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To Sesshoumaru and Kagura, the most silent of lovers.

Lady and Conquest


Dreamer and Healer

The dark room was teeming with tension. The lone light hovering above the some seated, and most standing white-collared, black-coated men, hung above them providing their only source of light. Smoke began to stack-up to high-levels, which came from those who smoked in the dark room, filling the air with a pungent aroma.

They were all waiting for an answer from the one who sat on the most lavished seat. His power was as apparent as his long silver hair, which complemented his age but did not explain why his only two sons had hair of similar hue. Most recognized him as the 'Lord of the Western Underground,' but that title would soon belong to his eldest son. This abdication, though, was threatened by many outside forces. Many other clans had tried to over-throw his family's dominion and failed; but the leader of their latest opposition proved to be a worthy opponent. The Lord could see his young nemesis' thinning patience; everyone was awaiting his answer.

One second longer and someone was going to erupt, so Lord Inutaisho broke the maddening silence, "I decline your offer."

With that answer, all who heard it were struck by shock. Even those who served the TaiYoukai clan were finding it difficult to interpret the meaning of his reply. All except for Sesshoumaru.

Sensing that the crowd would want an explanation, he began, "My will to kill has long been gone. I have no intention on continuing this war until I have handed down my position to one of my sons. And that is how it will stand. This assembly is over." His voice had a powerful firmness attached to each word.

With that he snapped his fingers, indicating one of his many servers to return him his black linen cane. The Lord stood gallantly revealing his aging yet mighty disposition and covered his head with a gray-striped, black hat. He turned to leave, his eldest son following him somewhat closely, and then the rest trailed.

"Wait." The son of the infamous or, to some, famous Kagewaki commanded, still sitting on his chair, hands intertwined before him. Inutaisho and his followers all delayed departure and waited for the arrogant rivaling leader of their organization to continue. "The war will still go on, that is inevitable." He ended with a slight grin, and eyed the only son (of the TaiYoukai leader) who attended this meeting, briefly.

Despite not yet having the title his father currently possessed, Sesshoumaru was well-known nonetheless. He demanded the same respect from others towards him, as he showed towards his father. On the other hand, nobody had quite understood him, and sometimes he didn't understand himself. What he did understand, though, was the eerie feeling that this over-confident man, who briefly glanced at him, was planning something. Something that would effect him one way or another.

'What are you up to?' Were his last thoughts before he completely exited the room, ending the long, dark night.

Today was the big day. The day where all the last year university students who chose Nursing as their major, lord knows why, would finally get some real life experience on what it would be like to be a real life nurse. In other words, to Kagura, more reasons not to give a damn about the Nursing degree.

To her, nursing meant working with people. Working with people, meant working in hell, and her life was already hell enough. Of course, if she passed nursing it meant spending more time with that god forsaken 'secret organization of death,' that her brother was the head of. Which meant that she would be even more of a slave to his every command, would have to do his dirty work, and agree to whatever he planned to do. All of this all because he was the new leader of the Kagewaki clan, and amongst other things more personal. Both options weren't very appealing, but at least with her older brother, Naraku, it meant that she would only have to work with people sometimes since it meant working in their private (sort of) hospital. When nursing in a public hospital you have to deal with people's whining, crying, yelling, demanding, and not to mention perverting actions every single day. Kagura had enough of that in University and high school, especially high school. So a deal was made, if she became a nurse, she could work under her brother and she didn't have to deal with as many people. This agreement was settled after her deceased parents had already enrolled her into nursing school.

Well, if that didn't make any sense, it didn't to Kagura either. Her future seemed so vague; nothing seemed to satisfy her anymore. The one thing she dreamed of being, a pilot, was too far out of reach. Everything was happening at the wrong time, and every time she tried to get out, something always pulled her back in. Nursing school was just the gist of it.

'One day,' She thought, 'I won't have to listen to anyone, deal with any people, and I can finally be all on my own. I will have freedom.' That idea, more of an impossible dream made her smile joyously.

With those thoughts imbedded in her mind she convinced herself that she could go through the day. Nonetheless, she still cursed the necessity of needing voluntary work in order to complete the Nursing course.

"Damn the system these days!" She whispered under her breath, as she realized that somebody was tapping her shoulders vigorously to gain her attention.

