The Revolution of a forgotten race

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Getsrepeatedly shot

We have lost the war…that's all I can say; the covenant had won in the end, even with our best warriors of all time backing us up, even with three whole races of the enemy joining our side. We still lost the fight for our freedom; we lost the war that our forefathers fought for a century, a war that shook both empires to the core, a war that killed millions upon millions of good men, women and aliens alike. It was not about some weird land grab, nor was it about different policies that conflicted. It was just stupid religion and artefacts getting in the way, and that we were in the wrong world at the wrong time.

Yes, by now you should have guessed who we are, we are (in realistic terms.) you. We are the human race, the humble yet creative race that is like children running freely. Throughout five hundred years we have created, destroyed, invented and conquered (or theoretically speaking, occupied, because we were not to face any form of alien life till a century ago in our time.). We created a future for mankind, one that we could have prospered greatly from. We are your future…

…and boy did we throw it away.

And do you know what the ironic thing is? It was not even our fault, it was some crazy bunch of floating bastards that commanded a bunch of minions who decided that religion is truth (technically, it is.) and that we were just filth occupying on holy ground. The war fought against us was long and bitter, some covie friends that helped us said that we were the toughest race that the covenant had to conquer. It was a struggle that we could not possibly succeed. Odds were tipped steeply in the attackers favour, even after a century's struggle for supremacy against one another, with good and bad points like the Halos that we managed to destroy and the numerous times we shoved the covenant off our planet. We lost, enough said. I could not tell you how because I do not know and the archives that contained this source of information is all but deleted or destroyed.

Now we bitterly serve the covenant now, as slaves of their massive empire, building temples and buildings, which cost thousands in terms of our lives. Us humans are treated like dirt in their fanatical empire, much like how the Egyptians treated the Jews a couple of thousand years ago before a holy man called Moses came and saved them. We are ranked lower than the elites, who were converted back to the covenants side, lower than those idiotic beak faced jackals that tormented us with a passion, even lower than the freaking grunts! (Who are the only ones to sympathise us secretly, yet loathe us on the outside.).

In the years to come we fought religious campaigns one after the other, conquering races who we have not even imagined existing, the Kestrels were one race, much like the elites in terms of intelligence, except they traded their counterpart's strength for the ability to fly. Then there were those funny little 3 foot creatures of doom called imps, they too had a fanatical religion, just that they were a little bit more sensible and tolerant than the covenant and even up to this day they still fight a guerrilla war against the covies (may we salute them for carrying on our legacy.).

So, here we are, our faces are down in the dirt working or fighting and dying for the covenant against enemies that a century ago would have been us, our race are kept in ghettos across the covenant worlds, on the outskirts of cities where no-one would bother to go except for random activities for leisure and harassing our race. How we despise out current situation, to hell and back. How we want to rise up and whip them time and time again. How we want to re-rise like a shining red phoenix against our brutal oppressors and smite them till they dissolve into ash and get blown away by the cold, piercing wind.

(Ahem, sorry, got carried away there.)

There were many uprisings before, but they were all quelled and dissipated easily, they were just random rebels with guns randomly shooting at covenant across the street, with no organisation whatsoever. But history was about to change, a new faction of freedom fighters is being created in our ranks, the freedom fighters are called the Red Faction (named after a funny little game 600 odd years ago involving guns, grenade launchers and nanotechnology).

These fighters are currently underground at the moment, collecting weapons for their cause. I heard they have already got quite a lot of stuff by now, mostly covenant weapons, but a few old age good old metal projectile weaponry amongst the pile of weapons in armouries across the ghettoes of the world. Word has it that their group is more advanced than ever seen these days, maybe even matching those we had a century ago when we were still free. Vast networks of RF cells are dotted across the covenant worlds, and a even couple of cells in High Charity too (which was eventually cleared of the flood and rebuilt from ground up.).

I heard that soon they will be ready to begin, underground recruiting has already started en masse and hundreds are joining its cause (which is actually all the human's cause, that's why it's so popular.). I hope that I will join this group some day. It could be even sooner than I think

Well, I think that's all I have to say about this for today, I will probably try to write another page in this diary. So the A.I better be patient about it, he just wants information and is quite reliable (It was of my own creation, so the covenant cannot track it and see all my information, or I'm dead.). Better get some sleep, it's already like 11:00 in the evening (New York Time.).




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