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This is the last chapter, readers! The finale which really, doesn't have any action and is more filler than anything, but it's something, right? After all these years (and revisions), this story is finally complete. Abruptly, yes but who knew it was so hard to write for a fandom you're not in anymore?

Chapter 23 – Day 23

"What are your intentions with my son?" - Jason

"You're sure he's all right?" Jason asked, frowning in concern.

"Yes. Your son has several painful but not serious injuries. He should heal within a few weeks or so, except I would recommend physical therapy and a psychiatrist." Doctor Lauren White answered, smiling slightly at his obvious worry.

"Done." Jason replied immediately, ignoring Johnny's protests in the background. "As long as you tell me you're not secretly on Biovolt's payroll."

"Jase!" Johnny blurted, embarrassed. Jason continued to ignore him.

"I can assure I am not and have never been associated with Biovolt." Doctor White spoke formally, her expression serious.

Jason sighed in relief. "Oh good, let's go son." He reached over and helped Johnny off the hospital bed. "I've got you, I've got your prescription, am I missing anything?"

Doctor White smiled, "you've got everything, Mr. Hiwatari. Make sure your son heads straight to bed. No heavy foods, no heavy lifting, limited walking and his injuries need to be cleaned and re-wrapped daily."

"Thank you, Doctor." Jason smiled and shook her hand. Doctor White escorted them to the door, then left them in the hall. Bryan, Ray and Kai stood from where they had been sitting in the nearby waiting room.

"He'll be fine." Jason assured, allowing Kai and Bryan to help Johnny into a wheelchair.

"I am fine." Johnny insisted, scowling. "I can walk damn fine too!"

"Don't swear." Jason instructed, wagging a finger. "And it's hospital policy, especially with your twisted knee."

Ray watched in amusement as Johnny huffed, winced in pain then pouted slightly. Kai rolled his eyes and began pushing the wheelchair while Bryan trailed behind them, eyes locked onto Johnny's form.

"I don't believe we've been introduced." Jason said, turning to Ray. "I'm Jason, Kai's dad and Johnny's other-father."

"Ray Kon." Ray said, shaking his hand. "I'm Kai's teammate."

"Teammate? Ah yes, the Blade Breakers… or you're called BBA Revolution now, aren't you?" Jason pondered as they began walking down the hall.

"Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you, sir." Ray answered. Jason chuckled.

"It's great to meet you too, Ray, but call me Jason, never sir. Reminds me of my dad, crazy bugger that he was." Jason commented.

"Your father isn't Voltaire?" Ray asked in confusion. Jason shook his head.

"No, no, no. Voltaire's my wife's dad. Or was, anyway." His smile turned bitter. "My dad was a fisherman, he died falling through the ice near where I grew up. My brother and I had to take care of the rest of the family by ourselves. When I married Joanna, Voltaire made me take their last name, as it would have been disgraceful for him otherwise."

"Oh, I understand." Ray said, thinking of the families in his village that married into more powerful families. Bryan took over for Kai and pushed Johnny to the exit where a limousine was waiting, while Kai waited for Jason and Ray to catch up.

"Yeah… wasn't much of a fan of Voltaire. He was too strict, thought you had to discipline a child with force. He didn't want me with Joanna, that's for sure, tried to go after my family to keep me away. Too bad it was only my brother by then, and he'd already changed his name." Jason rambled. Bryan helped ease Johnny into the car with the help of the driver, Johnny muttering under his breath and Bryan chuckling.

Ray looked uncertain as to what to say, and glanced at Kai. Kai chuckled.

"Dad likes to talk, and since you're a friend of mine, he trusts you not to tell anyone." Kai explained. Ray looked insulted.

"Of course I wouldn't. And I find what he's saying very interesting. He's telling me more about his past than you have yours." Ray commented. Kai scowled. Someone honked the horn in the car.

"I'll get to that." Jason said airily, ignoring Kai's glare. "Now where was I? Oh yes, I believe you may have met my brother already. His name's Joshua Drake now." The three made it to the car.

Ray blinked. "Mr. McGregor's friend?"

