Flu Season
Chapter 2

Rhade walked leisurely down Andromeda's corridors to the hangar bay in which the Maru was located in. His sole reason for going to the clapped out old cargo ship was to see Beka. After their brief visit to Taeron 5, she had started to develop a cold that had built up into a flu.

Having never been sick in his life, Rhade was quite curious to see how humans dealt with their illnesses. He also wanted to make sure that Beka was doing okay, she had been sneezing pretty badly on Command deck yesterday when Dylan had relieved her of duty.

The first stop he had made was to Med. Bay, the obvious place to find a sick person, but instead found only an irrate Trance who had given him a bowl of soup to give to Beka.

Bringing Beka soup.

Now that was something he was more than willing to do, showing that one could be an effective provider often increased the chances of procurring a mate. And not only was he bringing her soup but he had also managed to snag her a cookie from the mess hall as well.

He smiled to himself.

Beka liked cookies, it was sure to cheer her up and put him in her good graces.
He entered the Maru and went straight to the Captain's quarters. He could hear her groaning to herself and sneezing. Poor girl.
As he sild the door open he couldn't help another smile from forming at her greeting.

"I'm not leaving this bed Trance."

"Then you should be happy that I'm not Trance."

Rhade watched her open her eyes and stare at him in horror. He fought back a laugh when she pulled the blankets over her head in an attempt to hide.

Sitting down beside her, he yanked the blankets away and offered her what he brought.

"Here, it's soup Beka."

"You brought me soup?"

He couldn't help but notice that she sounded slightly shocked by the fact that he would actually do something like that for her.

"From Trance." He observed Beka as she scrunched up her face like a child. He didn't know why she had tried to hide under the covers when he had come in, she looked beautiful.

A little pale, tired, red around the eyes, her hair was a complete disaster, and she kept sniffing, but she was beautiful nonetheless.

"And I brought you a cookie," he said. Just like he had predicted, her face lit up as she reached for it, "Soup first."

"I'm tired of soup," whined Beka, "give me my cookie..."

The sickness must really be getting to her, he thought. If she were in perfect health he wouldn't put it passed her to hit him for withholding her sugar fix. Yet here she was, completely giving in and abiding by his suggestions instead of fighting him. She was pouting even. Never in his life did Telemachus Rhade ever think that Beka Valentine would be pouting at him over a cookie.

A slow smirk spread across his face as an idea came to him, he knew just how to get her to eat her soup. Looking down at her, he bit into the cookie and watched her facial expressions. Shock, horror, and disbelief flashed across her face.

"Give me the soup."

He handed her the soup and continued to chew on his mouthful. Maybe he should have brought another cookie for himself. It was especially good. Had he been any other Nietzschean he might helped himself to the whole thing, but no, he brought it for Beka and he would keep it safe (one bite not included) until she was finished her soup.


After she was finished eating and he had given her her cookie, Rhade had decided to stay with her. She looked miserable and in need of some company. Maybe a little compassion on his part when she was sick would make her less cranky at him when she was healthier.

Though his compassion, as always, was met with suspicion.

"You wanted to check up on me? What you want to be my snuggle buddy while I'm obviously so attractive?"

Snuggle buddy?

Though crazy and diseased, Beka could still bring a smile to his face. And if she hadn't been looking so horrified she just might have caught his grin.

Snuggle buddy?

That sounded like an invitation to him. Though said with a fair bit of sarcasm she looked like she could use some snuggling.

Obviously so attractive?

"Still beautiful."


Beka's voice caught his attention.

Did he say that out loud?

Thinking quick he came up with a brilliant answer, "Um, nothing."

Beka didn't look satisfied. She was going to push the issue, doing some more quick thinking he came up with an idea. She wanted a snuggle buddy did she not?

"What are you doing?"

Rhade felt her tense as he arranged himself on her bed, arm around her shoulders so her head could rest on his chest.

"I've decided to share your misery."

Well it was partly true, he was planning on staying with her anyway.


He smiled to himself as she adjusted herself against his chest, her heart rate had picked up and his 'still beautiful' comment had apparently been forgotten. When she finally managed to relax, he was surprised to feel her hand sneaking beneath his shirt, whether or not she was aware of it

"Um...sorry," she stammered, Rhade caught her retreating hand and kept it on his stomach.

"Don't be."

His body temperature was almost always constant, Beka was warm with fever yet she was shivering. Human diseases were odd but if she wanted to use him for warmth she was more than welcome to. Truth be told he was happy that she did. To feel her skin against his, even just her hand, was wonderful.

He looked down at her to see her eyes closed and her breathing evening out in the deepest rhythm of sleep.

Kissing her forehead lightly, Rhade was content to stay and watch over her.

Like he always did.


A/N: The end! So there's Rhade's version of events for all of you:)