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(I'm glad so many people liked my last series, Sonic X 2: Advanced.

Well, I said I'd write it, and here's the start. The third series, Dark Ages!

To recap on the events, (for the benefit of those who haven't read my past fics) , hands up those of you who thought the final sagas of the original Sonic X were pathetic? An insult to Sonic's good name? Well that is why I started this little project, to provide a continuation worthy of what Sonic X could have been. Well, last time…


Eggman Empire supporters unleashed the revived Biolizard on Sonic and Shadow in an effort to destroy them, clearing the way for Eggman's invasion fleet that waits in orbit. Alone, neither Sonic nor Shadow had the power to defeat the creature and it was only when Metal Sonic sacrificed himself to save their lives from a blast that they merged into Nazo. During the fight, The Biolizard was put down once and for all. The victory however was not without it's price for after separating, Sonic was found in a coma and Shadow had disappeared altogether.

All the while, Eggman's invasion descends, armed with a deadly new technology that captures innocent people, imprisoning them as organic batteries within automated armoured robots called Badniks.


In this series they'll be a lot more character building, something the original Sonic X had a sufficient lack off. For those of you to wanted to see relationships develop between characters, I will have Sonic and Amy moving closer but I doubt Sonic has the character traits needed to get into something like that seriously, so watch this space. I don't like Chris, I never liked Chris. He was meant to be a simple bystander for Sonic's adventures, but to that end I'll be building up his character to what it was supposed to be instead of what it was.

So I hope people like this series as much as my last one. And for people who want to who, once I finish this series I will do one final chapter for a Movie Adaptation. But you'll just have to wait for that.

So without any further ado, let's get on with it….


The explosions filled the air and shook the ground and the car went cascading off the side of the highway crashing into the barrier. Missile fire smashed into a tyre and the vehicle coursed straight off the road away from the oncoming traffic that was streaming out of the city towards the country.

A loud thud echoed across the expanse of highway as a pair of large metallic, flat feet landed on the road. Feet, that belonged to an Imperial Dreadnaught, the feared front line Mech's of the Eggman Empire. Larger than a standard coach, with silver armour across it's large legs and arms. Missile compartments and gun turrets on the shoulders and forearms, capable of decimated everything within ten feet.

A pair of large, yellow optics swerved around, staring at the moving objects around it. Most were registered as non hostiles, to be ignored unless they attacked first. The car it had been shooting at however, contain the spy that it's master program registered as an enemy. And as an enemy, it saw only one course of action.

-Terminate with extreme prejudice-

Kicking the door to one of his most prize Honda's open, Sam Speed; leader of the S-Team peace keep force tore a gun from his jacket and fired several shots straight at the machine that began to march towards him. The bullets simply bounced off the armoured alloy that covered it's frame, inflicting only small scorch marks. Raising on large arm, several flaps inside the forearm opening up, a large machine gun turret sliding out to the right hand side.

Without wasting a second, Sam dived to the side and onto the roof of speeding car that soured off down the high way, following the chaotic source of civilians that poured out of New York City. The machine gun opened fire, sending a thin line of bullets coursing up the road after him, sending just one bullet away from striking Sam's get away vehicle.

Putting distance between himself and the robot did little to ensure his safety, as a jet pack on the back of the machine soured to life and it switched from combat to mobile mode. Souring along the road, it quickly began to close the distance.

"Sir." Sam began, sliding down into the car side, knocking the diver, an oldinto the passenger seat with his son. "Sam Speed, U.S defence force. I'm just borrowing your car for a while." He added, briefly flashing his badge at them before slamming the accelerator down to the floor, the outdated Rover roaring in protest as he forced it to go faster. Coming level with the car, The robot's entire torso rotated ninety degrees and fired a barrage of bullets straight at the vehicle, shattering the windows but thankfully without hitting anyone inside. Sam tore out his gun again and fired several shots, with only sheer dumb luck enabling him to hit the robot straight in one of it's large yellow sending, paralysing it's optic's systems. As it pulled away, Sam handed the wheel back to the confused old man, telling him to keep it going as fast as he could. The old man was only too happy to oblige, having being shot at by the giant killing machine.