Jason nodded. "Yes, I was Andrei Kozlov and Josh was Dmitri Kozlov. 'Course Jason and Joshua are great names too, and easier to pronounce. It was through him that I met Joanna, you know."

"Really?" Ray asked, intrigued. They all climbed into the limo.

"Josh was already a good friend of Don McGregor by then. Don was courting Joanna but Josh introduced me to the both of them at a party." Jason held up a hand. "Before you accuse me of being a girlfriend stealer, let me explain. Don's father, Samuel, and Voltaire had made a deal to marry their children. The Hiwatari family and the McGregor clan are two powerful families and having them combine… well, I think you get it.

Anyway, Don and Joanna were not interested in each other any more than as friends. So, when I showed up and Joanna and I fell in love, Don agreed to help keep us a secret until the marriage. After we were married, we had Kimberly and then Kai, beautiful children, remind me to show you pictures."

"Okay." Ray grinned, though Kai scowled. "Please continue."

"Ah, yes, the interesting part. Don's father was outraged by our marriage and our children, and demanded that Voltaire hold to their deal. So, in order to please both fathers, Joanna and Don had a child, Johnny. Another delightful child, very stubborn too. Though he did have a habit of wandering off and hiding in the most disconcerting of places…" Jason continued. Johnny blushed heavily but did not comment.

"But Joanna and Don, and myself and Josh, all loved Johnny. He was not a mistake, and none of us would ever give him up." Jason said, shooting a hard glance at the redhead. Johnny shifted slightly and looked away. Bryan frowned and leaned closer to him.

"Since Samuel – Don's father – was still alive and head of the clan, Johnny was secluded from his siblings until he was about eight, I believe, when Samuel passed away. Joanna and I managed to visit under the guise of business but couldn't take Kai and Kim with us.

Then, Kim, Kai and Johnny were really siblings which lasted until the night Joanna was killed, I suppose." Jason shrugged. "Joanna and I… we refused to part with Johnny when Voltaire demanded it. He wouldn't kill me, because I knew more about the history of Dranzer, Nikolai and Allusya than anyone he knew but Joanna… She was too stubborn." Jason looked away and took a deep breath.

"Kaz told you about Nikolai, right?" Kai asked, redirecting Ray's attention.

"Yeah, he said Nikolai was used as a base for Black Dranzer." Ray explained. "But who's Allusya?"

"Allusya is Tala's spirit before my grandfather got his hands on her." Kai scowled. "She's mostly back now as we managed to reverse most of the damage. But parts of Wolborg still remain."

"So, Wolborg was Allusya with the man-made stuff but now she's back to being Allusya again?" Ray confirmed. Kai nodded.

"All of the Blitzkrieg Boys' bitbeasts were different before the Abbey. Ian had Zhora, an earth spirit. Spencer had Ekaterina, a water spirit. Bryan had Vikenti, a wind spirit. They've all been changed back now as well." Kai explained.

"They're almost as good as new." Bryan said. "Vikenti's been a lot calmer and back to his original self, though it's taking awhile."

"They're still healing?" Ray asked and both Bryan and Kai nodded. "So, is that why Tala had trouble battling Garland?" Kai's eyebrows raised and Ray explained. "Tyson said that Tala wasn't acting like himself, that his attacks were off, but I didn't really see it."

"Trust Tyson to notice that." Kai muttered. "Tala was having a bit more trouble since his connection's deeper than the rest of the team. He and Allusya were not synced, and they were both too angry at Balkov and Garland to focus properly. That and Garland's a decent opponent."

"Right. So, any other secrets or are we boring Johnny too much?" Ray asked teasingly, noticing that Johnny had fallen asleep with his head resting on Bryan's shoulder. Bryan chuckled but did not seem to mind.

"Johnny's bitbeast Salamulyon is also known by the name Aedus. Or, that's how Salamulyon introduced himself to Johnny when he was a kid." Kai said.

"Wouldn't Johnny have received Salamulyon and then talked to him?" Ray wondered.

"Remember before when I said Johnny would be found in disconcerting places?" Jason intervened, "well, most of the time, Johnny was trying to find the location of the voice in his head."

Ray glanced at Johnny. "'Voice in his head'?"

