A little ficlet based on Naruto manga chapter 245. Enjoy.


When Naruto laid eyes Sakura after nearly 3 years of separation, he actually laid eyes on her boots. For a moment he could not fathom that these black leather knee-high boots belonged to the girl he remembered.

The girl he remembered was pretty, but she didn't wear sexy boots. The girl he remembered didn't wear a miniskirt. The girl he remembered didn't have boobs.

Nor did she stare at him with big, happy eyes. Or ask him what he thought of her looks.

"You haven't changed at all!" Just because his burgeoning teenage hormones coincided well with Jeraiya's generally perverted nature didn't mean Naruto was going to tell Sakura he had noticed all that, though.

"You...you've gotten taller than me?" YES! She noticed his height, cared about his opinion about her looks, and was still staring at him with big, pretty green eyes. This Sakura was a new creature altogether, but all the better for Naruto. Maybe she'd go on a date with him! He could disguise it as an opportunity for them to catch up and reminisce. Alright! Perfect plan!

"Naruto Nii-chan!"

A perfect plan that could wait until AFTER he showed off to Konohamaru, of course. Sexy no Jutsu? Baby stuff.

"Konohamaru, I'm sorry but I'm not a kid anymore." Oh this was going to be good. "From now on, you shouldn't use that jutsu either…"

The kid was staring at Naruto like he'd transformed into a scary old woman in the middle of the conversation or something… "BECAUSE SUCH A JUTSU IS NOW MEDIOCRE! BEHOLD, THE NEW PERFERTED NINJUTSU I'VE BEEN DEVELOPING!"

This was great! He'd been wanting to show this off to someone besides Ero-sennin for months. And who better than his own number one fan? Alright! One perverted ninjutsu technique coming up!


"You IDIOT!"

She hit him! Naruto couldn't believe she'd hit him. And he let her! Naruto touched his bruised cheek and grimaced. Okay, this was not going well. Maybe he should have waited until later to show Konohamaru his technique. Some people just didn't appreciate art.

"I was wrong! You haven't changed one bit!"

Yes he had! He had changed a lot! He was taller!

"I haven't seen you for two years and within two minutes you jump straight into that! Idiot!"

Now that was unfair! He'd said hello to her first!

"What about that wonderful feeling of respect I had for you just now!"

She'd respected him? Awesome!

"As if I could feel sad that I wasn't…"

Oh, this was going downhill. Bad, very bad. If Sakura was mad she wouldn't go out with him. Need a new plan, new plan!

"Hey, calm down, Sakura…"

Kakashi! His savior! Getting him a present had definitely been a good idea. Naruto made a mental note of this.

Tsunade was talking again, but Naruto had stopped listening. Because Sakura was standing next to him. RIGHT next to him. In giving up her assault she'd let him go where he stood and not backed up. Why hadn't she backed up? Sakura never stands close to him voluntarily. At least he as he remembered her.

"If you don't come at me with the intent to kill, you'll never succeed at getting the bells."

Bells, what bells? Oh, crap, he'd missed something important.

Oh, wait, those bells. Naruto remembered those bells.

Stupid bells. Stupid Kakashi. He could still feel his ass hurt from that day whenever he thought about it.

That particular incident was not going to happen again.

Naruto smiled slowly.

He didn't look, but decided if this Sakura was anything like the girl he remembered, she was smiling too.

Stupid, stupid Kakashi.