Author's Note: This is reply to a challange given to me. A nice twisted strange little fic.

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Davina yawned as they stepped off the train. The morning was still dark and in what little light the tiny station offered, she grabbed Jacquie's wrist and looked at her watch.

"5:30 am."

"I know, to early to be up." Ann said, behind Davina and Jacquie.

Davina yawned again and looked around the tiny train station.

"Who's ever heard of Shirehallow anyway." Orea said.

"I can't say, Davina, that this was a bright idea. Coming to look at this manor for your grandda." Jacquie said.

"I thought we could use the vacation and peace."

"I'd rather be home." Ann put in, pulling her jacket tighter.

"Miss. Blackwell?" Davina turned.

He was an older man, maybe in his 60s, tall and very little hair. He was also pale and gangly looking. His voice was low.


"I am Hardens. The keeper of Rosewood Manor." He bowed. "If you'll come with me. Henry has the carriage waiting."

Ann raised a eyebrow. "Carriage?" She asked Davina. Davina shrugged and picked up her bags.

They followed Hardens around the corner of the train station, they were met by a short plump older man, who reminded Davina of a hobbit. "Goodmornin' Miss Blackwell." He said cheerfully, with a dip of the head. "The names Henry. And I'll be your driver. If I could have yours and your lady friends' bags."

"Ofcourse." Davina put her bags down and Henry began loading them. The girls looked at the carriage. Jacquie nudge Davina and nodded to the four black horses. They were as black as midnight and stomped and pawed at the ground restlessly. Davina looked at Jacquie, who gave her a look, as if to say, what do those remind you of. Davina shook the feeling off and turned back to the carriage.

Henry had all the baggage loaded and he opened the door for them as Hardens climbed onto the drivers seat. "Ladies."

"Thank you." The four girls climbed into the carriage. "I've always wanted to ride in a carriage like this." Orea said, settling down into her seat.

"Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride." Davina said, casting a look out the window.

As they entered the tiny village of Shirehallow, Davina looked out the window again. She frowned. There was something wrong with the little town. It looked dismal, down right depressing and empty. Davina lowered the window and stuck her head out. "Henry, how many people live in this village?" She asked him, as they were only trotting along. "Used to be nearly 100. The number's lowered in the last few months. 23 at the last counting, last month."

"Only 23? Why?" She asked him, looking at him. Henry started to speak, but Hardens gave him a stern look. "It's not my place to say, m'um, but if you'd put your head back inside and inform the other good ladies we're about to pick up the pace, I'd be obliged." Henry said as they began leaving the town. Davina sat back, putting the window up. "What's going on?" Jacquie asked. "Henry says we're about to pick up the pace." Davina told them

And indeed, they did. With a crack of the whips the horses took to full gallop. But not before Davina caught sight of the lands outside the village. They looked far worse then the village it's self, with a thick fog rolling over it. Davina felt a small flutter of fear in her stomach and she pulled the curtain over the window with one quick movement. Jacquie, Ann and Orea looked at her. She looked at them.

The carriage slowed and then came to a stop all together. Davina opened the curtain again and was greeted by rather disturbing site. Before them, on a hill, behind a tall ion fence, sit a great massive house, dark and looming. Then the door open. "We're here." Henry said cheerfully.

"That manor up there, what is it?" Davina asked him. Henry looked around, then lowered his voice.

"That, m'um, is Hill House. It shares property with Rosewood Manor."

"Does anyone live there?"

"No m'um, not for a good many years. But if you ask me," He lowered his cheerful voice again and leaned forward. "It's my opinion that it's the reason the villagers are all leavin'." Henry told her, offering his hand and helped her out of the carriage. Jacquie looked up at the house from behind Davina.

"Right." Davina looked at her over her shoulder. The other girl shook her head.

"Miss Blackwell, ladies, his lordship and his brother are having breakfast and would be honored if you would join them." Hardens said.

Davina frowned. "I'd forgotten that his lordship would still be here." She said, to the girls.

"His lordship?" Ann asked.

"Lord Jack Rosemeer and his brother Gallagher." Harden said. Jacquie looked at Davina.

"It would be our honor." Davina replied. Ann gave Davina a look.

"We're not exactly dressed for this, I think."

"It's the 21st century, Ann. Us dressed in jeans and sweaters should not make that bad of an impression."

"This way, Miss Blackwell."

"I'll be puttin' your bags inside, Miss Blackwell." Henry said.

"Thank you Henry." Davina said, as they turned from the carriage, to be greeted by another large manor. Rosewood Manor. Davina's grandfather was seriously thinking about buying the large manor and had asked Davina to take a look at it for him. Davina had invited the girls to come with her.

As they reached the large steps, the large oak, double doors open with a loud creak. From the back of the group, Orea jumped. Davina herself held her breath. Until a figure of an older woman appeared. She was a little shorter then Harden, but still taller then the girls and was thin, wearing a long black shirt and blouses. A cameo at the collar. Over the black skirt, was a white apron. Her gray hair was pulled into a tight bun.

"Good morning." She said simply, her thin lips hardly moving. "I am Mrs. O'Riley, head of the housekeeping department for his lordship." Her steely eyes looked Davina over. "You must be Miss. Blackwell."

Davina fought off her fear and nodded. "Yes, I am."

"You and your companions rooms have been prepared and their lordships are waiting for you in the breakfast room. If you'll follow me." She turned on her heel. Jacquie, Orea and Ariel looked at Davina, who nodded to them and they followed the woman. Behind them, Hardens closed the massive doors and to the girls surprise, barred them.