"He was only four, so we assumed he had made up an invisible friend. Then, when he was five, almost six, Johnny mentioned some more details about Aedus to Joshua that had him wondering. So he did some research and discovered Aedus was actually Salamulyon and Don lead us to where Salamulyon was kept. From then on, you couldn't keep those two apart." Jason concluded.

"Wow, that's an interesting meeting of sorts." Ray commented. "You guys sure seem to have interesting lives. Aside from all the bad parts, I mean."

"Ah! Here we are, the Hiwatari Mansion!" Jason exclaimed, glancing out the window. Ray looked and realized that they were pulling up a long driveway, passing through tall, metal gates with a phoenix emblem in the middle.

"You live here, Kai?" Ray asked in awe.

"Why couldn't we have gone to the hospital too?" Tyson groaned, slumping in his chair.

"There would have been too many of us, we would have crowded the hospital." Judy Tate explained patiently. "The others will let us know when Johnny is cleared from the hospital. Be patient, Tyson."

Grandpa Granger chuckled. "Not too sure he can do that."

"Grandpa!" Tyson exclaimed, attempting to glare at his grandfather. From beside him, Hiro chuckled.

"So, what do we do now?" Max wondered. "The tournament's canceled, we got Kai, Johnny, Ray and Tyson back and Balkov and Voltaire have run off somewhere."

"The authorities can deal with Balkov and Voltaire and Stanaslov too. You can worry about the next tournament. Mr. Dickenson is in a meeting with the board about having a new tournament later this year." Judy told them.

"Really?" Tyson asked in excitement. "Yes! Dragoon and I'll finally have a challenge!" Many of the other 'bladers in the room rolled their eyes, but grinned as well.

"Is that what you're excited about? What about the fact that Kai and Johnny are brothers?" Mariah asked, fiddling with her nails.

"You know none of you can tell anyone else, don't you? The publicity alone would be horrible, not to mention Johnny will still be recovering." Bruce Granger interrupted with a frown. Robert, Enrique and Oliver were tense with concern, Robert frowning heavily.

"Don't worry Dad, no one'll tell." Tyson assured, the other 'bladers nodded in affirmation. "Kai and Johnny are good 'bladers and they're friends, we wouldn't betray them like that." The Majestics relaxed marginally.

"Yeah, Mr. Granger, we wouldn't do anything like that." Max added cheerfully.

"Okay, but be careful where you discuss it, you never know who might be eavesdropping." Bruce warned. Tyson rolled his eyes but before he could comment, his grandfather interfered.

"Chill, Brucie! The kids'll keep it on the low. It's their friends on the line after all." Ryu Granger, or "Grandpa" Granger said. Several teenagers nodded emphatically. Bruce flushed slightly.

"I thought you were going to stop calling me that, Dad…" He muttered. Ryu merely laughed heartily and there were snickers from the teenagers around the room.

"Kai and Jonny are a part of the beyblade community, like all of us. We'll have their backs." Hiro said, effectively redirecting everyone's attention. Eddie nodded.

"Yeah," He agreed and then he grinned widely. "Besides, who wants to get on the Blitzkrieg Boys' bad sides? And the Majestics are super rich, they can probably air all of our dirty laundry." He commented, half joking. The Majestics did not seem inclined to disagree with him.

When none of the teenagers rebuked that statement or seemed against telling the media, the adults all seemed to relax and assured of the kids' willingness to keep the secret.

"Back to this tournament thing. Where is it going to be? And when? Who's all participating? We need details!" Tyson insisted, flooding the adults with his questions, the other teenagers looking either just as anxious, attempting to hide said anxiety or looking amused at the actions of the other teens.

Judy suddenly regretted telling them about the tournament. She had done so to redirect their attention from what had happened, knowing they were confused and worried about their friends. Now that they had seemingly dismissed the issue for a later time, they all had focused on the tournament. 'I should have waited for the terms to be finalized first.'

"Mr. Dickenson is still in meetings with the Board about the terms and date of the tournament. There are several fans and other teams that were upset with this tournament's cancellation so it should be soon. We'll let you know when we know." Judy explained. The children did not seem too impressed and started to pester her with even more questions. Judy sighed, she was going to get a headache out of this.

