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Saturn Stars


Chapter Thirty-five: Their Story

So the day finally came… Edward took Winry as his bride. She could never have been happier, and she remembered every little detail vividly. The sun shone down on her beautiful smiling face, depicting the woman as an angel.

Everyone else could say that Edward was positively glowing, inside and out.

I had just been a small ceremony in Resembool. They didn't care for anything fancy, it wasn't needed. They loved each other, and that's all that mattered. Although it was just a small ceremony… the guest list had been never ending, that's for sure.

Edward growled with frustration when half the military turned up, along with Izumi and Sig. Rose was sitting there with her son next to her. A big smile on her beautiful face, that's for sure. Her son was now about five years old, and he had the same beautiful eyes as hers, filled with a quiet strength.

The day she had come back to Winry's was a shock for the couple, it was merely days before their wedding, and suddenly a beautiful old friend appears in the doorway. Edward couldn't help but blush slightly at the sight of her, becoming a mother had definitely done her well, she had an aura around her, a truly happy aura. He was blushing due to that and some certain old teenage fantasies that surfaced in his mind.

Winry was completely shocked, but welcomed her back. Edward was of course confused at this… welcome back? But Winry had explained the whole story.

Ed frowned as she told him. So Rose had returned here not long after his disappearance…

"She needed money and food." Winry had told him. Rose nodded with grief and patted thechild slightly. "But she didn't stay for long, I could barely look after myself… and one day I woke up to find her gone." Edward looked between the two; they seemed to be extremely close, as if they had almost struggled together.

"I knew I was a burden on you…" Rose had said meekly.

So there she was on their wedding day, front row seater, beaming proudly.

Al had turned up to the wedding, rather late though. It was a surprise to Edward, due to the fact he hadn't seen him for a couple of weeks.

Oh… yes, Nelly and Al were together alright, so together he had moved in shortly after Edward and Winry had announced their engagement. It was no shock however, Winry merely rolled her eyes, Edward merely snickered.

Al had confessed to Edward his plans to marry her one day. He had told him that he wanted to do it one day soon. This caused Edward to burst out into a fit of giggles, leaving Al standing there, hurt and confused.

"Yes Al! Remember that she nearly bashed me up once though." Edward grinned evilly. This caused Al to become even more confused.

"Winry bashes you up everyday…" He trailed off at the sudden anger on his brother's face.


After the wedding was of course the honeymoon. The couple couldn't say it was one of the best things that ever happened to them though. It was in central and mostly contained the two key ingredients in their relationship, fighting and throwing metal objects. Winry had eight weeks to go before the child, and it wasn't like they could do anything extremely fun. Edward was extremely over-protective, he didn't want to place any stress on her at all. This always resulted in another fight, in which she ended up exerting more energy anyway.

Despite all this, the holiday was filled with passionate nights of lovemaking. It was hard to get it like that though. Soon after he had proposed to Winry, she had dragged him off to the doctors so he could hear from the professional that it was okay! Edward scoffed at the doctors words.

"I'm not a dumb arse! I know its okay! I just don't think its right!" He had replied.

"Listen, you shouldn't feel that way, sex is really fine. If you really feel bad about it, then you can stop having it on the last month, as it can increase the chance of the woman going into labour. But before that, it's really fine, as long as you are gentle about it."

So Ed couldn't get out of it anymore. Winry had won the fight, and he just gave in when she teased him playfully. He wanted it, why should it be wrong?

Not long after had come the birth of their child into this world. It was quite a smooth transition, if you ignored the fact Winry had screamed like it was the end of the world.

But nothing beat the pleasure on Edward's face when he saw the child for the first time. Which only meant one thing, yes, Eric Elric had just been born. Winry hadn't been angered by this, or upset. She was the mother after all, and she made the child with Edward. She merely shot the cocky father a look that said 'I know you were right let's drop it!' before cradling the baby boy in her arms.

Edward was the best father he could be to the boy. Winry knew of his obligations and never complained. For this he was grateful.

Although his duty was to govern Resembool, his skills would definitely not be wasted like that, and he was used by the Colonel when needed. Every time he was dragged away, Winry couldn't help but cry herself to sleep. He was only ever dragged away for something dangerous.

