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Whispers in the Wind

The darkness grows deeper

The wind cries forever

I search through the creeping evils of this land

And forever more shall my tears be bland

Lies, bloodshed... a curse set loose from greed

Guardian, they call

Priestess, they sing

Protector, I be and for that I shall scream...

For that, I shall scream...


"Is she awake?"

"She did wake for a minute or two in the morning..."

"She hasn't wakened yet, has she...?"


"Do you think... do you think she's not going to make it?"

"She is strong, and young. The child will make it."

"She's no child, you know that. Were she not what she is she would be a wife already."

"...I will not discuss this with you. Hold your tongue, woman."

"Forgive me, husband. I spoke out of place..."

I listened to them in silence, my head pounding. The heat of my body was scorching, yet freezing. As if the flames of a cold wind nibbled at my skin. I could feel the sweat on my brow and the aching movements of my joints. I did not wish to move, but my body was making decisions on it's own...

I wanted to cry, but it refused. For that I was glad... for that I was very glad.

The darkness grew around me, the echoes of my family's voices ringing like long forgotten memories in a dull summer breeze, hot, humid heavy with death.

I felt myself toss and turn in bed, all against my will. My muscles screamed in protest, the sweat made my hair stick to my face. I saw nothing, felt everything...

Agony, agony and pain. I shuddered uncontrolably against the raging cold that seemed to force my to my knees in worship.

In my mind I screamed, fought, my hands moving with the ritual blade dance of my people...

And I collapsed. I fell to the ground, curling up into myself inside the nothingness of the typhoon whirling like live chaos around me. I squinted through the bluish black darkness and sat a glint of something in the black.

It was red, it glittered like the single eye of a monster watching me with lustful, devouring eyes.

I gasped in fear, a pain like someone taking my heart and squeezing it ripped threw me. I had felt wounds before, but this was beyond description... beyond comprehension.

Dizzy, wanting death, hoping to cut my own throat, I glared through the whirling winds at the red glittering speck in the distance, cursing it. This anger I had only felt once in my life before burned through me. The wind stroked it, built it up, whispering.

Protect... fight, guard...destroy, guardian, warrior, healer, priestess... your destiny holds true... you may run no longer... You are no longer wind, you are now a tornado...

Destroy it.

Destroy it.

I screamed, curled up into myself again, hugging my knees, the tears pouring down my face now as I shook my head, eyes clenched tight to block out the mocking glitter of the red eye.

"No! I don't want to go! I don't want to leave! I am no fighter! I belong here! No!"

The typhoon tore at my body, beating it, forcing me to look and I gazed at a face more beautiful and alive than I would ever in my life see.

You will go. The choice has already been made.

So, I sobbed for what seemed eternity, mourning my own loss... I didn't want to wake. It would mean such horror. I clenched at the darkness of my dream, but the winds tore my fingers from their grip and I spun into oblivion swirling through my own wishes, thoughts and emotions.

And I tumbled with a hard ever painful jolt into my reality, eyes wide and staring into the wood loft above my head. The faces of my family gazing down with worry, the crackle of the fire in the pit beside me. And I sobbed some more.

I was back... nothing would ever be the same again.

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