Johnny sighed, leaning sleepily against Bryan as the limousine came to a stop. He heard Ray's awed exclamation of the Hiwatari mansion and mentally laughed – he was too tired to use up energy to laugh out loud. But Ray's awe was more amusing because this mansion was not even that big and elegant compared to the Hiwatari estate in Russia and the McGregor castle in Scotland.

The redhead's eyes were closed, too heavy to keep open, though he was fairly certain Bryan knew he was awake. The other boy's arm had slid, almost automatically, around his waist, keeping him upright and comfortable.

"Johnny? Are you awake, baby?" Jason asked worriedly. Johnny was annoyed, he had told him years ago to stop calling him that, being missing for a few years should not have erased that from his memory. Jason must have noticed his irritation because he laughed softly and ruffled his hair. "You'll always be one of my babies."

"… whatever." Johnny mumbled tiredly, tempted to give in to exhaustion. He was afraid, however, that he would fall asleep and wake up without Jason in his life again. Though he would never admit that out loud. He forced himself to sit up and away from Bryan, much to his secret displeasure and open his eyes properly.

"Come on, buddy." Jason said quietly, gathering his son close. He slid an arm behind Johnny's back and the other beneath his knees. Jason stepped out of the vehicle with Johnny gently cradled in his arms. Johnny immediately protested, despite his exhaustion but Jason merely ignored him. Johnny's complexion was bright red and he idly wondered if it was from embarrassment or anger, maybe both even.

Kai, already outside with Ray, was smirking at his little brother and Jason knew Johnny was in for some teasing later. He gave his elder son a stern look and the smirk subsided a little. Ray, on the other hand, looked both concerned and amused. Jason supposed that he had never seen Johnny like this before. In the past few days, a lot had been shown about his son to his friends. Bryan climbed out of the limousine after them, his eyes locked onto Johnny's form and Jason mentally made a note to talk – lecture – him later.

He walked towards the door to the house and was greeted by Liam, one of the house's oldest caretakers. The man's eyes widened ever so slightly at his approached before he respectfully bowed his head before allowing them entrance. Kai, Ray and Bryan quickly followed while Ivan, the driver, drove the limousine towards the garage.

"His regular bedroom has been prepared, sir." Liam informed him and Jason nodded.

"Thanks, Liam. Kai, call Mr. Dickenson and your friends. Let them know that Johnny's all right. In fact, invite them over for dinner or something." He told his oldest son, whom nodded and guided Ray into a sitting room with Bryan following.

Jason carried Johnny, whom seemed to have fallen asleep again, up the stairs and down the hall into another room. He lowered his son onto the bed, removing his jacket, shoes and socks while doing so. Johnny mumbled a small thank you, burrowing into the pillow as his dad pulled the blankets over him. Jason was thankful Johnny was so exhausted that he did not realize that his dad had just tucked him in, he would have been mortified.

He brushed a gentle hand over Johnny's brow. "Good night, Johnny." He whispered before he left the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

He found Ray, Kai and Bryan still in the sitting room talking quietly but they looked up and broke off conversation when he entered. "He's asleep." He told them, taking a seat next to his son.

"So, what happens now?" Kai asked gruffly, leaning forward onto his elbows to look at his father.

"Well, I plan on ensuring Voltaire's arrested for murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, torture and whatever else I can pin on him." Jason replied, smiling grimly. "But I want to make sure you, Johnny, Kimmy and Tala, and all of your friends, are all right. What do you want to do?"

"I have my father back. I don't have to hide my relationship with Johnny from my friends anymore. I think I'm good." Kai smirked.

"Excellent. There is one thing I'd like to discuss though." Jason started, before he looked Bryan in the eye. "With you."

"Me?" Bryan raised an eyebrow. Both Kai and Ray looked curious.

"What are your intentions with my son?" Jason asked bluntly. Bryan spluttered and his face started to tinge red.

"Is Bryan blushing?" Kai asked.

"I think he is." Ray grinned. "Wait, does that mean there's something there? With Johnny?"

