Chapter 6: Prelude to a duel

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IC: Through the ever lasting string of time Jecht got better and better in the RF training program, every test was completed to the highest quality while every single real life target dummy that Jecht used ended up with no head and a big hole through the heart area. Sniping was considered to be Jecht's best ability, although he much rather fought in the front lines. His favourite weapon of all time has to be the weapon that he wielded in his first true battle, the SMG that he had used on his first day.

So the months passed by uneventfully with the odd raid by the covenant, which metaphorically is like chucking live things into an economy sized meat grinder. Jecht too gradually built up battle experience from the fighting, as he fought, he learnt about the enemy's weaknesses. Of how the grunt's methane Tank explodes with one single bullet to the back, and how the jackal shield can be destroyed if it struck it's failsafe dead on. Lastly was the elites, there were no rules for them because they were like chess. You find their weaknesses, they get rid of it very quickly. Although that's the problem, it would take a few dead elites to make them realize the mistakes, or even one battle, but that was really enough to deal some casualties to their ranks.

Jecht's bronze knight armour was being used as well, it's sharp, gleaming plates made Jecht look like any other elite, except that the armour make it seem more…deadly. In the first test the armour program rejected Jecht's DNA scan, and failed as soon as he got into it. The reprogramming took a while and left Jecht with only standard marine armour, but that was fine considering there were no battles in that period. It was a month before the suit was reprogrammed and retested, with the ratings high up in the 90-100 mark.

Jecht liked this new suit (for him anyways.), it really reminded of his father; of his struggles to save humanity and of how he died. This of course completed what that fool Fasamee tried to accomplish a while ago, now Jecht was living with nightmares of his father's death occurring often in his dreams. A year of hard training, mind scarring and constant testing Jecht was ready. But was not what he was like before. Jecht is not the young and naïve adult that took suicidal risks now but the hard, brutal and ruthless man that now live for battle. Of course that doesn't mean that he was a cruel and rough person now. But the clean polished surface that was his mind has had its edges roughened and its gleaming surface tarnished by heavy deep dents.

His armour too was in the condition of his mind, by now it had lost its sheen that was replaced by many small dents, scars and burns. The spikes that used to stick out from the shoulder plates have been blunted and chipped by energy bolts, while the prized energy blade has waned somewhat, turning the beautiful bright light into a dark, ambient glow, which surprisingly still remained as sharp as any other energy weapon you'd meet anywhere.

Apart from all that, everything was pretty normal (If you can still call it that…)


"Right men!" The squad leader (Whose name was Anderson, just so you know.) yelled at the Red Faction troopers standing perfectly still in front of him. "Today you are going to go attack one of the most heavily guarded base in this sector. The Liberty square base is practically the only thing that prevents us from finally liberating the city. Now we will send all ready forces on this mission, and that means all of you. As well as Alpha and Beta team, whom are already on their way there."

"Sir!" A RF soldier shouted from amongst the assembled troop. "Permission to ask?"

"Granted." Anderson growled. "But make this quick! We need to go in approximately 15 minutes."

"How will we know that we aren't going to be just thrown at the base like animals into a meat grinder? It would be suicide to attack this base just on our own."

"Good thinking son." Anderson replied. "That's my next point as well. For this near suicidal mission you shall be accompanied by the Bronze Knight Jecht, now I want you to be nice to him because he's only been here for a few months and-"

There was a general laughter of amusement in the crowd as the S.L said those last few words.

"-I have given him permission to lop off any one of your heads if disobedience is showed." Anderson finished, which shut the men up for a long while. "AM I CLEAR TROOPS?"

"YES SIR!" The men screamed back in unison, before almost fleeing into the fired up drop ships that took them out of the base yard and towards the enemies beyond. A second group of people arrived directly after the first batch of Delta team troops was gone. In amongst the rabble of men was the Bronze knight, walking towards the drop ship as though it was just any other day. Stepping on board the drop ship waiting for the group he was greeted by Anderson, who decided to join this group for the fight.

"So Jecht, how the training son?" Anderson questioned loudly as the drop ship lifted them up into the air and away.

"Going fine, so where exactly are we going to land?" Jecht asked in the same volume.

"You and this team will be dropped off at the back door to the base, on the foundations of the Statue of Liberty." Anderson yelled as the main boosters switched on, "From there you will head to the top of the tower where the central command is. Destroy it and get out."

"Right!" Jecht said.

The drop ship then made it's way towards the statue, where its glowing torch could still be seen from this distance. The sun was dropping slowly towards the horizon, for night is coming. In an hour or two battle will commence, and the night will be lit by hundreds of metal tracers and plasma.


It wasn't such a bad job being a grunt squad leader; life was decent if you did not get into any elite's way. That's what Cwayat the grunt learnt on duty for a few years. Dressed in his newly polished red armour and armed with his little plasma pistol. He looked like any other half-decent grunt would look like, idiotic and humorous. Today the little grunt was doing base duty with his squad. Patrolling slowly round and round the ancient statue of liberty. The little legs of these creatures lifted up and down in unison as they marched.

Looking at the sky he could have sworn that he caught the image of three black dots coming closer and closer towards the base. Shrugging his curiosity off the troop went back to their march. Unaware of the grave danger that they had let the base into.