But he always returned, whether it was a week or a month away, he always returned.

When Eric was six, his skills in alchemy were already starting to attract even the military's attention. He however knew much better than to get involved with the military due to many hours of Winry bashing bad thoughts of the military into his head. He had always asked his mother why his father was in the military, and Winry had replied simply. 'He was forced to, to regain something that belonged to him'

Eric had been sent to Izumi for alchemy training just a few days after Nelly and Al's marriage. He had been worked hard, received no mercy, just like his father and uncle. He was proud of this test he had to overcome, if his father did it, he surely would.

If Eric was lonely for a long time, it wasn't long. He was around eight when he had totally finished his training. Nelly was pregnant when he returned, and quite far along as well. Eric, just like his father had always been fascinated with birth and couldn't wait it's arrival. His uncle seemed to be the happiest man alive and tended to her every need, which Nelly of course to advantage of.

Then comes the reason why he would soon be expecting a sibling. His parents. He wasn't stupid; although young he knew that he had very naughty and playful. Marriage definitely hadn't tamed their desires, that was for sure.

All his friends were disgusted if their own parents merely kissed each other on the cheek. Eric had never understood this. Didn't their parents kiss all the time like his? Wasn't it normal? However he had soon discovered that it wasn't normal. He didn't see anyone looking at each other the way his parents did. Although he was too young to understand, he knew that their bond was special.

Edward and Winry had tried from the day he turned five onwards, to hide their loving. They didn't want to scar him for life, or turn him into a curious child. But it really didn't prove to be much of a plan. They would at least try to drag each other into a room, but their son would always walk in accidentally. When he turned seven, he just rolled his eyes and left the room. The lovers would shrug and continue from where they left off.

But one night they got careless…

The two had learned to use protection.

"If we don't, we will end up with many children!" Winry had yelled angrily, after love making. He had once again forgotten, and slapped his forehead.

Tonight was no different. When they got caught up in the heat of the moment, there was no way in hell either of them were thinking about protection.

"Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me!" Winry gasped as her lover's hands wrapped around her thighs. She was backed against the fridge violently, causing the rattle of food and clanging of bottles inside. They didn't care though, and continued to rub against each other like rabid animals.

Ed smirked and took her request in a less than innocent way way, before trailing kisses down to her shoulder. Before long he had her shirt unbuttoned and bra pulled down to reveal her tender chest to him, he sucked on it quickly, pulling her body closer to his before she let out an excited moan.

Her hands slammed down either side of her legs on the fridge, flinging the magnets and personal reminders from the fridge. Once again, the two didn't even notice.

Winry whimpered as he rubbed himself against her, hips pressed into each other. She couldn't hold out much longer, and before long her hands trailed down to his pants to remove that stupid brown belt that kept him from her.

He did the same for her once he began kissing her soft lips passionately, tasting her tongue in his mouth.

Once free of the constricting clothing she jumped up onto him, almost knocking him over. The fridge was soon forgottenas he laid her down on the kitchen bench, hushing her quick breaths of anticipation.

"You will wake him…" Ed said quietly, digging his head into her stomach, to shower it with kisses. She merely squirmed, arching her back. She couldn't say a word, and once again breathed his name.

So they made love right there, Ed having to muffle her cries more than once.

Sarah was the result of that night.

So now the couple had what they both wanted, a boy and a girl. Al had to rush over to rush valley to buy an exact replica of the bracelet that was adorning Eric's wrist still to this day.

Al's child was also a girl, a girl they named Larissa. The two babies took an immediate liking to each other, playing with their dummies together on the floor while the parents had their conversations.

Eric was very protective of his sister, and was usually the one who ended up reading her bedtime stories at night before she went to bed. They both had gold eyes like their father, yet Larissa had her mother's light blonde hair and bone structure, actually she was just a little Winry. The hair had already started to grow and there was a fuzzy patch of light blonde hair on her head.

The family was happy… happy enough

We weren't a very interesting family… But we made it through. It was simple; something I thought would never please Edward. Although he was on missions and such, he was glad to come home to me, of this I was sure.

We didn't want much more, raising these two children would be our goal for the next few years to come. Al and Nelly were married with their own child, and Al couldn't be happier.

