ALRIGHT! YA KNOW WHAT! This right here, is real fuckin important, so everyone read this! There is a reviewer of mine that is getting on my last goddamn nerve! So, to AbduJhai, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! I was okay with you reviewing me, and then iming me, but you need to calm your little perverted ass down OKAY! I told you, I'm not interested in you in a calm way, but you kept on pushing me and being a douchbag that now I'm just telling you to get a fucking life and leave me alone!

Everyone who's reading this, if a person named 'AbduJhai' reviews for you ignore him, cause he is stalkerish and gross. YOU DON'T FUCKIN KNOW ME OKAY! You've seen one damn picture of me and start saying you love me? Who their right mind does that? GET HELP YOU PSYCHO! Do NOT ever impersonate someone else again. Cause I know who you really are. Philip. Does that sound familiar jackass? You're not one of Nadim's friends. He's never heard of you. You're one of Jared's friends. I know he's my ex and all, but I didn't do anything to either one of you so just LEAVE ME ALONE! I DON'T like you, I NEVER liked you, and no matter what you think, I never WILL like you okay! GET A LIFE AND STAY OUTTA MINE!

If I get in trouble for writing an author's note, it'll totally be worth it to tell that dickhead off. So bye.