"Kagura…Kagura!" It was fellow classmate, and one of her somewhat close, but crazy friend Karan.

"What is it?" She inquired with slight irritation.

"We're at the hospital. Geez, what was wrong with you, you were dosing off to sleep again and doing that creepy, really happy smile thing." She answered, then quickly turned her head back to her lighter and began playing with its fire. Karan was getting quite the satisfaction with this.

"I'm creepy…Pffffffft. You should see yourself in the mirror every time you're near a fire." Kagura retorted with her own satisfaction.

"Heh. I just love fire. What can I say?"

At first glance, it was obvious that Karan was an extreme pyro. Her bright red hair, her tomboyish nature, and especially her obsession with her bright orange lighter, all indicated this noticeably. Because of that, like Kagura, she was also a bit of a misfit in society. They were similar in a sense that they didn't really care for social status and such; but unlike Kagura, Karan could tolerate people. She never saw the part of a human being that Kagura had seen. That's one of the few things that made them different. On the contrary, another thing they had in common was that they both hated nursing school. Both were forced into taking these damned classes because their older siblings had forced them. For instance, Karan's wealthy elder sister, Touran, gave Nursing school as her sister's only option. Mostly because when Karan would graduate, she would be able to work with her sister in one of the three hospitals located in the University of Tokyo, The Hospital of the Institute of Medical Science (IMSUT) to be exact. Hey, at least she was thinking of the family 'closeness' stuff. Kagura always commented both mockingly and with a bit of jealousy. Unlike, Touran, Naraku's reasons for pushing her here was to either be under his totalitarianism, or help all the men and women who were injured in their childish gun fights because of the family's secret Mafia thing that she had only a vague idea about.

'Enough thinking, time to concentrate…'

"…And this is how it works in the University hospital." It was their old instructor, Professor Kaede. A woman known for her expertise in medicinal herbs, but better known for mothering a beautiful and intelligent, psychology graduate, Kikyou. "All right, now this how the day will be planned. We'll be exploring the hospital in the northern hallways where most of the surgical operations are performed. There, you will meet with all the doctors and then I'll be separating you into five groups. The doctor you will be assigned to will tell you what to do from there and give you more information about how to vaccinate."

'Okay, only twenty-five people in this damned field-trip. There'll be five in each group, so I'll just make sure the doctor ignores me.' Yes, Kagura's plan was all coming to place. She would only do what she had to, receive a good performance review and then leave this hell hole they called a 'hospital.'

'Perfect, this won't be so bad.'

So the students made their way into the hospital. For morning, it was pretty crowded; but then again in a campus where the population density was almost out-of-control, this wasn't so surprising. What was surprising was the northern wing of the hospital. It was the most quiet location of them all, and with relief Kagura smiled once again. She loved silence.

The windows of some of the rooms were lighted up, but other than that the hallway was quite dark. The students walked quietly, looking for the largest room in the hallway, the emergency one. Sound levels began to rise thanks to the impatient students, so Professor Kaede had indicated to quiet down. The students begrudgingly complied.

Kagura walked casually with no enthusiasm whatsoever. At this point, she was in a totally relaxed state. Even Karan's mischief with fire didn't bother her. Until…

"Holy shit. Kagura look!" The redhead pyro gripped her friend's shoulder with the hand with the lighter. The fire was still burning, and it came ever so close to smoldering Kagura's midnight-black hair, making her sweat insanely.

"What are you trying to do? Burn me?" She said in a panicky tone, then moving quickly away from the fire.

"Oh sorry about that buddy. But look!" Kagura looked in the direction where she pointed. It was beyond a window into a room filled with, well, practically nothing. In there was a side-view of a young, late-twenties-ish, but white-haired man deep in concentration. Wearing a white coat, and clearly being a doctor, this guy was practically an albino. Kagura chuckled at his odd appearance.

"Okay, so what's the big deal? He looks funny." She said, slightly amused.

"That dude is the biggest asshole." Karan said cynically and now toyed with her lit lighter more dynamically.

