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Name: Sonic the Hedgehog

Description: A self willed hero, his path of destiny unknown...


Government popularity being at an all time low, the G.U.N intelligence branch and the FBI did everything they could to conceal the fact that an alien invasion fleet was on it's way. While cover ups of this calibre had been possible in the past; the Government was in such a poor state that it slipped out and two days later on the day the President left office, half the planet knew of the impending threat.

Most of whatever control G.U.N enjoyed seemed to disappear over night. Despite it being unintentional, the Black Arm's arrival had destroyed order on the Earth and most of the planet descended into utter chaos. Countries and nations, even super powers like the Russian republic and the United States broke down into uncountable factions.

The new President was signed into office an hour later and proved to be ambitious if nothing else. Quickly he gathered the G.U.N fleet's and began reclaiming the control the Government lost by sending out ground forces of tanks, infantry and Mech's.

Okida could see exactly where this was going and he sighed out load. Well, at least they hadn't declared martial law yet; but that wasn't far off. It wouldn't end with just putting the nation back together, the expansion would continue until most of the planet was under their direct control. Okida hadn't signed on for that.

Already he was making plans to leave the army, which given the new powers the Government was exercising would not be easy. Desertion in a time of crisis could be viewed as treason. Nearly all of the personnel assigned to Freelance Division felt the same way, so instead of them simply leaving individually, Okida proposed to simply change their professions.

"That was scene today when newly elected President Jones gave a public address to the nation on the steps of the White House." Scarlet Garcia began, trying to raise her voice over the low rumbling of conversation of the crowds still gathered outside the fenced perimeter of the White House.

Security had been stepped up dramatically in the capitol. The very minute Jones had been appointed, cities that put under the direct control of the military ground forces. Tanks were now a common sight in Washington, infantry on either side. Only a few Yahger Mech's had been placed in the peace keeping forces and all others had been diverted into G.U.N's main forces. "In his speech, the President was forced to admit that the rumours of an invasion fleet on it's way to Earth are indeed true and had reassured the nation and indeed the world that G.U.N has the situation well in hand." A loud thud resonated through the air as a Mech walked past her in the background, moving to break up the crowds which by now were getting rowdy. Many of them did not appreciate military forces moving down their streets. "Also he promised a swift end to the state of unrest that resulted after the conflicts." She continued after the foot steps of the walker faded away. Okida flipped the small television set off, his point already illustrated.

"Mercenaries?" Topaz repeated, looking slightly taken aback by his choice of career change. The Major had gathered all of Freelance Division on the bridge of the Blue Typhoon. The ship had taken a great amount of damage during the battles and was being repaired, refitting, rearmed and upgraded while the custody of the G.U.N technicians. Which of course meant the Government intended the ship to be part of their fleet.

"G.U.N's quickly becoming something it's not supposed to be." The Major replied flatly, folding his arms. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I enlisted to protect the public, not fight a war for territory."

"I'm with you." Hare remarked with a slight nod of his hair, his two long ears flopping over his face. "Getting drafted into defenders is one thing, but being part of something like that is where I draw the line."

"While it's true that the military's turning into an oppressive force rather than a peace keeping one…" Everyone looked Bark as the polar bear began muttering. His eyes were closed and a large hand raised to his chin in thought. "And if we do take this career change, you be sure we'll be made to look like traitors and branded outlaws."

"They'll have worse things to worry about than us." Bean managed, chuckling as he leaned back on one of the seats. "In two years time they'll have the Confederates ramming their fleet down G.U.N's throat and in the meantime, bandits and a disgruntled population near rebelling point. Against all that, are they really going to have time to chase down a few deserters?" Okida let them talk amongst themselves for a couple of minutes, but clearly he could see that arguing was going to get them nowhere.

"I'm leaving G.U.N as soon as my Mech's are up to factory standard." He declared, silencing all of them in the midst of their arguments. "You can stay or come with me, I'm not going to force anyone to do anything." With that, he left them to make up their own minds.

Leaving G.U.N was not an impetuous decision for him. But he'd been fighting to keep people safe from dictatorship and he wouldn't be a party to anything that produced that result. The military, even the Government in the aftermath of the battle was growing corrupt. The major was inclined to believe that it was due to the Michael stepping down as President as soon as his terms were up, he'd done a damn good job of holding the nation and indeed most of the world together during the troubled times.

