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Chapter Ten

You will fall asleep with your mouth open and a family of earwigs will move in

It was as if everything had passed in a blissful blur for the rest of the week. True that neither of our four hero's had gotten what they truly wanted, but things weren't as dramatic as they had once been, and for that they were grateful. (The soap-opera kind of life isn't for everyone.) At least Yuugi and Ryou were…the other two just seemed utterly bored with everything.

On the day when things began to take a turn for the better, Mariku had stopped Yami after school for a brief chat. It was his way of saying 'back Yuugi off of him, he's mine.' But other than those empty threats there was nothing.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Said phrase seemed to apply now looking back on it. When Monday rolled around the two sophomores were anxiously waiting along with the rest of their class to see the arrival of their newest classmate. When the late bell rang everyone had immediately shut their mouths and sat up straight. Mainly to see if they could get a better view of the student that was supposed to walk in about now. Yuugi was torn between doing what the rest of them were doing or just sitting back and watching semi-contently from afar. It was rather amusing as twenty pair of eyes watch a figure walk in with annoying confidence in their step. The teacher had her hands clapped together, absolutely swooning over this said student.

He had a self satisfied smirk. His obviously thin, but somewhat built body was covered in their school uniform…but somehow he made such horrible attire work perfectly in his favor. Everything about him from his jet black hair to his vibrant green eyes said 'I dominate everything'. Yuugi let a shiver run up and down his spine. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing of a bad thing.

But the shivers continued to play tag on his spine when those vibrant eyes rested on his warm amethyst colored ones. The smirk that played on those thin, but rather inviting lips widened as if he was genuinely interested in Yuugi.

Ryou was looking back and forth between the both of them. He didn't like this student one bit. And it was odd that he singled Yuugi out from the beginning. And now he debated on whether to tell Yami or not…but this boy wasn't doing anything, but looking at Yuugi like he was a holiday ham. This unnerved the albino…but he knew he couldn't do anything. And what was the point of getting suspicious on someone who wasn't doing anything…He looked at Yuugi again.

"Yuugi!" He hissed.

He wasn't liking this. Though Yuugi had dumped him, it was all for Yami. And he was alright with that. But like hell would he allow this new boy to cast the spell of lust upon his untainted soul. No. That would, too, be Yami's job.

Yuugi blushed slightly as he jumped at the sudden address of his name.

"Yeah?" He asked. His voice sounded like he had been in a days five minutes too long.

Ryou smiled his sweet smile. "You were spacing."

Yuugi blushed again. "Oh sorry." He mumbled. "Say…we really have a cute transfer student don't we?" He said, obviously not paying attention to the words that were coming out of his mouth.

Ryou sighed. Now he knew never to tell Yami of this. Never.

But during Yuugi's little swooning phase, they had missed the students introduction speech. Somehow it didn't seem like he had much to say. But he had taken the seat next to Yuugi's. The entire row was completely empty. For obvious reasons to those who had been here long enough.

A lot of the students groaned in disappointment and in turn let their frustrated glares find Yuugi who was trying to hide in his arms.

"Save me Ryou." He mumbled lamely.

Ryou laughed slightly and patted his back. His doe brown eyes met those of the new student who in turn gave him an emotionless stare. It was very unnerving. He was surprised to hear him speak.

"I suppose you two missed my little intro." He said. It wasn't a question. It was a statement. Like he knew what he was doing to Yuugi, by merely staring at him…and Ryou knew that he'd be keep a close tab on the flying rumors.

Yuugi's attention was now souly focused on the ebony haired boy. He nodded slowly, looking shy and easy to control.

"I'm Otogi, Ryuiji." He said in a bored fashion. Like he'd heard it one time too many. His hand was outstretched in Yuugi's direction.

"Motou, Yuugi." He said, taking said outstretched hand. There was a pink blush tainting his cheeks. It really complimented his eyes.

They held hands for a few more seconds in which Otogi smirked at Yuugi, and Yuugi tried vainly to remove his stare from said taller boy's green eyes.

Ryou sighed and shook his head. What a long period this was going to be.

Yami was bored. So bored he'd make out with Mariku just to pass the time. So bored he'd piss off the teacher for making him to fucking bored that he'd make out with Mariku to pass the time…he sighed and lay his head to rest on the cool surface of the desk which was progressively growing warmer with the heat of his forehead and the dew his breath left behind every second. He was slightly unnerved. Like something was amiss in the great balance of things. He wasn't sure if wanted to trust this certain feeling. Yuugi was class nothing could go wrong, minus those few bullies.

He looked over at his best friend. He didn't seem worried at all. Just was bored as him, it was that dead expression class gave you. The kind that gave away you were in a stupor full of rainbows and creepy carebears. He sighed and looked over at the teacher…whatever…he thought. He would see Yuugi at lunch and everything would be alright. Yes. Everything would be alright.

When the bell that signified homeroom was over, Otogi was the first to walk along side Yuugi, under the pretense that he knew not where to go. Ryou was rather unhappy at the fact that his schedule wasn't the exact same as Yuugi's. He vowed to take care of that during the second semester.

Otogi's smirk was ever present on his angelic…or was it demonic…face. Students were hissing all around Yuugi, causing him to unconsciously bury his face into Otogi's jacket.

He blushed profusely as he realized where exactly he had his head…but he had to admit. It was rather comfortable. He snuggled in deeper.

"Comfy there?" He teased.

