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Hello everybody everywhere, I could be doing something else right now but this seems fun. I'm writing a story to my favorite RPG of all time KOTOR. This is a sequel but with an odd plot twist not to mention many other plot twist. I dedicate the first few chapters to my friends. Okay here is my first chapter to my KOTOR story Twilight Dreams,

The ending continued, Space pirates

As the young Republic hero stood facing all of his friends, everything was going well, being Darth Revan and all. David Alister was high on life, surviving the attack on the star forge, saving Jolee from Bastila, and he is now the republic's hero. As he enjoyed the moment the leader of the Jedi council directed them to look at the star forge. He pointed up but all you could see was a little speck then a large green flash. After many months of hardships, it was gone the Star Forge was nothing but a pile of rubble in the sky. In about three seconds a large white beam swooped down from the sky like lighting. It swallowed Carth and David and they vanished up to the sky. His head was spinning on his shoulders and Carth was no where to be found. He stumbled out of his pod looked around and was stunned; the ship was very advanced and was not made by any race he knew. Who wanted him, why did they want him and where was he. He felt as if he was still dreaming as if he was to wake up from it any second, but the sad truth was he was not going to wake up. He did know that he was going to get answers, and he was going to get them soon, he hoped. He walked around the large ship trying to find some answers but all he found were locked doors many looked doors. Whoever captured him did not want him to leave anytime soon. The metal hall became his prison and soon would be his grave if he didn't get out soon.

Once the master of Sith Lords then went to an apprentice and back to the lord of all Sith. As all bowed down to the young girl she withdrew her red lightsaber and called out her new apprentice, Bastila for one final fight to really see who really was the strongest female of the Sith.

"If that is what you want Dark Lord Revan." Bastila bowed to her. She withdrew her yellow double-sided lightsaber. The two lightsabers collided with a sharp screech that echoed through the Star Forge. Darth Revan casted force storm and thousands of volts of electricity ran through Bastiala's body and she fell over limp, dead, no life force for Darth Revan to feed off of. The Star Forge was a weapon of great power but was only so by draining the power of others and turned them to the dark side. Arial Herly is a great example of the taint of the dark side. Once the feared ruler of the universe called Darth Revan, but on an attack of the Endier Spire she was captured and brainwashed by the Jedi. After finding the power she once had she now rules the world with the force and the name Darth Revan.

"HK, get over here now." Arial yelled over to the robot.

"Commentary, HK is ready to serve Meat… oh I mean master." HK bowed over to his master.

"Would you care to eliminate the unworthy ones here HK?" Revan asked in a devilish voice.

"Reply, Yes master I will eliminate the unworthy meatbags, I love to hear them scream." HK said as he took out his dual blaster pistols and gunned down eight of the standing Sith foot soldiers. Some tried to resist but the robot had no compassion and killed them all. The only ones left standing were dark Jedi and apprentices of the dark Jedi. After the death of all the foot soldiers she realized what she did in killing Bastila, she had set up the republic fleets up to destroy the factory.

"HK, follow me to the shipyard." Arial called over to the robot as she ran down the stairwell and came to a few Jedis with red and yellow lightsabers. They all apparently were waiting for her, a suicide mission by these brave republic soldiers to insure that doesn't escape the Star Forge. That was pretty stupid considering that she was the strongest Jedi in the universe.

"Stop there Revan, you will now die for your crimes against the republic and Jedi kind alike." The leader of the pack threatened her.

"Funny thing is, your going to die first, HK." She called over to the robot as they began to charge the Jedi pack. Arial swung her red lightsaber and struck down a Jedi cloaked in red robes. She then looked over to her left and saw HK lying there motionless sparks coming out of his chest. She turned fiercely to her left and impaled the Jedi that killed HK in the heart. There was a faint scream of pain then she looked over to the pack of the group, he was trembling with his hand over his shoulder with what looked like a blaster shot wound. She then lifted the Jedi with her mind and crushed him. Arial then lifted HK and ran towards the Ebon Hawk but before she could even enter there was a loud "Bang!" and a flash of light, It was over, everything she worked for was now gone, or what she thought.

New Tarris cantina, 6:05 P.M one hundred years after KOTOR,

"So, can you play Pazzak?" A tall man asked the droid in front of him.

"Answer, affirmative, unit HK 49 is fully capable of playing the game humans call "Pazzak"." HK 49 answered his friend Brutes, a muscular man that always is in the mood for a drink.

"would you care…" Brutes tried to ask HK 49 but HK was already shuffling the deck. He than spat two cards in front of them.

"One hundred credits says I can defeat you in a match." Brutes challenged the droid.

"Response, sure why not." They both drew their cards and examined each other.

"I will hold." Brutes said with a smile.

"I will not draw either." HK answered.

" Crap, how did you know?" He flipped over his two cards, a ten and a twelve. HK then flipped his over and had a seventeen. Then a tall woman with long brown hair came in and yelled at them, "Did I tell you guys to play Pazak as I dig in the desert looking for that stupid piece of gold?" All the other people in the Cantina looked over to them and started to talk among themselves.

"Sorry, we um… forgot." Brutes said cowering at her furry.

"FORGOT!" She screamed.

"Statement, Negative, he fully left you on purpose, you told me to check up on him so this is where I found him and he owes me one hundred credits I do believe." HK informed his master. See Jessica isn't exactly the nicest person in the galaxy, if there was space pirate that you did not want to mess with it was Jessica. Slave driving maniac that loves the chase of large ships and robbing them of their gold. She was about to beat Brutes down when a young lady came in with very ragged clothes and yelled, "Someone please save my mommy and daddy, they were captured by the sand people, someone please help!"