Okida didn't trust this new President and for more than personal reasons. The man was clearly a Hexagon puppet, but since that company now had divisions and people in powerful positions in all of Earth's industries, including the Media, no one had said anything.

After a while he found himself wandering into the cargo bay of the ship. The place still housed a few of the planes and other vehicles they brought with them to Mars, most of them damaged beyond repair. What could be salvaged had been stripped away and taken into storage else ware. "Still here?" He asked, casting a glance across the catwalk to see Amy stand there with her hammer at her side. The pink hedgehog had he weapon balanced on her right shoulder with the handle in her left hand.

"You guys taking way Tails' baby now are you?" She asked harshly without looking up at him. G.U.N had already made it quite clear that they intended to take the Blue Typhoon for themselves and incorporate it as part of their growing fleet. In fact, they were commandeering military based hardware from any source they could find.

"We flew this ship." A voice stated from below in the hanger. Looking down, the Major found Chuck standing there with his hands on his hips. His grandson Chris was beside him, looking equally annoyed. "And Tails built it. G.U.N didn't have anything to do with it."

"It's got no right to take it." Chris added in.

"When they do, it won't be me or my division doing it." Okida replied sourly, walking past Amy and carrying on to the door on the far side. He paused for a moment. "Incidentally, a Black Arm Chaos generator was installed to take the place of an Emerald." Amy finally looked over at him with a puzzled expression on her face. "And by nine tonight, the repairs and upgrades on the ship should be ready."

"Why are you telling us this?" Chuck asked him from below with a raised eyebrow. Okida chuckled in his throat.

"The commission won't be here to pick up the ship until tomorrow morning. That leaves a whole night that the ship sits here mostly untended." He turned back towards her. "You're right, all of you, Tails built this vessel and it isn't G.U.N's to keep." A smirk forged itself. "I say we take it."

"We?" Amy's, Chuck's Chris' and another voice asked in unison. Looking back the way he'd come, the Major saw Topaz standing there.

"Yes 'we'." Okida replied. "We all fought and lived on this ship for months. Tails built it, maintained it and piloted it. It's a civilian ship not something the military can just take whenever they please." Topaz's face remained unreadable, before a short smile parted her lips.

"You know, we all voted to follow you; even Omega." The Major's smiled widened in response.

"Got my vote too." Chuck commented with a short smile.

"Me too." Chris added. Okida's smirk maintained itself.

"And you?" He asked. Topaz walked past Amy and right up to the vampire bat, looking him directly in the golden yellow eyes. Okida tried to meet her with an unblinking stare as well, but those sparkling dark blue eyes made his legs weaken.

"Of course I'm coming too, you dolt." She told him, laying her arm on his shoulder and fixing him with a smirk.

Amy remains still for a second, before a smile spread across her lips followed by an evil, near sadistic expression. If a relationship as unusual as that could blossom, then there was hope for her yet! Some of her old spark which she'd lost over the fighting and journeys returned and she knew, her heart sang; Sonic would be her's!


It was be foolish of the good Doctor, while monitoring the Black Arms on Mars; to forget G.U.N as well. His spy satellites and robotic spies were everywhere on both planets, observing the preparations for war from the shadows. Even the Black Arms with their advanced technology could not detect the eyes watching them.

Total surveillance proved to be most advantages. With the Egg Moon's strategic location, Eggman could watch them all and wait for a moment of weaken, and then his armies would be all over both of them.

First he would attack the Black Arms, eliminating the biggest threat and claiming and entire planet in which to launch his operations. And if he managed to acquire some of their hardware then all the better. From there he would have the technology and the capabilities to conquer the Earth, regardless of whether they'd developed space travel or not.

At least, that had been his original plan. Until he learnt of the impending arrival of the Confederates that is. Much about them was virtually unknown, but they were on their way, that was a fact that could not be denied They would not care what they saw when they got here. They would conquer what they could and destroy what they could not, according to the Black Arm commander at any rate.

"A people after my own heart." He grinned insanely to himself. For his new plan to work, as much intelligence had to be gathered about them as possible. He had to know them inside out, their customs, their history, their strengths and most importantly, their weakness'. Right now, the only ones who could supply him with that information were the Black Arms. He doubted however they would be in a sharing mood with someone who opened fire on their fleet.