Yuugi 'eeped' from somewhere in the folds of the ebony haired boys jacket. There was a muffled response before he unburied his face.

Yami saw red. No, dark crimson. There was Yuugi hugging up to a boy he'd never even seen! He would remember someone so attractive. But that beauty evaporated when he realized that that boy had his arm wrapped around HIS Yuugi!

No one hugged his Yuugi like that but him.

Mariku walked beside him, oblivious as to why Yami was looking like a bull ready to ram a red wall. He gave his best friend a questioning look, which Yami ignored.

"Mine." He growled before briskly walking up to the forbidden pair.

Yuugi squeaked when a hand grabbed his rear end…well more like caressed, but it was all the same to him. He whipped around in major surprise. But when he met ruby eyes he wasn't that shocked anymore.

"Hi Yami…" He said shyly, in pure embarrassment. One because of who he was with, two because Yami's hand refused to leave his behind.

"Hello Yuugi." He said in husky voice. He shivered. Yami's lips were inches away from his neck. He could almost feel them up against his skin. He gave a small gasp.

Otogi was glaring daggers at Yami.

"And who the hell are you?" He said in a hiss. One that clearly hinted possession. Possession of something that wasn't his.

Yami smirked. Yuugi wanted nothing more than to disappear, but Otogi's arm was still snuggly secure around his narrow shoulders.

"Moto, Yami." He said casually. But his eyes held dark dislike for the ebony haired boy.

"Otogi, Ryuiji." He said. He was only returning the favor.

Yami glowered. "Well, Ryuiji," He spat out the name. "Will you do me the favor to take you arms off MY Yuugi?"

Otogi looked quite surprised. "Your Yuugi?"

Yuugi was burring his face in his hands. Why did this always happen to him? He was almost sad to say that he missed the old days when he was beaten for his lunch money.

"Yes my Yuugi."

Otogi let out a melodious laugh. "If he were yours he would have told me to get off him a long time ago."

Yuugi groaned a bit. Otogi had a point…but he couldn't be blamed for it. He was a passive person…and Otogi had him under some kind of spell that he didn't want to be trapped under. Of course he couldn't very well tell that to Yami.

Yami too seemed to agree and he looked at Yuugi curiously.

"Why didn't you?" He said. There was a small touch of hurt that Yuugi winced at.

"I- I don't know." He admitted looked down pathetically.

Yami sighed and looked down. "Do you like him more than me?" He said suddenly. The hurt became more pronounced.

Yami's ruby eyes were swirling with mixed emotions, hurt, jealousy, anger, betrayal, and all that bad shit.

Yuugi shook his head franticly. And Yami almost smirked at the furious expression on Otogi's stupid handsome face.

"I believe you Yuugi."

He glared until Otogi scoffed and stomped off. In which Yuugi threw himself at Yami.

"I'm sorry!"

Mariku hadn't seemed to be there during the drama. Why? He had spotted a white fluffy head fighting against the student current. And who would he be if he didn't help, right?

Being shoved about wasn't all that fun. He dropped his books countless times, his hands were red from being trampled on, and his shoulders were starting to ache due to all the people crashing on him.

And all of a sudden. It stopped, and he saw a shadow fall over him. He looked up, slightly surprised to see Mariku smiling slightly at him.

"I thought you would need some help." He said casually.

Ryou blushed bright, bright red. "Thanks." He squeaked.

Getting to class was a lot easier when you had a bully on your side. A lot of the girls were hissing viciously at Ryou…perhaps thinking that Mariku belonged souly to them and no one else. Especially a boy.

As they neared the classroom, which was conveniently across from the boys' lavatory, Ryou was becoming a little more anxious in leaving Mariku's side.

Said other seemed to notice.

Mariku leaned down a few inches so his lips were at level with Ryou's ear.

"What do you say we ditch?"

The question came as quiet a surprise to Ryou, obviously. A loud what, rang through the halls, but lost itself a few seconds later.

Mariku chuckled. "Ditch." He said as if it were the most simple thing in the world.

Ryou ducked his head. "That's wrong, though."

"But you'll never have any fun if you don't break the rules every once in a while." He reasoned.

It was a good argument…one that Ryou was somehow willing to agree with. Perhaps it was the fact that he really hadn't had any fun since Yuugi.

"Fine." He said. Besides Mariku had a lot of experience in this field.

Looking around the ducked into the said lavatory. It was relatively empty. Except for a couple of boys. Mariku shoved Ryou into a stall and quickly followed. It was the handicap stall. So there was enough room for both of them. Sadly.

As the late bell run they sat in complete silence trying not to be heard by passing teachers. After all ditching was against the rules.

Fifteen minutes into the period and no one walking down the halls, Mariku slowly and almost unnoticeably inched closer to Ryou, who was staring at the toilet.

He smirked. Oh the possibilities were endless. His libido's wheels were turning, yes. But he wasn't so sure if he wanted to taint Ryou so early. As Ryou made his head go back, exposing more of his milky skin. Mariku threw reason out the window.

Ryou struggled not to let out a loud 'eep' of surprise as he felt warm lips on his neck. The sensation had shivers running up and down his spine. It soon dawned on him that Mariku was kissing his long pale neck…and it wasn't as unwelcome as he thought it would be.

"M-Mariku?" He said in a small whisper.

Mariku seemed to ignore him. "I love you." Was all he said before picking up Ryou and placing him onto his lap.

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