A/N: Hello everyone! Sadly, this isn't a chapter, sorry if I got your hopes up for nothing. Well, I'll get straight to the point. I'm going to start writing the sequel soon, but the problem is that I've no idea what it should be about. And then I thought: Hey, my readers can help me! But then I remembered that you're quite alot of people, so instead of being pelted with hundreds of ideas, I decided to issue a challenge. The first person to get the questions right will be the one whose idea I'll use. Is that fine with you? And if there's not a single person with good ideas who can get it right, I'll just pick the one with most right answers, 'kay?

I'll e-mail the winner and then remove this "chapter", so you'll know someone won. 1 & 3 will be questions about me, no 2 about fanfics, and no 4 about Naruto himself.

. How old am I?

2. Who does Naruto belong with? ;p (trick question!)

3. What zodiac sign am I?

4. When's Naruto's birthday?

'smiles happily' You just gotta love the challenges, eh?

Well, good luck people, and have fun! And remember, the faster you reply, the faster I get ideas and the faster you get a sequel! Cheers!