"E.T.A ten minutes." The pilot shouted back to the party of troopers, who were packing and loading up their weaponry. As Jecht looked out of the reinforced glass window he saw the true might of the base he was going to go into. A solid, plasma wall lined the whole island where they were going to land. Quad plasma cannons were placed every 80 metres or so, and could blast the whole invading force to kingdom come. Troops too patrolled the interior behind the wall, their polished weapons shining beautifully. A couple of banshees patrolled the top of the liberty statue, while covenant water ships (a relatively new invention.) guarded the sea.

"So how are we going to get into that?" Jecht asked.

"Simple." Anderson said, before going into a small laugh.

There was general silence in the drop ship as half the troops wondered why he was laughing while the other half thought that they were going to die.

"Alright." Anderson finally began the actual plan. "We would be landing on a platform dug into the statue of liberty, this believe it or not is one of the least guarded areas in the whole of the base. Since the covenants think that we are so dumb-" there was some laughter at that part. "-That they didn't even put any grunts there to block our way."

Outside the drop ship turned gracefully in the sky, with it's nose pointing directly to where they are going to land. As the pilot pushed the control stick ever forward the ship began to move forward towards the hidden platform. Just then two banshees encircling the base saw the little break-in party and opened fire. Streak after streak of light blue plasma slashed past the drop ships. Seeing the attackers the pilot throttled up to max and fired the ship directly into the statue. Where it crashed with a massive bang.

Stepping out of the mess that they created at the side of the statue the troops and Jecht split different paths, with the troops attacking the central base where the main force has just opened fire upon. Jecht walked slowly up the long, winding staircase up to the top. Some grunts greeted his arrival with grenades and plasma fire and was put out with a few bullets from Jecht's SMG.

"Hmm…" Jecht thought. "That was easy."


Above his head a camera tracked his every progress up the stairs, and on the other end beside a screen stood Fasamee in his shiny golden armour and holding two plasma carbines.

"So…" Fasamee pondered. "Looks like the son of my worst enemy has finally arrived. I fear that we may clash soon." He finished the last few words with sarcasm, and lead ten grunts and four elites down to meet the soldier.


The structure encased around Jecht creaked as he paced upwards to the top. Each of his steps stripped some soft concrete off, making a mini landslide that fell down the stairs. Looking up he saw shadows approaching where he was standing. Fearing that something may happen which would not help much Jecht ducked into a small storage room, and watched as a few grunts pass casually with their plasma pistols hanging loosely beside them. Sighing with relief the Bronze knight quickly opened the storage door and popped a grenade down the stairs where it blew up and sent the little squad packing right down the stairs.

Chuckling at his antics Jecht continued up the stairs. More troops met him and more casualties were created. A hundred odd steps later he saw the top of the tower and the command centre that was stationed there. Grunts and Jackals were working furiously to please their masters. While elites with plasma weaponry patrolled the outside to see if anything funny was going on. Taking a huge risk he casually walked into the room and was (more or less rudely.) greeted with the arming and reloading of covenant weaponry, and two dozen gun muzzles pointing in his general direction

"Hello everyone!" Jecht said amusingly while dodging a whole bucketful of plasma fire aimed at where he was. "I thought this was the bathroom, but never mind; here's a present for trying anyways."

Dodging one more plasma round aimed at his head Jecht pulled out a thermal grenade from his belt, activating it and tossing it into the assembled mass of covenant enemies. Quickly running out of the door and slamming it shut behind him he heard a muffled bang and the crackling and sizzling of a massive bonfire. Kicking in the door again he opened fire on all the remaining covie troops. Five grunts and three jackals went down while one elite was blasted right out of the window by a lunge of Jecht's blade. Keeping the weapon on Jecht dashed towards a console and dived onto the floor. A hail of plasma fire then ensued, melting the greened copper plate above where he hid.

Throwing a plasma grenade that he picked up Jecht reloaded his weapon while they were busy running away from the explosion. Spotting a grunt waddling towards him with a fuel rod cannon he blasted five rounds into the over-sized gun, making the failsafe malfunction and explode. Three more jackals lined up into a shield wall and fired from gaps in that hastily made barricade. Running out of the hiding place Jecht somersaulted over the shields, landing behind the trio of enemies and killing all three with a simple slash across their backs. Lastly he saw a couple of elites charging at him with plasma blades, a swordfight soon followed with one of the elite's head being taken off while the other was cut cleanly in half.

"Right…" Jecht muttered, his visor hot and misty with warm breath and his heartbeat gradually slowing down. "I'd better get going now."

Suddenly a shadow was seen amongst the still burning flames of the thermal grenade in the shape of an elite. Reloading his weapon he saw the figure appear out of the flames. The elite wore golden armour and held a crystal blue plasma sword. It then laughed and called to Jecht.

"So, you again eh?" Fasamee asked. "Aren't you that boy who everyone was talking about the past few days?"

"Fasamee…" Jecht growled, his tone filled with cold, hard ice "I have a score to settle with you."

"Indeed." The elite replied, "You killed a lot of comrades today, and it's only fair that you should be given something in return."

"Then so be it…"

Taking his own stance with his blade. He waited for the lunge that the elite was going to make. For a second there was utter silence (save the gunshots outside.), with both men/alien standing still, eyeing each other dangerously. Then, as the light of a gunship passed by the shattered window nearby, the elite made his move.


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