Author's Note: Where this may seem it's moving a bit fast, it'll ALL make sense very a very creepy sort of way...

To answer Flute Damioh's question: Yes, Jack's voice is still the same. ;)

As the dusk set in, Davina departed from her room, in a long black shirt and white top. Her red hair was lose and down to her waist, pinned back from her face. She was met in the hall, by Jacquie who had on a pair of pinstrip trousers and a halter top. Jacquie's strawberry b blond hair was pulled into a pony tail.

"Looking good." Jaquie said to Davina, with a cocky grin.

Davina grinned, "Same."

"Should we just go on down?" Jaquie asked, looking around the hall, for a sight of the other two girls

"Why not." Davina said, shrugging.

Jacquie and Davina headed for the grandstair case and paused at the top. Jack and Gallagher were at the bottom. Jack had on a pair of black pants, and a white shirt with full sleeves, like a pirate shirt, Davina thought. It was the fact that his hair, sable, and a little past the shoulders was lose hanging.

As he looked up the stair case, his eyes seemed more striking, as if they were outlined, and for a moment, Davina found herself far away. She could almost hear the ocean.

"Davina..." She heard a voice calling her name, and for a moment, she swore it was his voice.

Then she felt her friend's hand on her shoulder. "Davina." Jacquie said again.

Davina snapped out of it and looked at the other girl.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, just thinking." Davina muttered.

Jack and Gallagher were still at the bottom of the stairs. Davina took a breath and started down, Jacquie following her.

"Good evening, Ladies." Gallagher said with a smile.

"Good evening." Jacquie answered.

Davina was looking anywhere but at Jack, but she could feel his eyes on her. Finally she forced herself to look at him and her gaze met his. She found a slight line of kohl around his eyes and couldn't help but find it attractive.

"It's not very often we're able to escort two lovely ladies to dinner." Gallagher said, glancing at Jack and Davina.

"Shall we?" Gallgaher offered Jacquie his arm.

Jacquie blushed, but took it. "Thank you."

They started down the hall. Davina turned her eyes away, forcefully, to watch them, only to look back and find Jack offering his arm. It was slow, but with out hesitation, that she took his arm. They followed Jacquie and Gallagher down the hall.

They found Nicolas, Justin, Ann and Orea already seated at the table. Gallagher pulled out a chair for Jacquie, before taking his place at the end of the table near her. Jack had done the same for Davina, and took the other end of the table, that was right next to Davina's place.

"So?" Justin spoke up. "Where are you girls from?"

"Well, Jacquellyn and I are both from London." Davina said softly.

"I'm from New York." Orea answered.

"And I'm from Jamaica." Ann answered with a grin to Davina and Jaquie, who shared one back..

"Wow, must be nice, Jamaica." Justin said with a grin. "Our family used to have plantations there." He added. "As a matter of fact, Jack and Gallagher's great great grandfather had a plantation, not far from Kingston."

"Nice." Ann grinned. Davina glanced at Jack, but his eyes were on his wine glass. A servant came around to fill the glasses.

"Your usual, sir?" He asked Jack.


The servant put the wine bottle down and moved to the liquor cabinet, filling a brandy sniffer of rum. The servant brought the sniffer back over and put it in the place of the wine glass.

Davina glanced at Jack, this little action seemed to trigger something in her memory. He grinned slightly at her, almost secertively, winking at her as he raised the glass to his lips.

Dinner was full of questions and sometime after midnight. Davina yawned as Justin, Orea, Nicolas and Ann talked. For some reason, at the other end of the table, Jacquie and Gallagher talked very softly, he was leaning towards her over the table.

Davina looked up as Jack finished his second glass of rum. He was looking at her. He leaned over the table, close to her and whispered. "Would you like to see some of the house now, while they're...distracted?"

Davina bit her lip. Jack dug his fingers into the table cloth, wanting nothing more then to touch her face. It had been three hundred years since he'd touched his wife's face. "Sure." She answered softly after a moment.

They got up quietly, the only person who noticed them, was Gallagher and he suppressed a grin. They left the dinning room and headed back towards the main hall. "Where would you like to go?" He asked, hands linked behind his back.

She frowned. She was going out on a limb if she asked the gallery room. But she did. "The gallery room...?"

Jack grinned a cocky grin and nodded, starting down the hall Davina had been down earlier that day. He took a brace key out of his pocket as they the reached the door.

"I'm sorry about how Mrs. O'Riley reacted to you being in here earlier." Jack said, unlocking the door.

"You know about that...?" Davina asked sheepishly.

"Yes, she informed this afternoon after you'd gone upstairs." Davina frowned. "She rather found of some of the paintings in here." Jack said, grinning again as he pushed the door open, and turning on the lights.

Davina looked around, trying not to look at the painting right away, and taking in the others, a lot of other portraits. Jack watched her closely, knowing eventually, she'd reach the portrait of he and Gallagher. But he figured it was the best way to explain it to her. Gallagher could explain it to Jacquelyn in his own way. This was the only way he could think to explain it to Davina. He watched her make her way towards it, inspecting each of the pictures.

Finally she stopped before the painting, staring at it. "Realitives...?" She asked softly, with out looking at him.