Eggman stood before a holographic representation of Mars, constantly being observed by his ships in high orbit. The alien sect had started constructing colonies at various locations around the planet. It looked doubtful they were simply there to repair damages to their fleet, in fact it seemed like they were making themselves at home there. That in itself really didn't surprise Eggman. The Black Arms had been looking for a planet to hide or mount a defence from when they came to this solar system. They had intended to use both planets, but had had to settle for just Mars. "They should be creating defences for when they get here." He muttered to himself, running his fingers through his moustache.

He glanced back across the room to the three small repair depo's active in the laboratory. Each one was a cylinder that lanced between the floor and the ceiling, several metal bars curving around the top, leaving a short space to act as a door in the front. Metal arms armed with pincers, drills and other kinds of equipment descended from the roof of the thing to do work on the three metallic shells standing there. Eggman had been able to recover the wrecks, but a great deal of damage had been dealt. It was going to take quite a while to put them back together again. Metal Knuckles had his entire arm ripped off and dents strewn throughout his armour. Egg Robo's head had been missing and a replacement was currently being attach. As for E1004: Theta, he was in a terrible state. His gas tanks which supplied fuel for his flamethrowers had exploded when he hit the ground, leaving the wreck in a charred mess. That was going to take far longer to put right than the others. But at least, he had his elite robots back; never mind in what condition they were in. The first thing he had done once he reclaimed their defeated shells was to wipe from their memory every last trace of the Metal X program, replacing it with his own software. Eggman's smile widened. No matter how many set backs occurred, he would rule both the Earth and Mars and then once he built up enough force; he would move out to take the entire universe.


Wandering the roads alone, Sonic got time to think. In fact, he was so engrossed in his thoughts he wasn't even running. He just plodded on along the side of the desert road.

Most people had hit the road after the fighting ended and the cites left in ruin. A lot of civilians had died during the battle. The blue hedgehog had decided to do himself a favour and not learn how many, it would only depress him even further and in was in the pits as it was.

Tails was gone, Cosmo was gone, Void was gone...heck, a load of people had just up and left. So instead of staying around, Sonic had hit the road. Lumina Flowlight had tried to explain what had happened to him, but the blue hedgehog didn't understand a word she was saying. Half the stuff people from Maginaryworld went on about confused him, but Chuck had been able to partially translate. Cosmo had given up her presence in his dimension and the discharge had allowed a joining of the powers of the Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald and even Illumina's Precious Stone. It was this power that had helped them destroy Krish. Tails however had leapt after the green haired seer at the last second and when the smoke cleared, both of them had gone missing.

They were alive, that was something he would have he was going to have to take as compensation. Through his mind ran the events that transpired, repeating themselves unbidden in an endless loop. The Destroyer stood there, a giant towering over everything and then in that next second Super Sonic had plagued straight through his chest and tore out the other side. Krish tried to stop it desperately, but it was far too late. He was undone. Cracks spread all over his entire body and parts began flaking off like ash, beams of light lancing out from the holes and up into the sky. The green fire died away to nothing and in one sudden burst, everything was consumed by a blinding white light.

Rikoye, the commander of the Black Arms watched in mute awe as the being his people had feared for eons was destroyed before his very eyes. His essence was prevented from being returned to Nexus by the stream of energy passing through him. Instead it was divided in half and siphoned off into both the Master Emerald and the Precious Stone.

The light finally dimmed away, before vanishing all together. The Destroyer had gone, only a blackened stain on the ground the only sign that he had ever been here. A moment later, all the cybernetic drones began falling out of the sky towards the ground, as if without someone to direct them they had no purpose and simply turned themselves off. Like rain they crashed into the ground and broke open on impact.

"One last thing to do." Shadow told both Nazo and Super Sonic once the golden hedgehog teleported back. They all glanced down towards the bottom of the Armageddon station. The Eclipse Cannon was drained of power and offline, but it's very existence was a threat to everything in universe. No one could be entrusted with it, especially not anyone on this planet. Nazo and Sonic made a move to do something about it but Shadow simply held out his hand to stop them. "This one's on me."