While her friend ranted in rage, Kagura looked to the man, observing his actions. He was truly a hard-working person, she could tell. For some reason, his white hair didn't make him look any older, if anything, it made him look more mysterious. He was beginning to turn his head away from his papers, possibly taking a break. Umm, maybe not, because for a moment all he did was sit there doing absolutely nothing. Finally, there was actually some movement, the albino-man looked like he felt intruded, he turned his head and was looking towards the window, towards her.

His stare was cold but his eyes were rich with two beautiful golden orbs as centers. The perfect bone structure of his face did not hide behind his long heavenly hair. Even in this dimly lighted office, the man's eyes manage to glow ever so brightly. Unlike his expression, his eyes told everything he felt. Like for this particular moment, Kagura could just tell, they were saying, 'I see you.'

'Oh shit!' She quickly moved away from her location, her heart racing and her face feeling slightly warm. Feeling quite embarrassed about being caught red-handed in nothing more than spying on a doctor she still couldn't explain some things. 'Damn, why am I blushing?' She had to get away, and began convincing herself that she didn't look like an idiot, that he probably couldn't see her, and he was not at all attractive, even if he was…


They began walking again, Kagura tugging on her friend's shirt and calming herself down at the same time while trying to erase that little incident.

"Uh-so…why is he such an asshole?"

"Ugh! If it wasn't for him, my sister wouldn't have made me take this damn course." Kagura quirked an eyebrow. "Well Touran was like totally in love with him. So she kept asking him out, but every time she did, the jerk kept refusing her."

"Why is that?"

"He told her that she wasn't good enough for him. Apparently, she was too 'low-class' and they had nothing in common. They were 'as different as a cat and a dog.'" Her tone was filled with obvious distress. "And now my sister is all into this 'building a system where all these nurses can work under her' just so she can prove to him that she's good enough. She just used that 'family crap' as an excuse."

"And this was how many years ago?" Kagura inquired sarcastically.

"Who the hell knows. Anyway, I know this guy is a big asshole because he's a great doctor and all, but he only saves the people he deems 'worthy.'" Following that, Karan went deep into a story of how, many patients had requested him as their surgeon but he continually refused. And that he was an unemotional bastard that didn't care whether those patients died or not. Karan was obviously getting all the details from her older sister. She was becoming quite emotional, and with every word her voice became louder. So she finally ended with, "I swear he's just like you Kagura, he hates people."

Everyone heard the last comment and everyone replied with a "Shhhhh!" Their expressions were of deep anger for some reason, most likely because most of them labeled the two, 'Outcasts.' Kagura with sarcastic courtesy demonstrated her closed fist, spotlighting her longest finger, and not forgetting her tongue. After that ordeal, still, she couldn't quite believe that a person who 'hated' people would choose a career in healing them. Albeit, he was a bit picky when choosing who he would heal, but still…

'Heh, if he can do it. I can too.' With that goal set in place Kagura had one more question for her fiery friend, "Karan, what's his name?"

"I think it's Sushou….wait it's Sesshoumaru, but you better show him some respect 'cause he'll make you his target." Her warning was sincere.

'Sesshoumaru.' Kagura pronounced in her mind.

Both Kagura and Karan kept quiet after that, until the group finally reached their destination.

Seeing that it was only nine in the morning, there was still time to get his coffee. No doubt his other colleagues would be after some caffeine this hour, after all they had to guide those idiotic students from the University.

Sesshoumaru made his way to the hospital's coffee shop in a relaxed pace. It was always crowded in the cafeteria, running out of coffee was common, and everyone needed it. Despite that fact, there was no need for him to rush. Being as wise as he is, Sesshoumaru knew that he was widely respected and feared at the same time. Using this as an advantage, he ordered the workers in the coffee shop to reserve one cup of coffee everyday just for him. At all costs. They, of course, obliged 'willingly.'

He entered the cafeteria and noticed that there was quite an ordeal. Sesshoumaru took a second to observe.

"You think I care who you saved that last cup of coffee for?" It was the same woman who he caught eye-gazing him about half an hour ago.

"Well, ma'am, I'm sorry. This is a strict request. Employees before customers." The young employee was quite nervous about this argument, but he knew the boy couldn't give up that cup.

"I was here first. If that fucking jerk wanted his coffee so bad, he should've come before I did!" He could see that the woman was not going to go without a fight, and was definitely was not going to back down unless she met with the person responsible for her not getting that last cup of world acclaimed caffeine.