The traffic around them began to intensify, filling with the vehicles of frightened civilians, desperately trying to flee the city with one of the Empire's raids on. Instead of remaining in their homes, like countless hours of Government broadcasts, most preferred to run for places they believed safe. "Come on, where are you?" Sam asked himself as he climbed back onto the roof, staring out across the highway. The robot, it's optics systems now back online came charging back again, switching from gun fire to missiles as several large pads inside it's shoulders opened up. "Oh crap." The human crushed as two missiles came flying out towards him. "FASTER!" He screamed down at the old man, who had seen the robot and floored it. Luckily, missiles included in a Dreadnaught ammunition resources were not heat seeking and missed.

Just as the robot came souring up to the side of the car, from nowhere it seemed, a large hammer came flying; striking it across the head. As the whole machine tumbled back towards the ground, the flying hammer arched through the air and returned to the hand of it's owner.

Amy Rose had traded in her old hammers for something far more deadly. This hammer only had on blunt side, but on the other side was a large curved spike like a blade like edge. The shaft of her weapon was at least as long as she was, giving her a far greater swing range. Despite her pink fur, Amy appeared as an almost intimidating sight. Her hammer balanced over her shoulder. Her green eyes blaring in her shadow, fixed directly on the robotic Mech as it pulled itself to it's feet. The pink hedgehog had replaced her red head band with a pair of headphones, which did the same job and made a fashion statement.

The Dreadnaught raised it's machine gun and before it's damaged sensors could register what happened, it found that it's entire limb had been bashed off by a quick swing as Amy slid in. As if Sonic's speed guided her movements, Amy brought her hammer backwards, catching the blade end of her hammer on the robot's chest plate; ripping it outwards. Her entire body spinning around, the blunt end finally reconnected with it's target with an ear splitting crack that sent it flying off the side of the highway and down a steep ditch, smashed into further pieces.

Spinning herself around as the car speed off into the distance, Amy confronted two more Dreadnaughts that landed with a deafening thump on the roadside, cars swerving to avoid their sudden appearance.

Amy had changed. Purposely she had strained to shrug off the timid girl she had been when she'd first meet Sonic. This was a different kind of Amy, just as courageous as Sonic. She had to be in order to survive. Bringing her hammer back, she leapt forward into battle once again.

S.O.N.I.C; GO!


Breaking the rules up until yesterday,

today being just generally loose,

With a punk philosophy,

saying to no longer run

towards the best goal,

that there is no meaning elsewhere.

With my biorhythm doubled,

the scenery is just countless lines

as the wind surrounds me.

I don't want to be

attacking Inside, Outside,

surpassing absolutely everything,

leaving nobody and nothing ahead.

Inside Outside GO! SONIC!

Absolutely Everything Yes! SONIC!

"Look Out!" and "Have a Nice" 1

the difference is paper thin.

Throw away the boredom, and just start running.




Saga 1: The Egg War Saga

Episode 1: Rise of the Eggman state.



The era that became known as the docile years officially ended with the rise of the Eggman Empire. With no Sonic to stand in his way, Dr. Eggman's influence grew. His forces landed, unchallenged, on earth attacking military targets at will, reducing G.U.N strength dramatically.

Supporters of his empire joined with him, disabling the worlds defences even further. His armies moved across the planet's surface, striking fear into the populace of every nation as they ransacked bases world wide.

Six months past since his campaign began and everywhere across the planet, giant towering with the Eggman Empire symbol blaring out at the top were being erected to mark their claimed territories. Towering constructs created from scorched red metal, lined with twisting wires and cables, ugly turrets sticking out the top capable of blasting anyone who came too close. As more of them emerged every day, people took it was a sign that their Governments were about to crash and burn.

As the ransacking continued, the President (re-elected in a landslide due to fears that he was more experienced with dealing with the threat) gave emergency powers to the military defence force. The United Nations had agreed that if the world was to stave off this threat, they would have no choice but to join together into one Government. It took a lot of debating, but eventually it was agreed that it was in the world's best interests if G.U.N itself was allowed to govern.

As Major of Freelance Division, the military elite defence response team, it was Koji Naoki's job to oversee Mech production and combat. After seizing some of the technology that General Saddler, 'Eggman's strongest supporter', had been hording, manufacture of Yahger, Raptor and Turtle Walkers was now in full swing. Without those, it would have been near impossible to fend off the Eggman Empire for as long as they had. The Doctor's new Dreadnaught mark 2's were far more heavily armed than their walkers, but lacked manoeuvrability.