Super Sonic and his transparent companion had to settle for getting all the others on the station out before Super Shadow made his move. The silver hedgehog watched as they left, a Chaos Control carrying them out away from the station. Smiling, he leant across and placed his hand on the wall. Even in Super form, he would never have had the energy to translocation something of this scale by himself; but with the energy of the Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald and the Precious Stone itself backing him he felt like he could do anything. "CHAOS CONTROL!" For a moment, the entire planet seemed to be bathed in an eerie green light and a second later it faded. In that single instant the Armageddon station disappeared and then reappeared high in the night sky, miles above the Earth's surface just beyond the atmosphere. Everyone had already gotten off the station and all that were left where a few of the cybernetic drones Krish had commandeered.

Shadow could just leave the station here, but there was no guarantee that someone like Eggman couldn't just some along and use it for their own purposes. It had to be destroyed. "Rest in peace Gerald…Maria." He muttered to himself, before clenching his fists. "CHAOS BLAST!"

Super Sonic watched from the planet below as a new star appeared in the morning sky for a moment, glowing bright green before fading away. The power faded within him and his quills sagged, dropping down behind his hand and changing from golden to royal blue.

It's finished." Nazo breathed, before his form became even more transparent; fading away to near nothing.

"Hey, are you ok?" Sonic asked, turning towards him. Nazo wasn't just fading, parts of him were vanishing in patches completely.

"I will be soon enough." The white hedgehog replied with a smile. "You know, Krish was wrong. True enough Gerald knew I would exist one day, he manipulated events on both Earth and Mobius to make sure I did." With more parts of him disappearing, he sat down; his outline nearly invisible now. "But I've a purpose beyond the death of the Destroyer. Something more I have to aspire to. As Cosmo would say, we've a destiny that stretches on forever." Sonic blinked.

"Profound man. Just what's that purpose supposed to be?" Nazo faded away completely, vanishing into nothing laving beyond not even a trace of his physical existence. Before he did so all Sonic could catch was.

"We'll all find that out sooner or later." And so the blue hedgehog had been left alone with his thoughts. He'd done it, he'd actually done. He'd stopped the unstoppable…the being referred in folk lore are the Destroyer. An opponent he never thought he'd be able to stop, had been stopped.

That lifting feeling of jubilation did not last long. Cosmo and Tails were gone, and even Queen Illumina was unable to bring either of them back.

"Whatya mean you can't get them here!" Sonic demanded grabbed Void by his cape and dragging him in close for a sharp glare, his teeth barred. The small imp like creature simply batted each of the hedgehog's hands away and floated back a safe distance.

"The how and why Cosmo managed to combine the energies of the Master Emerald, the Precious Stone and the even the Chaos Emeralds themselves is still in question." He told the blue hedgehog, who looked like he was capable of bloody murder at this present point. "She attempted some form of dimensional transit, the resulting warp would have catapulted her and Tails across realties to anywhere in existence." Void paused to survey those around him, noticing that Sonic wasn't the only one with a murderous look in his eye. "Hey don't blame me, I didn't invent dimension travel!" He announced, holding up his arms defensively.

"Well can't you or Illumina go find them?" Cream asked, looking up at him. Void found himself glad he was taller than someone in this reality.

"There are billions of realties, they stretch across infinity and each contains a universe of it's own. Tails and Cosmo could be in any one of these and to hand search each one would take quite literally forever." Knuckles snarled angrily and punch the side of a wall, cracks running through up to the ceiling.

"That's not good enough!" The echidna shouted seizing void by his short cape.

"You think if I had a solution I'd be here arguing with you?" Void asked back angrily slapping the red echidna's hands down. "No, I'd be out there bringing them home as we speak. Instead, it's going to take me months to locate the dimension warp trail that sent them on their way. A transit isn't supposed to be used, it generates tremendous amounts of energy and is far too unstable to control. To find a warp through all that mess is near impossible."

Sonic turned away, his emotions boiling to a pitch. His life was a naturally changing thing, but Tails had always been there with him and now he was just….gone…he refused to accept it!