"Here we are." Mrs. O'Riley said, opening the double doors to the breakfast room.

"You mean, they have a room just for breakfast in this country?" Orea whispered to Davina.

Davina nodded. "You should have told us that this place was so big, I'm going to get lost!" Jacquie whispered.

Davina shrugged. "Grandda didn't say anything to me about the size of the house." Davina whispered back.

"Your Lordship. May I introduce Miss Davina Blackwell and her companions." Mrs. O'Riley spoke. Davina turned to the breakfast room.

Two men graced the bright room. The first, stood near the light fire place. He was tall, and lean, with enough muscle. His hair which was just a little below the shoulders and dark brown, almost sable. His eyes were a deep golden brown and he turned his gaze to them, lastly looking at Davina. She smiled shyly.

The second was about the same height as the first, with long almost platinum blonde, that was pulled back with a silver knot, his skin was just as tanned as the first and had silver grey eyes. He smiled to them.

The first man moved away from the fire place, towards them. "Miss Blackwell. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. My brother and I have been expecting you. I am Lord Jack Rosemeer and this is my brother, Gallagher Rosemeer." He said, offering his hand. The second stood from his seat and nodded.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Rosemeer," Davina said, taking his hand and shaking it.

"Please, just Jack."

"Jack. This is Jacquelyn Fairfax," Jacquelyn shook 's Jack offered hand.

"Ann Lee." Ann smiled and shook his hand.

"And Orea Danivers . I distaste traveling alone and they offered to come with me."

"It's pleasure to have them. Please, feel free to join us." Jack said, motioning to the serving board.

The girls waited for Davina to move. "Thank you," She nodded to the girls and moved over to the food, but decided against eating anything and poured herself a cup of tea. "I must admit, we didn't expect your arrival for another day." Gallagher said.

Davina smiled, to make herself more comfortable. "I was intrigued by the description of the house I was given, I decided to come early. I do hope that was an inconvenience."

"Of course not." Jack said, before Gallagher could reply. "But I must warn you, we get few visitors to the manor."

"Expect for maybe family members." Gallagher added.

"The country side must be rather nice around here." Davina said, hoping to change the subject. She watched Gallagher pour himself a cup of coffee.

"It can be. But as of late, the weather has been rather nasty, so I'm afraid it'll be some time before you can see more then what is just outside the windows. "

"I'll look forward to that." Davina said, taking a sip of tea. Jack looked at her, taking her appearance in, then nodded.

The door opened and Hardens came in and over to . He whispered something to him, and Jack nodded. "If you'll excuse me. Gallagher, would you come with me." Gallagher stood and followed his brother out of the room.

"They were interesting." Ann said.

"They live here, right?" Orea asked.

"Yes, so I suppose we'll be seeing more of them." Davina said, going over to the window with her tea. The view was of Hill House.

"Jacquellyn." Davina spoke again, taking a sip of tea.

"Yes Davina." Jacquie replied, at having her full name spoke.

"What is the date?"

Jacquie looked at her watch. "October 9th, why?"

"That's what I thought. Thank you." Jacquie looked at Davina, standing before the window as the sky outside lighted and the frost glistened.

"What are you thinking?"

"I've just been putting things together." Davina said, turning to face the girls.

"It's 22 days to Samhain." Ann looked at her rather surprised.

"What is Samhain?" Orea asked, confused.

"All Hallows Eve." Jacquie said, taking another drink, but looking directly at Davina.

"In the month of October, the doors to rifts open and close continuously. But the veil between the two worlds, opens completely the week of Samhain." Ann explained to her

"What two worlds?"

"Our world and the other side of life." Davina very quietly

"What are you drawing on?" Orea asked.

"I'm just thinking. Things are just, well, what Henry told me about that mansion."

"It looks so dark, even in the sunlight." Orea said.

"Why do I get the feeling that you're going to want to get to the bottom of this?" Jacquie asked.

Davina sighed. "Probably because you're right."

The door opened again. "Miss Blackwell, Lord Jack is afraid that he and Master Gallagher have become rather busy and must a leave of absence. When you are done with breakfast, I will show you to your rooms." Mrs. O'Riley said.

"Thank you." Davina said, putting her cup and saucer down. Mrs O'Riley nodded and shut the door as she left.

"Wonder what they've become so busy with?" Ann asked, making herself a plate.

Davina shrugged, "Who knows."

Despite the rising sun, Hill House cast a eerie dark shadow. Jack pushed a lock of dark brown hair out of his eyes as he fitted the key into the lock. From inside, they heard laughter.

"How the hell did she get out?" Gallagher asked, looking up at the windows.

"Whos t' know." Jack answered, pushing the door open and entering quickly. Gallagher followed.

"We can't sell Rosewood." Gallagher said to Jack.

"I have no intetion of doin' so."

"Then why are you letting them stay? Jack, this is dangerous to them, and you know it! They could be killed and then what! And when do you plan to tell them? Telling HER!"

"As soon as Justin and Nicolas have departed. And I know it's dangerous, but ye don't seem t' be in that big o' a hurry to see Jacquellyn go." Jack said, shutting and locking the door after Gallagher. He ran his hand over the seam and Gallagher felt the electric prickle of magic being used. Jack was sealing the door magically as well.

Gallagher gave him a look, noting the return of Jack's cockney accent, but replied to his comment about Justin and Nicolas. "Yes, that slipped my mind. They should arive tonight, am I right?"

Jack nodded, lighting a candle.

The laughter came, from the upper floors. "Then we'd better hurry." Gallagher said.