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Title; Forgotten

Author; Ice Lynx ((Hey, that's just like my name!))

Disclaimer; Marvel owns everyone a stranger to my Stephverse doesn't recognize. But the plot is mine too.

Genre; Drama

Rating; PG-13 to be on the safe side.

Summary; Installment #4 of the Stephverse! Steph Logan McCoy finds herself stranded alone in England, seperated from her new family and suddenly without her memory! With the help of a new, slightly shady friend Steph sets out to reclaim and remember her life as an X Man.

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Chapter 1

Steph stared at the letter that she held firmly in one dark, slender hand while the other held her baby, Sam. Brown eyes gazed at the letters again, then she smiled at her small orange-haired daughter as the babe grinned back with pointy teeth, yawning widely before snuggling into Steph's chest.

"Mam," she said.

"Yeah, that's m' name," Steph smiled, putting the letter in her pocket and holding the tiny girl with both arms, her own orange hair as vibrant as the child's though Sam's skin was much lighter than her own. Probably because Hank's used to be too, before he sprouted his blue fur.

"Mam, aba a da gook," Sam said sleepily.

"She sayin' she wanna see her daddy," said Ruhko, who had appeared at Steph's side. Steph smiled at her much younger sister, now almost seven, who grinned at her.

"Thanks for the help Ruk," she said. Ruhko grinned.

"She don't look much like you," she said, peering at the baby. Steph smiled.

"She has her daddy's face," she said. "Built like him too." It was true, though certainly going to be tall, Samantha was built stockier and more compact than Steph, a little tank as Kurt laughingly referred to her when she plowed straight through things as she learned to crawl. Steph was not un-seeable in the babe's face though, she and her daughter shared the same eyes and the mane of bright hair that Steph was proud of, and Sam seemed proud too, growling at Ruhko when she tried to pull at it.

Steph walked into the medlab with Ruhko still trailing her, finding her husband and Bobby tossing a football to each other. Bobby caught the ball as Hank saw his family walk through and immediately came over, kissing Steph on the cheek as Sam woke up and laughed when her father tossed her high in the air.

"You're gonna break something with that ball," Steph teased as Hank lowered Sam to his chest and smiled as she grabbed his glasses and looked them over curiously as Ruhko chased after Bobby, who handed the ball to her, grinning.

"Perhaps, but Bobby has gotten better at throwing, so I do not worry as much," he said, smiling.

"Hey, if you could catch the ball..." Bobby replied, grinning. "Hey Steph," he nodded at Steph, who smiled back.

"G' morning," she replied. Then she pulled the letter out of her pocket and showed it to Hank. "I got this today," she said.

"What is it?" Hank asked.

"A request," Steph smiled. "From a university in England. They've asked me to give a lecture about M.A." Hank smiled and nodded as Ruhko's eyes widened.

"England?" she repeated. "That's a million miles 'way though, Teffie!" Steph smiled at the nickname and shrugged.

"Maybe," she said.

"So Mutant Awareness is becoming more recognized?" Hank said, scanning over the sheet. "Wonderful." Steph chuckled and thought about the program she had started two years before, raising awareness of how mutants were being treated all over the globe and informing both humans and mutants about how mutants showed up, also talking about Xavier's Institute and helping raise money for a few other schools similar to the mansion they lived in now to get founded. Almost the entire population at Xavier's School had already helped with the project and a few, mostly Steph's immediate family, were working on it as hard as she was.

"Wow, that's a big step isn't it, an overseas school asking you to come and speak?" Bobby asked, walking over and looking at the letter while Ruhko hit the table with the football, seeing if she could break it. Steph beamed.

"Yes, it is, an' maybe other school's will start there, that would help students like Elizabeth, being able t' go to a school in her native country," she said, thinking of the small girl who's parents had heard of M.A. and contacted the Professor to see if their own mutant daughter could receive help controlling her powers. It was hard for Elizabeth to come to the school in a foreign country and fly back and fourth to her parents in England.

"This is very exciting," Hank said again, hugging Steph. "When did they wish you to visit?" Steph took the letter from him.

"Next week, I'm gonna have to put some travel plans together, the professor's headed to a conference in Washington then," she said. "I'll only be gone a few days, think you can manage Sam?" she kidded. Hank smiled.