"You have my word I will try everything within my power to locate them." Queen Illumina told them as she checked her spear for cracks it may have sustained in the battle. Satisfied that it had not been blemished, she dismissed it and the weapon faded away. Her broken bones had taken seconds to heal, the tattoos running over his arms glowing bright blue as more healing energy passed through her body. "But even with my own resources, it will take some time to discover where they sent. A transit warp is often quite random." The goddess sighed. "But why Cosmo I can't help but wonder? Why would she even attempt it? She is certainly not skills enough for even basic dimension travel so she must have known she could never hope to control a transit." It was a question none of them could answer.

The others had little time to lament however. A few hours later, the news of the impending arrival of the Fesonian Confederates was everywhere. Whatever news and radio channels that remained following the battles had devoted themselves to gathering as much information as possible from the already air tight G.U.N intelligence network.

"One year?" Amy asked of Jailos when their Black Arm fiend sent them a message. She had rejoined her people after the battle and left with them for the therefore planet Mars. "One year after the Confederates get here, then what?" The alien hesitated for a moment, as if trying to find the right English words to reply before continuing.

"If they try to invade." She began. She wasn't using the translation device around her neck. Some of the Black Arms were attempting to speak English and many other earth bound languages. Still, her words seemed a little primitive at the moment so they had to bare with her. "Ships will be….crossing Combine space."

"Combine?" Chuck repeated, looking up from his work.

"Combine…name of federation this ….area of spiral arm." She had to pause as the words, especially the plurals were causing her tongue to trip over itself. "Invade and….violate borders. Other fleets come…fight."

"And it'll take them a year to get here?" Chuck looked a little horrified at the idea of being at Confederate mercy for 364 days before there was any hope of outside assistance.

"Space…big place to cross." Jails replied, spreading out her long arms to emphasize a large area. "Your planet…set very far away from nearest Combine city."

With that the entire Earth had been set of a time schedule. In two years, the invasion fleet would arrive which left them that time to prepare a defence. After that, all they had to do was hold out for another year before help arrived. While a few of the others returned to their old lives and others drew plans, Sonic left; his interest in it all lost.

A convoy of cars, vans and trucks flew past him up the road; refugees from a nearby city apparently looking for one of the many small settlements springing up all over the place. The blue hedgehog stopped and stared up after them and managed a small smile. Sure he felt miserable, but those people had greater inclination to. Instead of wallowing in misery they got up and tried to start again.

Well, good luck to them.

A sudden volley of missiles rang out, warning shots impacting the side of the road forcing the convoy to come to a screeching halt. Sonic looked out and several Walkers emerged from a hidden position that had been disguised to look like a sand dune. They were G.U.N class Mech's, two Big Foot's and a Yahger. But those weren't military tactics. Those people were being attacked by bandits.

Acting on instinct, Sonic soured off his feet turning into a blur. Several men armed with guns came rushing forward to secure the people trying to run, some of them children. Before they could pull the triggers, a gust of wind shot past tearing the weapons out of their hands. Sonic did a U-turn through the sand and landed an upper cut across the nearest on flooring him in a second.

The two Big Foot Mech's marched closer, the machine guns on their fronts riddling the ground coming up towards him with bullets. Somersaulting backwards, the blue hedgehog rebounded off the side of one of the trucks and flew up into the air. Once reaching the apex of his height, he began spinning; the entire body curving around before rocketing forward with a loud boom. The first Mech went crashing down into the sands with a loud bang, the legs torn out from under it.

"Kill him!" The bandit leader in the safety of the Yahger's cockpit declared angrily.

"You nuts man?" One of those on the ground asked, backing away from the bleu hedgehog as he straightened himself up and dusting his hand. "Yo, I'm not going one on one with Sonic the Hedgehog." And with that, those on the ground and the remaining Big Foot made a run for it.

"Damn cry badies!" The bandit leader snarled, before turning the attention of the larger walker completely toward the blue hedgehog. "I don't care what your rep is, you just ruined a perfectly good heist!" Missiles shot down and Sonic shot up into the air avoiding the explosion. The machine gun turrets flew into action and one came viciously close to hitting the blue hedgehog before he landed on the top of the machine and used a spin attack to tear the missile launcher pads off the top of the Mech.

Somersaulting backwards, Sonic flipped through the air once before tearing the glass away from the cockpit with a kick. The fragments flew back into the face of the pilot who had to raise his arms to defend his eyes. This left the walker completely immobile for a second and a second was all Sonic needed to slam right through the heart of the machine and tear out the other end.

