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Still at S.P.I. headquarters, the girls and I made our way to the front where the jets were to take off. They just started ascending off the ground.

"We're too late!" Clover said worried.

"There's gotta be something to stop them," Sam assumed.

"But what can we do?" I asked.

Alex noticed one of the guns on a nearby table that the henchmen used on them earlier.

"Maybe this'll help,"

"Careful, Alex," Sam warned.

Alex tried firing, but the bullets came out so fast, she could barely feel her hands from all the vibration the gun had. Fortunately for her, a few of the bullets she shot had hit a few of the jets, causing them to blow up. The girls and I took cover under a desk.

"Way to go, Alex. Now turn it around and shoot the other jets," Sam said.

Alex tried doing it, but one of the S.P.I. agents sizzled the gun by shooting a smaller gun of his own.

"Quick, everyone into my jet. We can still make it to the federal reserves," Geraldine ordered.

The agents boarded Geraldine's jet and started taking off.

"What about those annoying girls and the boy?" one of the agents asked.

"Don't worry, they'll get a real blast out of it as this place will blow sky high," Geraldine said.

Alex noticed a bomb planted on the right leg of the desk.

"Hah! Uh, girls, Mathew, I think we have a problem,"


"A bomb!"

"Quick, into that flying saucer," Sam ordered, noticing a small flying saucer not too far away from them.

The place blew up into pieces while the 4 of us were flipping around in the flying saucer in the sky.

"Whooaaaaaa!" we screamed while it turned and turned.

"That was close," Sam said.

"More than close, Sam," I responded.

"Hey, I think we lost them,"

"I think we just found them," Clover said, looking outside, only to see the planes flying upside-down.

"And look, they're flying upside-down to show off. That is so rude," Alex said.

"That's not them flying upside-down," Sam said.

"We're upside-down," I said as the flying saucer turned over, while we started getting a feeling inside our stomachs.

"Hang on. I hope this works," Sam said as she pressed a few buttons.

"Have a nice trip, girls," Geraldine said, unaware that we had bailed out of the saucer after she saw the saucer going down.

She heard a thud on the roof.

Sam used her laser lipstick to blow a hole in the roof of the pilot's room. Her and I came in and Sam tied Geraldine in her seat belt.

"I wouldn't write WOOHP off so easy if I were you," Sam said.

"Me either. WOOHP is one of my favorite agencies," I added.

"I don't know how you 4 escaped from that crocked saucer, but no matter. My S.P.I. agents won't let you off so easy,"

Alex and Clover were standing on the roof of the plane while the 3 agents from S.P.I. came out to play. This time, Clover was fully focused, ignoring the rude things they did to her a few times.

2 of the agents walked to battle as did Alex and Clover.

The fight began as the girls and the S.P.I. agents went at it back and forth. Alex threw back one of the agents, almost hitting Sam and me as we peeked our heads out to take a look at what was happening. The agent lunged at us, but we quickly kept our guards up and battled, until he threw us both back to Clover and Alex, being surrounded by them, hitting their backs.

"These guys are really good," Sam said.

"I think they already know that, Sam," Clover said.

"And to think we never had a chance to test these ugly rings," Alex said, noticing the anti-gravity propulsion rings Jerry gave us earlier for the first mission.

"Alex you're a genius! I totally forgot about the anti-gravity propulsion rings," Sam said.

We battled the agents a little more, and activated our rings, and placed them in the S.P.I. agents' outfits, causing them to collide together and fall off the roof of the plane.

"That'll teach you to be rude to us," Clover said.

"For sure. Especially a guy who hangs out with girls," I said.

"Uh, guys, since we tied up Geraldine, who's flying the plane?" Sam asked.

"Whoa!" we said.

We came into the room where Geraldine was trying to fly the plane with her feet. Sam got her out of the way, and we all grabbed onto the steering wheel, trying to keep the plane from hitting the water. It came to a stop all of a sudden, and we fell into the pilot window.

"Ouch!" I said.

It was Jerry! We were saved and pumped.

"Excellent job, spies. How can we ever repay you?" Jerry said in happiness.

"Jerry!" We all said.

2:24 p.m. - Waikiki Beach

The girls and I were lying on the beach with the spies in their suits, and me in my shorts and my Mach 1 Yamaha T-shirt with Heath Voss' last name on the back and underneath it was a 13. I lay next to Sam, with my arm around her shoulders.

"Having a good time, girls?" Jerry asked.

"Yes," Alex responded.

"Totally," Clover remarked.

"You betcha, Jerry," I added.

"Thanks, Jer," Sam said.

"It was so cool of Jerry to give us this vacation to thank us for saving WOOHP," Sam said very appreciative.

"For sure. Now our spy jobs won't be going down the drain," I added.

"And what's even better is in all the excitement, I totally forgot about our Chic Boutique interviews," Clover said.

"Yeah, who needs part-time jobs when you're a full-time international spy," Alex said, satisfied with her job as a spy as well.

"Do you think Jer will refill our sodas again, if we asked him real nice?" Clover asked.

"Where did he go?" Sam asked.

We heard the sound of the WOOHP plane.

"Huh?" we all said.

We were WOOHPed once again.

"Heeeeyyyyyy!" we all screamed.

"Sorry, girls. We had a sudden emergency in Siberia," Jerry said after stepping out of the bathroom.

"Siberia?" we all said.

It was really freezing cold in Siberia.

"Well at least we don't have to study some silly handbooks," Clover said.

"No kidding," I said to Clover.


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