "You can't say that and leave without telling." Brushing her cheek he stared in her eyes.

She smiled pulling him closer so she could whisper in his ear. Chris his smile got bigger and bigger. He pulled back gave her a quick kiss and walked back outside.

Amy who had watched the scene got curious. "What did you tell him?"

Charlotte grinned. "Something to keep his head busy."

Amy grinned too and grabbed another jar with herbs to throw some in the potion. "Poor guy." She mumbled smiling.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. That herb would blow up the cabin." Charlotte said smiling. She took the jar and putted it back on the shelve. "You better use this." She gave Amy another jar.

"I'm so not good at this." Amy said shaking her head.

"You will, you will. You have me now." Charlotte gave her a wink. "You know I wasn't good at this stuff either. I knew which herb was what and I even could tell what they did but mixing them? No I have Piper to thank for that."

"So you tried to blow up the house too?" Amy asked curious. "Let me say this they needed a good spell to cover my mistake." Charlotte whispered.

"She vanished half the kitchen once. Not destroyed, vanished as in disappeared." Piper said joining the girls. She saw Charlotte blush and she smiled.

"Hey that was then you know better now." Piper winked at her and Charlotte smiled.

"So is the potion going?" Piper looked in the pan seeing the brew cook. "Looks good. I hope it will work."

The manor - 15.58 pm
Wyatt looked through the book one more time and he sighed deeply. "Ok I'm lost I really can't tell which spell he took." He looked up at Bianca who was sitting on the couch reading her book. "Ok why are you so calm?" He frowned.

"I don't know." She said looking up. "I think our baby doesn't want me to go panicking around the house."

"Maybe I should call for dad." Wyatt putted the book down. "Dad!"

Leo orbed in and looked questionably at his son. "What's wrong?"

"Evil Chris was here he took a spell out of the book but I can't find out which one." Wyatt looked at his dad hoping he could help him.

"We should give the book to your mother. She knows the thing by heart." Leo took the book and was about to orb out when Wyatt stopped him.

"Can we come with you? I don't think it's safe if we stayed here alone."

"You just want to come because you think you're missing out on the action." Leo replied laughing.

"Yeah that too but I think it would be safer for Bianca." Wyatt said trying to be serious as he felt a book hitting him.

"It's fine by me. I think it would be safer for the others too if you were around. More fighting power." Leo took his sons hand and Wyatt lifted Bianca up from the chair. Leo orbed them all out and they appeared in the cabin.

"Leo you're back and you brought Wyatt and Bianca. Why?" Piper asked surprisingly. "He was bored and we couldn't leave Bianca behind." Leo said grinning. He handed over the book to Piper. "And why did you bring this?"

"Evil Chris ripped a spell out of it and I don't know which one, maybe you can help us out with that." Wyatt said looking from his mother at the door as Chris walked back in.

"He ripped a page out? The little bugger." She mumbled. Sitting down she started to look through the book to see which spell was missing.

"So what have you guys been doing here?" He asked nobody in particular. Bianca had joined Charlotte and Amy in the kitchen and looked at the potion. "That looks nasty. What does it do?" Bianca asked curious.

"It's a nice potion to kill a darklighter." Charlotte said tossing the last ingredient in. "Just to make sure he stays dead." Amy mumbled.

"Can I help?" Bianca looked from Amy at Charlotte. "No it's finished but thanks anyway." Charlotte gave her a smile.

"Oh dear…I know which spell he took." Piper looked up. "He took the summoning spell. You know the one we use to summon Grams and mom."

"What does that mean?" Amy asked Charlotte. "That means if evil me uses that spell he will summon grams." Chris answered instead. "What does he want with grams?" Wyatt said frowning. "I think that Alexus wanted to summon our mother but he can't cast a spell so Chris has to do it and then…" Charlotte rubbed her forehead. "Yep Grams will appear. Because I doubt it he knows how to summon another spirit." Chris finished the sentence.

"That's not good. Not good at all." Bianca looked at Wyatt. "Grams knows how to safe herself." Piper answered. "The only thing is she doesn't know that the Chris who summoned her is evil."