The Major was a vampire bat with thick chestnut brown fur in a middle parting along his head between his large ears. His eyes were a bright flaxen yellow, with a red ring around the pupils. Around his shoulders he wore a red drape: no one knew why exactly, but it seemed almost to have some religious significance for him.

"They're everywhere." Tails complained, looking over a holographic map of the western coastline. Within the last month, entire cities down that stretch had come under brutal attack and few buildings had been left standing. The entire nation was on the verge of collapse and their efforts were seemingly the only thing that was keeping everything together at the moment. The map showed red blotches where attacks had taken placed, there were over twenty of them already, and more were emerging every day. "It's just not possible to deploy our limited forces this quickly." The major sighed out load, looking over the foxes shoulder as the display. Tails had taken to wearing a pair of goggles in his head fur, disrupting the qiff of fur that lanced out over his eyes. The two of them were inside one of G.U.N stronghold bases. Technicians and base personnel running this way and that trying to keep on top of the violent in-pile of work the situation was imposing one them.

This particular facility had a Walker bay currently housing a dozen of the newest Mechs. The newest type, Turtle Mech's were shorter than the others by processed far superior firepower and armour plating. In a battle situation, these machines could successfully be used as artillery. They were tank shaped with treads and large plates of armour over their backs which could be moved backwards to reveal a variety of weaponry.

"I know." Okida replied wearily. "Eggman has us outnumbered and out manoeuvred. His forces can strike anywhere and anytime, and we've no way of stopping him." The rings under his eyes showed a culmination of sleepless nights, spent either planning counter attacks in the war room or helping the Mech forces defend outposts from attack. He brushed most of it off. He could sleep, AFTER, they took down Eggman. "The problem is that they aren't giving us a front to use. They strike, decimate the place, then vanish; leaving one of those citadels in their wake."

"Like a signature." Tails agreed. "Eggman's strategy is to intimidate his enemies before he even thinks about…" A sudden, startled look came over the foxes face. "Oh!" He added looking up.

"Just had a brain storm?" Okida asked with a quizzical look. "Please share…"

"We've been going about this all wrong." He began quietly, looking over the map for anything to strengthen his cooked up theory. "We've been trying to predict the next attack like it's a rationalized, traditional army we're fighting. But Eggman isn't a rationalized, traditional enemy. He doesn't attack targets for strategic advantage, he attacks them for his own sadistic pleasure. To inflict fear." Okida rubbed one eye and looked up, interest finally filtering onto his face.

"I think you've got something there." He replied, taking new interest with the map. "Instead of trying to predict this attacks which would make sense militaristically…" Tails began.

"We predict the targets that he might attack to spread fear." Okida stated, completing the sentence with a wide smile spreading over his face. "Tails, I could kiss you!" He paused, seeing the sudden scared look over the foxes face.

"Sir." Sam Speed announced, saluting as he entered the room.

"Back then?" Okida asked flatly hardly paying any attention to him as Tails began studying the map again. "Well how'd it go?"

"It's just as intelligence estimated. Surveillance reports a total of forty five citadels in this country alone and we're still no closer to finding out how their built so quickly." The Major grunted and the information seemed to be instantly updated on the map, adding another dozen to their original estimate.

"Sonic sure picked a great time to take a sixth month long nap."

Sonic couldn't tell exactly how long he'd been lying there, only that he had absolutely no desire to move what so ever. The blissful wet grass on his back and the pure blue sky above seemed to keep him content. He sighed and put his arms behind his head getting himself really comfortable. There wasn't any sound in this place other than the sounds of birds in the trees on the other side of the river, the small giggle of the river itself. Within his line of sight, the hedgehog could also see a stone bridge that lead across the water to a ravine that ran behind some hills. A thick forest ran over those hills, stretching as far as he could see.

There were no distractions in this place, only a calm serenity that kept him pinned to that spot. He may have lain there for eons, but at some point the left something blocking the sunlight above. Briefly opening his eyes to see what the obstruction was, he came far to face with a pair of glowing red eyes. In that instant everything had changed, instantly the cloud was clouded over and it thundered with rain. The grass beneath him became dry and drown and the forests dried, becoming black sinister masses.

