Author's notes: Just a random idea that I had one day that I decided to go ahead and run with. Insert usual disclaimers about not owning the show nor the characters here. Should mention that I wrote this before seeing "Silver Star" and the Danny/Mary breakup...
Sick Daze

Chapter One: Hard to Get Up in the Morning

As the alarm clock's typical ear-piercing scream suddenly jolted him from his sleep, Danny McCoy groaned before reaching out to press the snooze button. The former Marine sleepily groped around the oak nightstand, and ended up accidentally knocking the black, plastic menace to the floor, finally shutting it up. A smile appeared on his face as a dark silence surrounded him again, but his hands reached down for the bedcovers the tall, brown-haired man had kicked off like usual. Shivering, he made a note to check before work and see if his air conditioner was functioning properly as it seemed colder than it should be in the bedroom. As he rolled onto his opposite side, something beckoned to Danny and told him that another few minutes of sleep wouldn't do him any harm whatsoever. It was a notion that McCoy quite agreed with.

He awoke seemingly a few moments later, and sat up against the headboard to prevent himself from falling asleep again. A slight chuckle escaped him and he rubbed the back of his brown-haired head (which was aching) as he recalled his dream. It had been a musical version of a normal day for him at the Montecito Resort and Casino, where he worked as a security guard. Shaking his head to clear the dream away, Danny shivered again and realized that his nap hadn't relieved a strange weariness that was radiating through his body. Not only that, but his elbows, back and knees all seemed to be killing him for some strange reason.

"Probably just a morning bug." McCoy remarked, shaking his head.

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, McCoy paused immediately as his foot collided with the alarm clock he had knocked to the floor earlier. The tall man rubbed the side of his head with one hand, and casually picked the clock up with the other.

Once he caught sight of the time, Danny immediately did a double take. The crimson numbers now read the time of 9:15 AM, two hours after he was supposed to be at work! Hoping that he had just messed up the display when he had knocked the clock to the floor, Danny grabbed his watch that was lying nearby. Sure enough…

"Damn." McCoy exclaimed, sprinting to the nearby bathroom.

To be continued...(Short, I know).