"I feel I am an adequate parent," he said, arching an eyebrow. "Unless you fear I am not?" Steph laughed quietly and pointed at Sam, who had fallen asleep in his arms.

"You're perfect, loads more than adequate," she said. "Besides, Sam likes you better, you let her have more Twinkies than I'd ever allow." Hank shrugged, smiling as Ruhko looked up, a hungry glint in her eyes as she heard one of her favorite foods being mentioned.

"Twinkie?" she said hopefully. At a nod from Hank Bobby walked over to a drawer and pulled out a package of Twinkies, giving it to Ruhko, who snatched it greedily.

"I fear Sam likes the other type of treat though," he said, looking over at Bobby. "When young Bobby gave her a- what was it?"

"Swissroll," Bobby confirmed, grinning as he picked up and tossed the football into the air and caught it again.

"Ah, yes, a Swissroll," Hank continued, "She became much more partial to them."

"All Hostess junk food," Steph said, shrugging and stroking Sam's back.

"Yes," Hank nodded. "Though she seems to keep a place in her young heart for Twinkies still, of which I am glad."

"Like father, like daughter I suppose, in any case, you still have Bobby an' Ruhko," Steph said, chuckling and then sighing. "I'd better go call Kurt an' tell the professor, they'll get offended if I don't let them know soon, though it would be interesting if Chuck hasn't already found out."

"Of course," Hank said, nodding. "I will watch Sam, you should alert all those involved with the M.A." Steph nodded and kissed him on the cheek and moved a strand of curly orange hair from her daughter's round face.

"I'd better tell Elizabeth too," she said thoughtfully. "Poor girl's been wanting to see her parents worse then ever for the last week, I'll take her over to them."

"Congratulations," Hank said, as Steph blew him another kiss and hurried out of the room.

- - -

"Have you everything you need?" Hank asked, putting the bags in the back seat of the car. Steph smiled at him.

"Accourse," she said, grinning as she looked at Sam.

"Mam?" the infant said, large brown eyes fixed on her mother. Steph hugged her.

"See you in a week baby," she said. Sam blinked and murmured unintelligibly.

"Ya goin' overseas now?" Ruhko asked as Steph handed Sam to Hank. Steph nodded.

"Yup," she said. Ruhko grinned. Bucky's eyes widened slightly.

"An ocean!" she said excitedly.

"Teffie's flyin' over a big lake, nuthin' special," Ruhko said, shaking her head at her sister.

"Well you've never done it," Steph said, ruffling Ruhko's hair affectionately. "Stay out of trouble, Ruk." Bobby chuckled.

"With you for an influence?" he said. Steph stuck her tongue out at him.

"I love ya too, brother," she said.

"Oh, tell me all about it, like, right after you get back," Jubilee said excitedly.

"Accourse," Steph said, checking her watch. "Got all your things Elizabeth?"

"Yes," the timid girl said quietly, hugging her favorite doll to her small chest and waiting patiently, her eyes glittering orange beneath black curls,

"Good," Steph said. Then she hugged and kissed Hank and Sam again. "Be good for daddy, Sam, an' you, no Twinkies after five, or ya can kiss your sleep good-bye," she said playfully patting Hank's cheek. He grinned.

"Take care of yourself, sweet Stephanie," he said. "And do not fear, Sam will be watched closely night and day."

"By someone else," Bobby joked. Hank chuckled.

"Knock 'em dead," Jubilee said as Steph got into the car, rolling down the window as Elizabeth got into the passenger seat and buckled herself in.

"Please, it's only a lecture," Steph said. "I'm not leaving for years, jus' a week. Take care, all of you." Starting the car she and Elizabeth waved, then drove down the driveway, their last farewell a screech from Ruhko.


Steph looked around the airport, then at her flight information and the map, holding Elizabeth's hand.

"Our flight should be down the hall a bit," she said as other travelers bustled past. Elizabeth looked around, nervous about being around so many people and nervously pushing her dark sunglasses up. Steph smiled at her. "Don't worry," she whispered as she led the girl down the large hall. Eventually they reached their gate and found the passengers already boarding.

Quickly Steph handed the flight attendant both mutant's passports and plane tickets, only to have the flight attendant's eyes widen.

"You're Stephanie McCoy?" she said. Steph looked up from fiddling with her purse and Elizabeth backed up behind her slightly. Steph looked at the young girl.