"This is getting boring." He remarked to himself, walking away from the Mech as it collapsed to the ground with a large thud. The people had long since returned to their vehicles and gone, their convoy a few shimmering dots in the distance. Hadn't even stopped to say thank you. Well who could blame them really? That last battles had ruined the Earth, not many would be in need of his autograph.

A loud whistling passed through the air and sonic looked up to see a pair of golden energy bolts rocket across the sky an crashed head first into the Yahger Mech behind which, he had risen to it's feet and had a lock with it's machine gun.

"Sloppy work at best Sonic." The blue hedgehog looked off to the side of the road as the machine crashed down again, quickly consumed by fire. As expected, there was Shadow. His arms crossed his front of him and red eye locked onto Sonic, a relentless unlinking stare. "Your mind was else ware."

"If you want to be my coach come back some other time, I'm not in the mood." Sonic replied with a sigh before walking off. A blur of red and black passed by him and instantly Shadow was blocking his path.

"Are you just going to walk away and ignore the world?" Sonic simply pushed past him and carried on. "You know Cosmo did what she had to so we had a chance of beating that monster and Tails wouldn't let her go alone." The blue hedgehog paused, remaining stationary with his back to Shadow.

"I saw it ya know." He sighed after a moment. "When we first set out to Mars I noticed the attraction between them. Guess it was more than that." A harsh wind crossed through the desert; whipping up a few tall dust columns that carried on past the two hedgehog's and across the wasteland. Sonic chuckled in his throat, managing a small smirk. "Guess my little buddy's not a kid anymore." Shadow could sense from Sonic a deeper sorrow. Tails had been a constant in Sonic's life. Like a rock he could cling to in his lifestyle so rife with change.

"How pathetic." The black and red hedgehog snapped. "You were always soft Sonic." The blue hedgehog remained still, his back to him. "You know the Confederates are gonna be here in two years and yet you waste your time lamenting over some fox?" A fist came flying through the air, and having expected it Shadow caught the swing in his open palm. "You can do better than that!" He snarled, before smashing a knee into Sonic's body sending him staggering backwards his arms hugging his stomach. "Show me you've still got what it takes to be this worlds protector!" Shadow raced forward with a fist held back throwing it forward into Sonic's face. At the last second, the blue hedgehog dodged around it before swinging a super fast kick around trying to catch Shadow of guard.

The black and red hedgehog blocked the attack with his arms and then in retaliation hammered home a succession of strong and fast punches directly into Sonic's face. Staggering back, Sonic feigned injury just long enough to catch Sonic off guard by hammering a knee directly into his stomach. Stunned, the black and red hedgehog left himself open to several sharp and precise kicks, quickly finished off by a swift upper cut across the chin.

Catching himself in mid air, Shadow dragged his arm back before firing a rapid course of Chaos Spear attacks down at him. Sonic broke into a run and Shadow quickly followed, drawing up along side. "Ask yourself this question Sonic." The black and red hedgehog began as the blue hedgehog shot him a glance. "Do you think Tails would want you moping around like some sulking child while there was work to be done?" A kick came out of nowhere and Sonic parried it off, before running backwards with Shadow in hot pursuit. "No, he'd want you to stand your ground and fight; like you always have!" Sonic shot forward at the last second with a punch that knocked Shadow back several feet.

The black and red hedgehog came to a stop a couple of feet away, blood running from his nose. He wiped his away with the back of his glove and righted himself. "You want Tails to get home only to find the planet torn apart by Confederates? Or maybe when he gets here everyone will be right here to thrown him a welcome home party?" Sonic swallowed a lump his throat and fixed Shadow with a glare.

From a rock formation some distance away, Metal Sonic watched them both. His arms were folded and a brand new cape, this one blood red as apposed to purple flapping from his shoulders. The Metal X icon stamped on the back in gold.

He could fly in now and finish them both off in an instant, ending this game. He could, but it was something he could not do. Too much had happened to lessen the murderous rage that had once held him. The world needed Sonic at the moment and apart from anything else, Metal Sonic was actually looking forward to their next encounter and their next duel.

He was a machine he knew that, built as an assassin to destroy his organic template. But he had grown, he was more than that now and some day; he was going to prove that to Sonic.