"I… well, just shut up! It's nothing like that!" Bryan protested.

"So… you just let anyone sleep on you?" Kai countered. Bryan's blush deepened.

"No! I just… don't know." He answered glumly.

"All right." Jason interrupted. "I think I've got what I need to know. Let's leave him alone for a bit. Did you call Mr. Dickenson?"

"Yes. Don and Uncle Josh are giving statements to the police about Voltaire. Stanaslov and Balkov are in holding. The rest of the bladers are together and happy to hear that Johnny'll be okay." Kai answered.

"Good, that's good." Jason grinned. "By the way, where's Kimmy?"

"Kimmy's… your sister, right?" Ray asked. Kai nodded.

"Yeah. She… doesn't really like Johnny much." Kai said, "She kind of left after Tala told her off. I think Enrique had one of his brother's keep an eye on her."

"I'll talk to him later then. Now, it's late. Why don't we follow Johnny's example and get some sleep?" Jason said, standing and stretching. The teens did as well.

"I'm going to check on Johnny." Kai told them, disappearing into the hall.

"Liam can show the two of you to rooms you can use tonight." Jason informed the other two teenagers. Liam came into the room at the sound of his name and nodded, gesturing down the hall.

"If you would follow me, sirs." Liam said. "Master Jason, you're room has been prepared for you."

"Thanks, Liam." Jason clapped the other man on the shoulder. "And what have I told you about calling me master?"

"Not to, sir." Liam said before ushering the two teenagers towards the guest rooms.

"Good night, you two." Jason called and heard them reply. He then headed towards Johnny's bedroom. He found Kai standing near the bed, gazing down at his half-brother.

"He is going to be okay, right?" Kai asked quietly.

"Of course. He has us to help along." Jason replied, placing a hand on his son's shoulder. "It is so good to see you both again."

"It's good to see you too, dad. We always thought that you were alive but…" He trailed off. Jason squeezed his shoulder.

"I understand." He said softly. "Now, let's let your brother sleep. I think we could do with the rest ourselves."

Kai nodded and followed him out of the room. "Goodnight, dad."

"Goodnight, Kai." Jason ruffled his hair and quickly walked away. Kai scowled and attempted to fix his hair before he gave up and headed for his own room.

"Voltaire Hiwatari, Mikhail Stanaslov and Boris Balkov were arrested yesterday for the alleged drugging, kidnapping and torture of several children, which we have been led to believe also involved world champion beybladers Kai Hiwatari, Ray Kon and Tyson Granger. The tournament they had been participating in had been canceled due to the disappearance of Kai Hiwatari and Ray Kon and the attacks on other participating beybladers. This has not been confirmed, however, though BBA chairman Stanley Dickenson, has announced that the BBA will be releasing a statement once everything has settled down.

In other news, a new tournament has been announced for those fans who were upset about the previous cancellation. It is yet to be said when and where this tournament will take place and if it is sponsored by the BBA. We will keep you informed of the step-by-step investigation and tournament."

"It's already in the news?" Ray asked disbelievingly, staring at the T.V.

"Yeah, reporters have been crowding the BBA since early this morning." Max answered, shrugging.

"Someone must have leaked something." Julia said.

"But nothing about Kai and Johnny thankfully." Mathilda observed.

"How are they doing, anyway?" Max asked, looking at Ray.

"Well, Johnny's tired but doing all right. I think both he and Kai are a little… dazed about Jason coming back." Ray told them, smiling slightly.

"That would be something." Julia commented.

"It's like something out a soap opera, is what it is." Rick snorted. Mathilda, Julia and Max scowled at him. Max going so far as to throw an eraser at him.

"It's good that they don't know about Jason yet. I think he would need to get more settled with his kids before he has to deal with the media." Emily said, looking at them.

"That would take over all the news channels. I mean, the Hiwatari family's rich! He would be taking over now that he's back, right?" Max asked.

"I guess." Ray said. "We'll have to wait and see."

"What is this?" Kimmy demanded, eyes narrowed. "Why didn't anyone tell me?"

"I believe that may be because you didn't leave them a number to call." Andres Giancarlo offered, putting down the newspaper he had been reading to look at her. Kimmy scowled at him.

