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(Note: You know the motocross jerseys I wear in each fanfic? Well, I've been using them from 2004, and since 2004 is in the books, I will be doing riders on their 2005 jerseys. Some may have the same number, but sometime during the fic, you'll know I'm doing one that is this year. example: "I wore my blue motocross t-shirt with Heath Voss' last name on the back and underneath it was a 13."- something like that.)

1:45 a.m. - Downtown L.A.

An agency known as S.P.I. was practicing some of their crime works, getting them solved in under 10 seconds. A couple of henchmen had broke out of a building and used their hang gliders to get away, but they were quickly shot by some kind of laser and they fell in a lake. As they climbed out, they were cornered between 3 agents.

Their boss, Geraldine, stopped the stopwatch. It read 6.8 seconds.

"Congratulations, men. S.P.I. is now ready for business,"

The 3 agents took off their helmets. Their faces were remarkably similar to Sam's, Clover's, and Alex's.

4:15 p.m. - Beverly Hills Mall

The girls and I were riding up the escalator at the mall. I wore my yellow Makita Suzuki T-shirt with Sebastien Tortelli's last name on the back and underneath it was a 103.

"I can't believe we're finally back at the mall. It seems like forever since we've been here," Alex said happily.

"Totally. Being a spy is great and all, but it really eats up your time," Clover said.

"What are you 2 complaining about? Didn't we go to Paris last weekend?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, didn't we? Didn't you forget THAT?" I asked.

"Uh, Sam, Mathew, we WENT to Paris to stop some idiotic wacko from licking paint off of all the greatest works of art, which might I add was totally gross!" Alex explained.

Clover held out her arms in front of our stomachs to stop us. She looked over at a sign at a nearby Chic' Boutique store.

"No way! Chic' Boutique is hiring part-time!"

Alex gasped, but Sam and I were pretty much clueless.

"Every girl has ever dreamed of working there!"

"I know! Let's go!" Clover said excitedly.

Sam and I were very clueless.

"Whoa hello, weren't you just talking about not having spare time?" Sam asked.

"Mm-hmm. This isn't spare time. It's wasted time," I added.

"Sammy, Mathew, with Chic' Boutique, you MAKE time," Alex said, grabbing Sam's arm, while Sam grabbed my left hand to go in the store.

"Hi, we're here for the part-tune jobs," Clover said to the lady, who was the owner of the store.

"Here are your Chic' Boutique handbooks. I suggest you study them for the interviews," the lady said, handing Clover about 15 handbooks.

"Interviews?" Alex asked.

"Handbooks? Uh, can't you just GIVE us the jobs? I mean, we're like totally your best customers," Clover said.

"Uh, yeah, you and every other girl in Beverly Hills," the lady said, pointing to a long line of girls getting their interviews done.

Clover and Alex briefly gasped.

"Looks like you girls have some competition," Sam said.

"Yeah, lots of it," I added.

"Come on, Alex. Nobody is gonna stand in the way of us becoming supermodels. We've got some serious studying to do," Clover said, while her and Alex each carried a separate set of the handbooks.

We continued walking until we got WOOHPed. We screamed as we fell down a WOOHP tunnel, and wound up appearing in the WOOHP plane 18,000 ft. above the ground.

"Is it me, or does the way we get WOOHPed sometimes defy the laws of physics?" Sam asked.

"Not to mention the laws of etiquette," Clover added.

"And the laws of gravity," I added in.

"Time to focus, ladies, and Mathew as well," Jerry said.

"We're currently en route to London to capture some robbers who have stolen some of the world's largest supply of diamonds. And now, for the gadgets. For this mission, we have helmets with infrared capability, titanium drill heel boots and sneakers, laser lipsticks and chapstick, and a new gadget the WOOHP labs just invented: anti-gravity propulsion rings."

Alex and Clover were excited about the new gadget, but Sam and I were basically calm.

A second later, the couch we were sitting on flipped up and down, and the girls were changed to their spy outfits, and I got changed to my green Kawasaki T-shirt with Sean Hamblin's last name on the back and underneath it was a 28.

Sam's helmet, my helmet, and Clover's helmet were on perfectly, but Alex's was on backwards.

"Good luck you 4, and remember, WOOHP is counting on you," Jerry said, pressing a button and we were lifted straight up and out into the skies of London.