"Plus, I don't see that rule written anywhere!" She added until someone had stood beside her.

Sesshoumaru made his way, calmly and with an expression of indifference. He smoothly stopped beside the feisty lady. Made some contact to show her he was there.

"Ginta, my coffee please." His voice was a bit of mockery, sarcasm, and satisfaction. He took a hold of his coffee and smugly took a small sip, the tradition would continue.

'Oh my God!' It was that same man. The asshole, the jerk, the unemotional bastard. It was… Sesshoumaru. Taking a sip of her coffee. And what? He was walking away, that, that…'The nerve! He thinks that I'm just going to stand here and let him take what is rightfully mine. The hell with it!'

"Excuse me, you idiot, I was here first." Kagura snorted with obvious annoyance. "That cup belongs to me."

"I don't see that written anywhere." He half-quoted. His moods dampened at this point, the girl clearly didn't understand how to show respect to her betters. What she did next, though, would take him by surprise.

Kagura opened her bag pack in search of a pen. She took off the lid quickly and made her way to Sesshoumaru and his cup. Taking a hold of his wrist, and before he could react, she quickly scribbled in the letters K-a-g-u-r-a on the peachy cup. Sesshoumaru was quite shocked by her sudden actions, his eyes widened for the first time that day. No one, he meant no one had ever disrespected him so much.

"Well, I guess it's mine now." Kagura could see the awe in his eyes and smiled victoriously at him. She took the cup, and to her surprise he did not resist her. This little triumph was something she hadn't felt in a long time. Sesshoumaru would've retorted, but...

'Kagura.' That name seemed quite familiar, but he couldn't exactly remember from where. The almost lifeless ruby orbs of hers, and the midnight black hair all seemed so similar to someone, but he still couldn't remember. Sesshoumaru knew that whoever had those similar attributes was someone of great importance, but he couldn't take his mind off her features. Why? He did not understand. Nonetheless, he had to find out who she was. In addition, that wretched woman had his cup of coffee. She was quite the distance, so Sesshoumaru began immediately, but then another ordeal had erupted.

Kagura walked gently making sure none of the hot coffee would spill. Her pace, though, came to a complete stop. The caffeine had almost toppled over the cup. She looked up, it was her bitchy peers.

'Fucking great.'

The two girls smiled cynically. In fact, she recalled their hideous smiles in high school as well. And now they followed her to university, sometimes, Kagura thought, just to torment the hell out of her.

"So Kagura, you have the last cup of coffee eh…"

"Yes, I do have the last cup of coffee eh…" Kagura mocked and began to walk past them.

They stopped her again. "Give it to us, bitch." One of them held her shoulders and the other lifted her hand, assuming that after a petty threat like that, Kagura would give her trophy. 'Yeah right.'

"Or not. Get your fucking own." With that, she gave them a final shove. The girls were easily overtaken by her strength. Lucky for her, the coffee still managed to remain inside the cup. This time the two didn't stop her. Another victory for Kagura. 'Marvelous day.' She thought.

"Fucking whore! Who do you think you are?" After that statement Kagura knew what was coming next, but she couldn't react quick enough. One of the girls returned the favour; the push had incredible force. Kagura tried to regain her balance and did, but her cup wasn't so lucky. Her right arm was stained with the hot brown liquid. Her fury had overtaken her mind, she didn't know how severely her arm was burnt and how movement would only make it worse.

"Leave me the fuck alone!" She charged at them, fist clenched and pulled back for full exertion. But she was stopped.

"Stop this. Now." A man held Kagura's injured wrist before any contact was successful. She was caught by surprise. His right-hand grip was strong but almost comforting. Sesshoumaru had turned from observer to mediator. He gave a cold, powerful glare to the two pesky girls. Without further a due, they left immediately.

"Hope you burn in hell Kagura." Were their last comments as they laughed like the idiots they were.

Frankly, she didn't care what they had to say. All that mattered right now was that she was hurt, her tormentors weren't, and of course he was still holding her wrist.

"What the hell! Let me go! Why did you stop me? OWW!" The pain from the burns finally stung her. Sesshoumaru released her wrist. She winced in great agony.

"Your arm is injured. Come."

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