"Yeah, do I know you?" she said. The flight attendant smiled.

"No, but I went to one of the lectures you gave up in Vermont, I thought it was really great," she said. Steph looked surprised, then smiled.

"Why thank you, Brittany," she said, spotting the attendant's badge. Brittany smiled.

"You going for a vacation?" she asked. Steph shook her head.

"Another lecture," she said. Brittany grinned and handed her the passports back.

"Well, good luck, and have a great trip," she said.

"Thank you," Steph said, taking the items and then directing Elizabeth down the ramp and onto the plane. As they took their seats Elizabeth looked up at Steph.

"Do you give lots of speeches?" she asked. Steph smiled.

"A few, it still surprises me when people remember my face or name though, I'm by no means famous," she said.

"But you were on TV once, weren't you?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yeah," Steph said, smiling. "A long time ago, when I was still a teenager. I saved the President and got embarrassed by a speech on national news for a reward, but it did let me know I could handle most anything in front of a camera," she laughed and Elizabeth smiled shyly.

"Will you get on national TV in England?" she asked. Steph shook her head.

"I don't know, I doubt it, but anything's possible," she said. Elizabeth looked out the small plane window and sighed, leaning on her doll.

"I could never go on TV, I'd be too frightened," she said. Steph smiled and took out a small pillow from her bag, giving it to the girl.

"Well, maybe someday that'll be different," she said. "But you don't ever have to do something like that unless you want to."

"I don't," Elizabeth said softly, laying her head on the pillow. Soon the child was fast asleep, and Steph put a blanket over her and took out a book, thinking about Sam and Hank and their food differences, and chuckling as she also drifted off.

"-Thank you for choosing Delta," a slightly crackly voice woke Steph form her doze, and she looked down and saw that Elizabeth was yawning, clutching her doll tight as the plane descended. As they hit the ground the plane jumped slightly, and Elizabeth grabbed Steph's arm nervously.

"It's alright," Steph assured her.

"The Blackbird doesn't bounce," the small girl said nervously. Steph chuckled.

"The Blackbird's one of a kind, but these old things can't go wrong. See? We've made it alright, are all your things together?" Elizabeth nodded and grabbed her small pink backpack as Steph got her computer case. When the plane came into its dock she stood up and stretched as they waited for the other bustling passengers to leave room for them.

"Where are mum and dad?" Elizabeth wondered, peering about as they walked into the terminal. Steph saw the parents rushing over, smiling from ear to ear.

"Right there," she said, pointing at them.

"Mummy!" Elizabeth cried, letting go of Steph's hand and running.

"Oh, my baby," her mother said, picking her up into a giant hug. The father laughed.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Good," Elizabeth said. The two adults turned to Steph.

"Thank you so much for accompanying her," Elizabeth's mother said. "We know it can't be easy-"

"Oh, it's no problem," Steph said, shaking her head. "I needed to come to England anyway, I'm giving a lecture at a university."

"Well, good luck with that," Elizabeth's father said. "And thank you again, you're going back next Thursday?"

"Yes, on the 8:15 flight," Steph said, looking at her ticket again. She smiled at the now beaming Elizabeth. "Have a fun week you, I'll see you later, alright?"

"Goodbye Mrs. McCoy," Elizabeth said as her parents smiled and turned, walking away and talking to Elizabeth. Steph watched them leave, still smiling and thinking about Sam again and reaching into her purse, in her wallet a small family portrait was always carried. It had been taking a few weeks after Sam was born and she was in Steph's arms, Hank behind her with his arms around her middle, both of the adults smiling at the camera. Steph sighed and reminded herself, only a week, but it would be a long one.


"Alright, alright, so it's settled, the plan goes forth?" A man with very wolf-like features looked around, his features shadowed but slightly visible, unlike the rest in the dark room, who were completely hidden.

"Yes, and as soon as we inform the others there'll be no going back, understood?" Said another. "Unanimous agreement".

"But what about the casualties? There will be many," said one afterwards. The wolf man shrugged.

"Everyone knows the risks, they have taken their oaths and helped us prepare, we are ready to loose many, as long as they recognize us," he said. "The war will bring more casualties, but we will win. They, after all, are only human."

"Fine, Monday it is."