3:55 p.m. - London Bridge

We dropped down onto London using our parachutes.

"Alright, girls, let's do it. Infrared helmet, check," Sam said.

"Infrared helmet, check," Clover said.

I said the same thing as Clover.

"Boy it sure gets dark early in London," Alex said. Her helmet was still on backwards.

"Turn your helmet around, Alex," Sam said.

"Yeah, silly," I said to Alex.

"Oh, that's much better. Check," Alex said after turning on the infrared check on the helmet.

"Hey I just remembered something. Chic' Boutique's main store is in the London mall. Whaddya say we wrap this up quick and hit the shopping and see if they'll give us some pointers," Clover suggested.

"That's a great idea, Clover," Alex said.

"If we somehow get lucky," I added.

We continued looking around. All of a sudden, 3 other people came swooping in past us, getting us a little shaken up.

"What're they tryin' to do? Get us tangled with each other?" I said.

"Did you see where they're heading? They're heading straight for the robbery," Sam said.

We could only watch as the 3 men easily took care of the robbers, destroying their getaway vehicle.

"Did you 3 see that?" Sam asked us.

"Uh-huh, right in the living flesh," I responded.

We ducked behind an alley to watch from behind, but Clover landed her rear in a garbage can as she crawled over to take a look along with us.

A reporter for a local news station was standing behind the robbery and talking to the people viewing. When she got to the interview with the agency boss, Geraldine, she put the microphone in front of her mouth.

"Good afternoon everyone. We are Super Protection International, or S.P.I. for short. What you've just witnessed is the future of international crime fighting," Geraldine explained.

"The future of international crime fighting? So what does that make us? Chop liver?" Alex asked.

"Uh, now if you'll excuse us, we have to get these criminals to our prison island," Geraldine said.

"I wonder if Jerry knows anything about S.P.I. We better give him a call," Sam said.

"I'm already here, girls," Jerry said.

"JERRY!" we all said, then fainted to the ground.

"I noticed something amiss so I landed the plane, and as for the existance of S.P.I., I'm afraid I'm as surprised as the rest of you,"

"Those agents are like, sooooo cute!" Clover said.

"You guys getting a feeling that we just found ourselves some physical challengers? You know, like how Chad Reed found Kevin Windham last year in the Supercross season?" I asked.

"Maybe, but I'm not sure, Mathew," Sam said.

Clover tried to do a little attention scene.

"Hi, I'm Clover. I'm a spy too. Maybe we can get together sometime and talk stories and phone numbers," Clover offered.

"Out of my way," one of the henchmen just said.

"Excuse me?" Geraldine said.

"So I'll talk to you guys later then?" Clover said.

Geraldine grabbed her and threw her back into the alley, while Sam, Alex, Jerry and I made the face about Clover.

While they were walking, Sam noticed a tattoo of a snake on the 2nd henchmen's right arm.

"Whoa, did you guys see that?" Sam asked.

"No, sorry. What did you see?" I asked.

"Sorry, Sam. I was too busy watching out for Clover's drool. So what do we do now, Jerry?" Alex said.

"Well it looks like we're no longer needed here. I guess we should all go home," Jerry said.

"Really? I feel like we're not getting something," I started to assume.

Back home, Sam and I were watching the local news from her compowder.

"Cut me some brakes," I said after Sam closed it. I had worn my red Honda t-shirt with Ernesto Fonseca's last name on the back and underneath it was a 24.

"You said it, Mathew. S.P.I. was virtually unknown until today. Now they're all over the news," Sam said.

"Well, I personally am glad that another agency almost as good as WOOHP and super cute is around to pick up some of the slack," Clover said.

"Yeah, having S.P.I. around gives us more free time, which I totally need to study this Chic' Boutique handbook," Alex said.

"Now let's see, manager's out, cash register won't open and you've run out of brown plaid sheik pumps, what do you do? Uhhh, tell everyone we're closed?"

"No, Alex. It's a trick question. Chic' boutique doesn't sell anything but black," Clover responded.

"Oh, right, I knew that," Alex said.

"Yeah right," I said.

Sam's compowder rang again. It was Jerry.

"Sorry to disturb you 4, but we have an emergency. We just received an advance a tape that a weapons plant in New Mexico is about to be infiltrated," Jerry said.

"So much for more free time," Alex said.

We screamed as we fell down WOOHP tunnels separately.

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