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Author Note: Apologies in advance for the long opening note, but this fic might be a little "iffy" for some people, given what it's about and how I've planned it. I intend to mix a lot of the Transformer mythos, as provided not only by the movie and cartoon series, but also what's been given in the comics, both old and new. You'll find mentions of Primus, sparks and other non-gen1 terms, yet the story begins with an infmous scene from Transformers: The Movie. Admittedly, this fan fic is something of a fan's pipe dream in terms of preserving some of what was lost, starting with the movie and extending into seasons three and four. You'll find OCs here and there, as well as a little out of character behavior on the part of canon characters for a short time (as demanded by the plot). Honest, constructive feedback is appreciated if one has the time or inclination to provide it. Finally, I'd like to extend thanks to my two roommates for encouraging me to write this, as well as to PuraJazzBot, whose Jazz Trilogy (the third part in particular, with follow-up) got me thinking about this idea in the first place. You may find a few homages to the Trilogy scattered here and there as the story progresses.

"For all the practicality we medics insist upon,
we still believe in miracles."

-Ratchet, from PuraJazzBot's "Behind the Visor" (part II of the Jazz Trilogy)

Second Chances


"What the?"

Brawn's exclamation voiced what was on all their minds as the shuttle began to tremble, the monitors flickering as Ironhide struggled to hold their course steady in the asteroid fields, mere minutes from from the wormhole that would take them into the orbit of Mars. A few short seconds later, the left side of the cockpit area exploded inwards, shrapnel flying as invaders forced their way inside, ripping through hanging wiring like frenzied animals.

Up in an instant, Brawn rushed forward. "MEGATRON!"


The warcry from Megatron was hardly necessary to urge his warriors into action, the leader himself converting to his powerful firearm mode and landing in the hands of his air commander. Starscream drew a bead on Brawn before the tough Autobot could reach them, a single blast from Megatron tearing through his shoulder and sending him to the floor of the shuttle. As the fallen mech's back erupted in a shower of sparks, Prowl went for his own weapon and managed to squeeze off a single shot, but found his actions a moment too late as a blast from Scrapper dispatched him. Orange smoke pouring from his mouth as leaking internal fluids caused a malfunction in his circuits, the officer toppled over backwards and crashed heavily into the floor where he lay in a broken heap. As even more enemies began to pour in front outside, Ironhide and Ratchet faced them, guns blazing as fast as they could manage to pull the triggers. Starscream directed Megatron's fury upon the medic, laser fire destroying his chest and bursting out his back. As Ratchet fell with a choked gasp, Ironhide found himself victim of further fire by the other Decepticons, part of his lower torso blowing out before he fell. Utterly defeated, the four Autobots lay upon the floor as their enemies moved forward to assume command of the shuttle.

Megatron could hardly resist the chance to gloat. "This was almost too easy, Starscream."

"Much easier, almighty Megatron, than elmininating the real threat... The Autobot Moonbases!"

"You're a fool, Starscream. When we use this shuttle to slip past the early warning systems at Autobot City..."

From where he lay sprawled on his back, Ratchet's optics glowed dimly at the very throught of the Decepticons running loose in the main Eath bound Autobot base. His fingers twitched and his circuits raced with the need to get up and continue fighting, to do something to stop such bitter enemies from achieving their goal, but his life continued to slip away bit by bit as his support system failed.


Ironhide, he still functioned! The medic's relays pulsed with renewed hope, but despair seized him anew as Megatron's voice followed.

"...such heroic nonsense."

Pangs of agonizing sorrow ripped through Ratchet as he heard the fusion cannon fire, the blast striking not only the floor of the shuttle, but something far more pliable as well. He listened intently, forcing his malfunctioning receptors to tune in to all the various sounds around him, but Ironhide did not speak a second time. Bluish tears began to flow from the corners of Ratchet's optics as he realized there was nothing he could do to stop Megatron's madness, now. Slowly, the view of the metallic ceiling began to blur and fade as his sight left him, yet he couldn't help but offer one final plea before he departed the mortal coil.

Primus, please don't let it end this way... Give me strength...this has to be stopped... Just another few moments of life...

To Ratchet's surprise, an deep voice answered him in an ancient language, echoing somewhere beyond all the noise around him. Somehow, in the depths of his memory banks beyond his dying circuits, he recognized the words and grapsed their meaning.

You require a miracle in death? What can you do?

No longer able to see, the medic could feel his systems seizing up. Something...anything... The Decepticons, the slaughter...they've got to be stopped...even if just to detonate the shuttle's fuel reserves...

For a brief moment, there was no answer. Then... All that is meant to be will eventually come to pass, but fear not. There is a task that must be completed and it can be yours If you desire to live with such determination.

...anything...anything to help the rest...

Then sleep for now. Sleep and know that you have been heard and answered...

Ratchet uttered a small gasp as the last of his systems went offline, the life leaving his battered body.

The shuttle hurtled onwards through the wormhole, the Decepticon leader and his warriors at the helm.

Next chapter... A case of "lost and found."