"Boys we got ourselves a job." Jessica smirked as she cracked her knuckles. They all got up and exited the building holding blaster rifles and swords, they knew that they were getting close to whatever was on this planet and they weren't leaving until they found it. As they excited the building something odd happened, Jessica's head hurt and she blacked out.

"Follow us, we shall rule everything, just give me the relic." An exiled old man hooded in black held out his hand, but there was no reaction. "Fine if it is that way." The sound of a lightsaber colliding with another one veered in a large metal room with many doors, many many doors. The room was practically was a maze. She then woke up in a hospital bed.

"Where… where am I?" She asked shaking as if were twelve degrees in the room. The cryptic voice echoed through her mind and the large room with a lot of doors still haunted her. HK 49 was there watching her in a scary fashion, as if he knew she was thinking about the dream.

"Question, Master are you okay?" The concerned droid asked.

"Fine, where is Brutes?" Jessica asked in a little bit of nervous tone.

"Statement, He left to fight the sand people for that little girl." HK replied.

"Yes, yes, very well HK you may leave." Jessica replied.

"To where?" HK

"To the ship why?" Asked Jessica.

"Very well." Replied HK.

Jessica sat for along time trying to analyze her dream, who was that, where was she, and most importantly, who's eyes was she seeing through. She sat and pondered on that subject for about thirty minutes until she realized that this was a silly dream. She decided not to concern herself with it and left.

Brutes sat there behind the curtain waiting for some poor sand person to walk by. He heard footsteps and he drew his sword and pounced. He slashed him once in the back and he was dead. Brutes lifted him and switched his armor to sand people's clothes. He told the girl to stay in the box she was in until he came back. Some how brutes knew how to speak a lot of alien tongues and sand person was his favorite. He walked into the dimly light prison chamber were he told the guard to let these two go for they didn't do anything wrong. Unforcently he once said one wrong word and confused wrong with right. The guard then figured out that he was a spy and attacked Brutes landed a swift kick to the chin and knocked him out. I dragged his body to an unlighted corner of the prison and freed the two parents. I told them to keep low as I checked the way out. It was clear and we started on our path to freedom but we ran into a little problem, twelve guards. Luckily He had a plasma grenade and let it fly towards them. Before they could draw their weapons he grandee exploded. They safely escaped out the door and looked around happily but the mother.

"Where's my daughter?" The mother asked.

"Holy…" A smoke grandee erupted and the daughter emerged with a large sack of credits and about sixty guards. Brutes chucked a CyBoragn grenade and froze all the guards. They all ran back to town without a word, the hot sand reflected the scorching sun and they all became weary by the time they reached the town.

"What can we do to repay you kind sir?" asked the father.

"We are short a few credits." Brutes said hopefully.

"No we're not." Interrupted Jessica.

"Who is this, asked the young girl, your wife?"

"No." blushed Brutes

"Then what can we do to repay you guy and girls?" asked the father

"It was our duty to save you." Jessica answered proudly acting like applause was coming.

"What are you?" asked the girl.

"We're um… pirates." Brutes said with his head low.

"Pirates, oh my!" the mother seemed a little shocked.

"Mommy, I want to join." The girl begged her mother. She was short and was only fifteen but showed exceptional stealth and leadership when it came to crunch time.

"If that is what you really want you will have to ask the pirates." The mother asked with a tear in her eye. Jessica discussed the subject for about thirteen seconds and looked over to her and echoed "No!" The girl seemed to really want to join but they had a plan to have her do the dirty work.

"If you really want to be apart of our group, if you find a piece of gold in the east desert you can join." Brutes said very happy that he wasn't doing any work.

"You mean this thing?" she pulled a piece of gold out of her pocket. They both looked at each other and then told her to follow them. As the came closer to their ship Jessica realized she had no clue who this girl was. She turned around to the see the girl pick pocketing a citizen and came back with a wallet full of credits.

"I'm already starting to like this chick." Jessica said to Brutes.

"I forgot to mention something." as they reached the shipping dock Brutes told Jessica. "remember the guard that told us to pay later because we didn't have enough?"

"You must be pretty lousy pirates if you couldn't afford the docking fee, that's pocket money for me." The girl added.

"First off it is not to late for me to tell you to go home, what's your name, why do you wear raggedy clothes, and why don't you SHUT UP?" Jessica questioned the girl angrily, but it was true, they may be the worst pirates to ever try to travel the galaxy.

"UMHM!" Brutes coughed to get everyone's attention.

"What is it Brutes?" Jessica asked still not yet regained composer.

"We don't have a ship or any supplies." Brutes told everyone. There was a long silence followed by the sound of a communicator.

"Wayne please bring us one of your ships." Asked the red headed girl.

"You still haven't answered my question." Jessica's patients were gone.

"My name is Shara Fablou of the Fabolu family, I stand 5'6 weigh one twenty, age fifteen and I am white with red hair." Shara told them with a smirk on her face.

"I really could care less what you like, I just wanted to know your freaking name," Jessica said with her head in her hands, "Is that so much to ask for, or are you always this ignorant?" Just then their ship landed and the driver paid the fee and gave Shara the keys.

"See I told you that I would be useful." Shara smiled. It was true no matter Jessica wanted to hate her, she was just too important.

"Girls, where is HK?" Brutes asked in a concerned voice.

"Crap that's why he asked where to go when I told him to leave." Jessica kicked the ground.

"You told him to leave?" Brutes looked offended.

"No I meant for him to leave my hospital wing." Jessica replied. "He must have gone to the place where they impound the ships, where's that?" Jessica asked.

"I know," Shara sounded excited "It is past the desert swoop racing center and next to the hunter's building."

"Well aren't we the informed one." Brutes sounded impressed.

"Only one person can get through the security system, and that's me." Shara announced.

"Good, because you were going to do it anyway." Jessica smirked.

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