The creature above him was larger than any G.U.N mech with a pair of bull like horns stretching out either side of it's skull like head, insect like pincers lancing down from the mouth. Large curved spikes of bone protruded from the back of it's muscular shoulders and arms and down it's back, along a thick tail. It's entire body was covered in a thin black fur that highlighted it's glowing red eyes perfectly. The beast held up one cloven hand and snapped it's claws and whatever vegetation around the blue hedgehog was instantly engulfed in green fire. A very familiar green fire.

"Krish!" Sonic snarled, hurling himself backwards as a spiked tail swung around, nearly slamming itself into him. A horrible, rippling laugher escaped the creature as it's fire began to burn along it's shoulders. Now Sonic had the motivation to move but found that there was no where to run. All the ground around him vanished and he was left standing on the top of a very thin cliff face, trapped between a fall into the green fire and the creature itself.

As much as he didn't want to admit it, Sonic was afraid. Very afraid. He was visibly shaking, thick nervous sweat running down his face. Krish held a hand out towards the blue hedgehog, it's red eyes narrowing in sadistic pleasure before it fired a blast of fire straight at him, fire intensified by eons of hatred. With nowhere to run, Sonic caught the full extent of it and was hurled, screaming over the edge. As he fell, he heard the demonic creature's hideous laughter echoing in his ears.

"Suffer!" Came the demand, before the blue hedgehog was hurled into nothingness.

Cream looked up, seeing Sonic's hand twitch briefly. Emerl sensed her motion and looked himself, but saw nothing. Most of their group had taken turns to keep an eye on Sonic as he floated there day after day in that stasis tank, still in a deep sleep. It had been over half a year and still no chance. Some of the doctor's were beginning to give up hope of him ever waking up. Emerl however still maintained the belief that Sonic had the willpower necessary to survive.

The black and gold robot looked down at the rabbit nestled beside him on the chairs. She was half asleep, hardly able to keep her eyes open. Not that she needed to for much longer. Within another ten minutes her mother would be here to pick her up.

Emerl had taken it upon himself to stand guard over Sonic until he woke up. Without him, the robot would never have broken Robotnik's programming and become truly sentient.

There was a loud whooshing sound as the door at the far end of the chamber opened and Amy came in, with a sober look on her face; her gaze fixed on the sleeping blue hedgehog.

"Still nothing?" She asked, trying to hide a hint of frustration in her voice but failed all the same. Emerl shook his head. Amy sighed out load, taking up a seat beside him. She had taken Sonic's immobility the hardest and had strived to make herself just like him; in what Emerl guessed was a subconscious attempt at replacing his presence in the world until he woke up.

Visible, apart from some significant style changes, Amy had changed very little. But just one look at her emerald green eyes revealed an anxious frustration. It was likely she wouldn't want to talk about it, but Emerl could see she blamed herself for the way Sonic was now.

Amy sighed again and leaned back in her chair. She'd been able to get through to Nazo, to give him back some reason before he did some reckless, but that was short-lived as the fight with the revived Biolizard continued. She'd been there and she knew what she could have done something to stop Nazo before he used every ounce of his energy to blast the lizard into oblivion, putting Sonic in a coma and sending Shadow to goodness knows where.

Placed inside a large glass box on the other side of the room and linked up to the G.U.N mainframe was the other victim of the Biolizard's wrath. Metal Sonic had sacrificed himself to save Sonic and Shadow and now his body lay there, scarred beyond all physical recognition. He'd been so damaged that salvage of his body was out of the question. Chuck was designing a whole new body for him and when it was completed, he intended to transfer the robotic hedgehog's memory files into it. Blue prints of various designs, and prototype limbs half finished lay on the nearby table next to the box, an odd assortment of wires and cables scattered everywhere. Chuck had set up workshop here as Station Square was still a disaster area and the Thorndyke family were not being allowed back to their residence; no matter how influence Chris' father was.

"Hey, where's Chuck?" Amy asked seeing that the eccentric scientist was nowhere to be seen. Emerl shrugged.

Flip card 1:

Name: Koji Naoko Okida

Age; 23

Sex: Male

Species: Vampire Bat