"Until next time." He announced into the air before turning, his cape flowing out behind him the robotic hedgehog leapt into the air and soured away becoming a blinking dot on the horizon.

"So, whattya say Sonic?" Shadow asked after the silence endured for a while. "Up for a two year training course?" Sonic's expression didn't falter. Only when a dark shadow fell over them both did he move. Looking up, both hedgehog's saw the Blue Typhoon passing over. The ship had been completed fitting out with new armaments, several new engine on the back and even a fresh coat of paint. The ship came to a stop overhead, half eclipsing the light from the sun.

Sonic remained perfectly motionless, staring up at the ship. A brief flash of memory passed through his mind as he beheld Tails' pride and joy. There was a short flash, and he disappeared through Chaos Control; reappearing on the front deck almost directly in front of the bridge itself. Amy was there waiting for him, standing on the deck her hammer posed on one shoulder. Beyond her and the glass was the bridge, and nearly everyone who had gone to Mars after Metal X was there. Okida, all of Freelance Division, Omega, Chuck and Chris.

"We've got work to do Sonic." Shadow reminded him. The blue hedgehog looked back to see the dark hedgehog standing on the tip of the deck with his arms crossed. Standing beside him, the wind causing her dreadlocks to dance was Tikal. A smile on her face.

"So Sonic, what's it going to be?" Amy asked from beyond him. Sonic looked down at his shoes for a moment, conflicting thoughts running through his mind. He turned and looked back for a moment at the crew of the ship there. None of them were giving up. Shadow was right, Tails would want him to carry on as well like he always had. The confederates were on their way huh? Well, he for one was going to make their stay very uncomfortable. His frown vanished to be replaced by a wide characteristic grin.

"I'll see you when I see you little buddy..." He whispered into the air, before swinging around to face Shadow; his feet spinning into a blur as he shot towards him. Shadow smirked and raced forward as he brought his left hand up, the outline of his glove beginning to glow a neon green.

Sonic speed up into the air, then came out of his spin and began free falling towards the dark hedgehog; his legs threw himself out and in seconds his foot became lost in an orange glow as the friction of the air around him began burning.

Leaping into the air, Shadow came coursing to meet him with the hand held ready to strike. Time seemed to slow down as the two attacks neared each other until finally it froze. The Dark Ages were finally over.

End lyrics


Are you prepared to go on the journey?

Just one more morning to come,

Put on a new shirt and,

Sneak out into the night,

Today, the city won't sleep either,

It will just watch quietly,

What you and I will start!

To be shine, to be free,

Do not be bewildered,

The waves of time are strong but gentle,

Very soon, very soon, I'm going out to meet you,

Together, our world will shine,

To be shine, to be free,

Don't be frightened,

The waves of time are strong but gentle,

We'll meet in that far and distant city,

Very soon, very soon, I'm going out to meet you,

Let's go and find our future.


Wow…I actually did it! Dark Ages is complete, but I'm not finished yet. I plan on doing at least one more instalment…the movie adaptation I promised!

What did people think huh? Really I want to know! I've been writing this series for a year now!

People may have noticed all the cliff hangers…well that was intentional. I purposely kept it that way so I'd have readers on the edge of their seats all the way up until the finale.

Cutting room floor:

Things originally planned to include but going removed:

Sara: That's right, I planned to have the cat girl from the Sonic OVA in here but she got dumped pretty early on.

Death Egg: I admit, I really did want to add this in but it would have been a little too impractical for the story.

Super Emeralds: These I could have used, but it wouldn't have fitted in with the other elements. Perhaps they'll be included in the movie fic?

The guns: Yes I actually DID consider Shadow using these. But I dropped it in the end, thinking that Sega just added them into the new game as a cheap stunt. I'm not going to sink that low.

Blaze: The queen from Sonic Rush? Yes the thought of using her crossed my mind, but she was eventually left out. Perhaps she'll be used later on?

Sonic 3D adaptation: The thought did cross my mind…

As for the up-coming movie:

I'm still in the planning stages, but it'll be set six months after Dark Ages and before the Confederates reach Earth. I'm welcoming all idea's put forth but people, please remember you can't all get your character included and that's IF I feel like I need more characters. Managing the official set plus a few of my own is difficult enough.