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It was 7:13 on a Friday night and Beast Boy, Starfire, and Robin were at the movies. A dark figure sat behind them. Star and Robin glanced into each others' eyes every 2 seconds. The dark figure became enraged. The credits began to play, and the 3 heroes stepped out of the theater. "Wonderful!" Starfire cheered. "Non-stop action from beginning to end …great." Beast Boy laughed. Suddenly a hand grabbed Robin by the neck. Robin quickly broke away and grabbed 3 electrical disks from his utility belt.

Star jumped in front of him and pleaded, "Robin No! He's my brother!" A look of shock appeared on BB and Robin's faces. "He's your brother!" Robin screamed. Star's brother gave him a dirty look and said, "Yeah. You got a problem with that?" "Yeah one." Robin said. "You tried to killed me!" Starfire gave a little smile and said, "Yes. He is a bit overprotective." She turned to her brother and grabbed him by the arm. "You must stay with us!" Starfire rejoiced. Starfire's brother grinned evilly at Robin and said, "Oh, this'll be fun." Robin just sighed. What could he do?

A few minutes later, Star, BB, Robin, and their new-comer arrived at Titans Tower. Starfire burst through the doors and pushed her brother in front of the Titans. "Friends, this is my big brother, Nightfire." Starfire announced. Raven gazed at this fine hunk of masculinity in front of her in awe. Nightfire had the same orange glow as sisters. His eyes were a bright royal blue, and his short spiky hair was dark with tints of blue. Nightfire was tall and muscular with a smile that could kill.

…Raven noticed! She stood mouth opened and weak kneed. "Hi." Raven barely blurted out. "Hey." Nightfire responded. "This is Raven." Starfire said. "Nice to meet you." Nightfire smiled. Beast Boy glanced over to Raven and the big hearts in her eyes. "Hey man, I'm Beast Boy." He yelled to take his attention away from Raven. "Hey." Nightfire replied. "Pretty Boy." BB muttered. Starfire turned to Cyborg and said," This is Cyborg." Nightfire greeted Cyborg. "And this is—" Starfire began. "Robin…we've met." Nightfire interrupted staring at this inferior being. "So Kori where am I staying?" Nightfire asked. The other 4 Titans looked at each other and asked, "Who's Kori?" Nightfire looked puzzled. What did they mean what?

"My sister duh. Wait, you all don't know her real name? Starfire and Nightfire are just family names. Her real name is Koriand'r , or Kori Anders in Earth terms." Starfire smiled and said to her beloved brother and said, "Your room is in this direction Ryan." "Oh so your Earth name is Ryan Anders." Robin called out. Nightfire smirked and said, "Hey you're not as dumb you look."

Then Starfire and Nightfire walked down the hallway. Robin sighed. This was gonna be a LONG visit…

Aww poor Robin. Yes I am aware that this was short but I wanted to just introduce my story. And yes, I am fully aware that in the comics Ryand'r is younger than Star but he kinda has to be older in my story to fit the whole "overprotective OLDER brother thing" I want to happen ok so bare with me. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE REVIEW! Compliments and constructive critisism are totally and completely accepted. FLAMES ARE NOT! I'm sensitive…:snifflez:

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