Watching Al smile that way, couldn't make Ed happier.

So much had happened to all of us, we had made it through so much. Our children didn't have to know, they would discover the hardships their parents had to go through one day, but not today, not today. Everything had turned out okay. What was it thanks to? I didn't know. Then one day he showed up at our door.

I laughed at first, welcoming him in. It was an old habit. But when I came to my senses, I had turned around with a gasp, stepping back with fear. Ed had run into the room after hearing my distress. He also gasped and instantly stood in front of me protectively.

"What are you doing here?" He shrieked. "I made it clear to hide, otherwise I have to turn you in? Do you understand!" Edward yelled fiercely. Neither of us wanted to see this man being put away, after all he could have been the reason we were living so happily to this day.

"I heard you were getting into trouble because of me."

"Well yes! But Mustang can't do anything if I can't find you! CAN HE?" Edward was completely shocked at this willing attempt to give himself up. As was I.

"I have seen Eric around… he is going to turn into a fine young man."

The comment caught us both completely off-guard, but I merely opened my mouth and thanked him.

"You must hand me over to your superior Edward; you know one day you are only going to get into worse trouble if they find out the truth." Edward opened his mouth to speak. But before he could say a word he was cut off. "I am just an old man; I don't want to be trouble for your family. I did the crime, it's time I paid."

I watched sadly as Edward walked off into the distance. Suitcase in his hands, Kanou next to him. He wasn't happy about this. But something in the old mans eyes had begged him. I had seen it, so had Edward. Besides, I didn't want to be hounded by Mustang any longer. I sighed heavily and walked into Eric's room. He was catching up on some school reading.

I just smiled at him fondly. I wasn't worried about this child. He seemed to have listened to his master's teachings. He had more sense than his father and would never ever become a dog of the military. Who knew what he wanted to do, he was smart, it as all there. He even once mentioned becoming an alchemist doctor. For some reason I was proud. We had a long line of doctors in my family, and I didn't want it to end with me. He had his baby sister staring blankly ahead on his knee. It all brought a smile to my face, every inch of it.

Before long there was a knock at the door. I opened it quickly to see it was Nelly.

"Hi, Al and I were wondering if you two could come over for dinner tonight, bring your children of course." Nelly asked hopefully. I looked down and sighed.

"Edward has gone off again. I don't know when he is going to be back, hopefully tomorrow if Mustang doesn't make him do something unreasonable. Besides I am really tired… I might just have a nap." Nelly nodded her head sadly at this. She knew how down I got when Edward went away. I was almost anti-social.

So I journeyed into my room, and fell into the soft cushiony bed that smelt like him. I smiled as I thought of the love we had made here just last night. One of the rarer times we actually bothered to keep it in the bedroom. I sighed softly and felt myself drift to sleep.

They day I was finally told the truth, was the day I decided to journey the world of Amestris. So many secrets were hidden within, and I was going to discover them all. After knowing everything my father and his brother went through… I couldn't help but look at things differently. Mother had cried when I had first announced the news. Father had just stared at me in shock. I was 16, and going to discover the world for myself, again.

My sister who was now eight years old, and growing more beautiful every day pulled on my long pants. "You will be back soon right?" She asked.

I nodded, nodding to my parents before leaving. Before I turned my back, my father spoke up, hands stuffed into his pockets.

"What exactly do you plan on doing…?" He asked, mother clinging to his arm.

"First, I need to go to that school, I want to become a doctor just like Mother's parents were. I want to help people."

"EDWARD!" My mother pulled out her wrench and bashed him against the wall.


"HOW CAN YOU JUST LET HIM GO LIKE THAT? HE IS ONLY SIXTEEN! DO SOMETHING!" She yelled, but it was all in vain, I had already stared to walk away.


I knew as soon as he said this what was going to come next. I heard the wrench fly through the air and dodged it skilfully. These years training didn't do nothing for me. I laughed to myself and raised my hand in the air. "Bye to you to mum!"

The story of Edward and Winry Elric? Sure I know that, probably better than most. Despite everything, they were the two people most devoted to each other out of everyone I had met.

True love started with them, and it definitely wasn't going to end with me.

Eric Elric

Saturn Stars