"Shut up. If I had known you were Enrique's brother, I would have ditched you from the get go." Kimmy snapped.

"Still don't like Johnny and Enri, huh?" Andres asked, amused.

Kimmy huffed. "No."

"Well, you'll want to talk to Kai. Apparently, there's something about your dad..?" Andres trailed off, his eyebrow rising as Kimmy immediately stood and darted to the nearby phone. He chuckled and pulled out his own phone.

"Philippe? Yes, have the jet ready. Thank you." He hung up and put his phone away. Standing, he replaced the paper on the table and walked over to the Hiwatari.

Kimmy placed the phone down and looked at him.

"The jet will be ready in an hour or two." Andres told her. Kimmy nodded.

"Thank you." She said begrudgingly.

Andres smiled. "Looks like you're going home."

"You will pay for what you have done." Don remarked, gazing down at the other man.

"We'll see how far into court this gets." Voltaire smirked. "Anything can happen."

"Yeah." Don muttered. "Anything."


Some questions I don't think I covered in the story:

Why does Kimmy dislike Johnny and Enrique? She blames Johnny for her mother's death and her father's disappearance (because they refused to let him go). Enrique because he's Johnny's friend and often argued with her on his behalf.

How long was Jason gone for? Seven years (give or take a year). Kai was nine and Johnny eight at the time of his disappearance and, in my story, they are sixteen and fifteen now.

Who is Kazimir? He is a childhood friend of Kai and Tala (later Johnny and Enrique too). He lived on the streets of Moscow, meeting first Tala and then Kai before being taken in by Joshua. He wields the bitbeast/spirit Nikolai whom was used as the base for Black Dranzer (in an attempt to keep the engineered bitbeast more stable).

Why was Johnny and Kai's relationship kept quiet? Voltaire didn't want it to be known that Johnny was related to him. He considered Johnny to be an obligation and nothing else. He thought the McGregor's would tarnish the Hiwatari name. After that, it became routine (they were used to hiding it).

If there are any other questions you would like answered, please ask me.

Allusya ("Alla")/Wolborg - Tala's bitbeast/spirit
Zhora/Wyborg - Ian's bitbeast/spirit
Ekaterina/Seaborg - Spencer's bitbeast/spirit
Vikenti/Falborg - Bryan's bitbeast/spirit
Salamulyon/Aedus - Johnny's bitbeast/spirit

Non-Canon Characters (Created by me, unless otherwise stated):
Adela Giancarlo - Enrique's mother.
Alexander Giancarlo - Enrique's father.
Andres Giancarlo - Enrique's older brother, he stayed with Kimmy after she left.
Arianna Giancarlo Gwidon - Enrique's sister, she's married to James and owns an international beyblade parts shop with him.
Cyros Giancarlo - Enrique's younger brother, he was abducted by Balkov and Voltaire and saved by Kaz.
Donald McGregor - Johnny's father and Joshua and Jason's friend.
James Gwidon - Arianna's husband, he owns an international beyblade parts shop with Arianna.
Jason Hiwatari/Andrei Kozlov - Kai and Kimmy's father and Johnny's half-father.
Joshua Drake/Dmitri Kozlov - Jason's brother, Kai, Kimmy and Johnny's uncle and Don's friend.
Kazimir - Kai, Johnny, Enrique and Tala's friend, his bitbeast/spirt is Nikolai the base for Black Dranzer.
Kimmy Hiwatari - Kai's sister, Jason's daughter, and Johnny's half-sister. (Character by kimmyHiwatari, most of the characterization is by me)
Mikhail Stanaslov - doctor who treated Johnny, he ended up working for Balkov and Voltaire.

As you can probably guess, there was a whole sub-plot that was supposed to be included (which is why I introduced all of these characters) but it was hard enough to write this. I know, it's not really an excuse, but you can ignore all of these random characters.

I want to thank everyone who read this story (and reviewed and/or favourited). You have all been an inspiration for me that kept this story going until its (eventual) end. If you have any questions or comments, just let me know and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Again, thank you everyone! You have all been so kind and wonderful and just awesome.