Jack grinned slightly, moving to stand very close behind her. "Something like that." He answered, looking up at the painting himself. He nearly severly beat Gallagher for getting him into the outfit. He wouldn't have worn it for anyone but Davina.

"Go out on a limb for me, Davina." He said softly, leaning forward.

Davina stiffened, far off, she heard the ocean again. She shivered, despite herself, there was a prickly feeling in the air.

"Do you trust me?" Jack asked, his voice still soft, his fingers pulling the hair back from her ear on one side. Davina began to tremble. Despite all the warnings her brain was sending, she found that she did, whole heartedly. She nodded mutely. "Close your eyes." Jack whispered, kissing her ear. She felt his arms wrapping around her waist. But she kept her eyes close.

The sound of the ocean grew louder, as if it were hitting something wooden, and she felt a warm breeze, ruffling her hair. She smelled sea salt and felt a slight spray of water on her arms. She opened her eyes unable to keep them closed any longer and found herself on the deck a ship, in the middle of the Caribbean ocean at night, a full moon casting a white light over everything.

Everything felt so familiar. "Where are we?" She asked softly, when she was sure she could speak.

"In a memory." Jack answered, gazing out at the ocean almost mournfully.

Davina blinked. "Who's memory?" She turned herself, to look up at him. The image that met her was one she'd seen only in her dreams, on stormy nights, when she tossed and turned in her bed.. One dream always lulled her to sleep. She would be laying in a soft bed, and this man, dressed the very same way he was now, down to the last trinket in his hair would be sitting next to her, leaning close, a deep love in his kohl lined eyes, comforting her.

"Our memory." He said softly, turning to her, reaching up to touch her face.

She swallowed, feeling his warm fingers. "I know you..." She whispered drily.


"I know this ship..."

Jack watched her closely. "Do ye know this?" He leaned foward, catching her lips with his, kissing her deeply.

Her eyes fluttered closed, and she didn't struggle against him, instead, she found herself kissing him back. At the same time, he took something from his pocket and slipped the silver ring on her finger.

When he pulled back from the kiss, she looked down at the ring, blinking. "Dav.." He said his nickname for her softly. For Davina, hearing that from his lips, made it click.

"This is the Black Pearl." She said softly, looking around. "You're her captain." She looked at Jack. "You're Captain Jack Sparrow."

Jack couldn't hid the cocky grin, but inside he couldn't deny the flutter he was feeling, that she remember.

Her voice softened. "And I'm Davina Sparrow...You're my husband...but...I..."

"Ye died, in childbirth, the baby died as well." He said softly, looking very saddened suddenly. She looked down at the ring again, taking it all in. She knew in her heart it was all true. But it didn't make sense.

"But...but how could you still be alive."

He smiled grimly. "Gallagher and I." He corrected slightly. "We had a bit...'a misfortune after you and Jacquelyn died."

"Jacquelyn..." Her voice trembled at the thought her sister had passed away.

Jack nodded. "In an attack, by an enemy, neither Gallagher or I could get t' her in time. It was...three years after..." He didn't want to say the word.

"What kind of misfortune?" Davina asked, changing the subject, very glad he hadn't moved his arms from around her.

"We were cursed. Immortal, with a price. We have...a charge, ya might say. A young woman..." He glanced upward a moment, searching for the right words. "She's a bit o' an EVIL unsteady young woman. She's locked in Hill's the only way t' keep her from causing too much trouble."

Davina put it together. "The missing the piece of the painting." Jack nodded. "But...Justin and Nicolas...?"

"Two other young men who were foolish enough t' make the same mistake and got the same curse...and price. We've...about two hundred years ago, we started the family front...t' cease all the questions. It was about that time I bought Hill House and put Janette in it, and had Rose Manor built." Jack said with a sigh, looking out at the ocean.

Davina looked at his face. She reached up, touching his face. "Jack..." He looked back at her, all but melting with a sigh. It had been so long since he'd heard her say his name in that soothing tone.

"I never stopped loving you, Davina, never."

She smiled slightly. "I believe it." He brushed the hair back from her face. "What happend to the Pearl?" Davina asked, out of curiosity.

"I gave her t' Gibbs. I knew he'd take care of her."


"Two months and the baby...died... The Pearl didn't mean anything t' me any more, with out ye. I continued to sail through, under Gallagher's command, as his first mate."

"Oh Jack.." She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him.

He just held her, as the memory melted around them, bringing them back to the gallery. Davina opened her eyes to the room, but she could still smell the scent on him, that was so familiar.

"Jack.." She looked up at him. "How did you..."

He grinned. "Magic."

She looked at him. "All right, I'll give you the faith on that."

He grinned a bit more. "Thank ye." He looked into her eyes for a long time. "I've missed ya so much, Dav." He said softly.

She smiled lovingly. For her, being back with him made her past in this life time, forgettable, just as he had done for her in the Caribbean.She knew she still loved him, as she had then. This was that peice of her, that she'd felt had been missing all her life. "Do I need to tell you I love you?" She asked softly.

He nodded. "I need t' hear it from yer lips." His voice was a whisper. She ran her fingers through his hair, trying to decide if she liked the lack of trinkets or not. "I love you, Jack Sparrow, I love you."

He couldn't stop himself. He dropped to his knees infront of her, his arms still around her waist and buried his face in her belly. "I wasn't alive with out you." She heard him mutter. "You're every thing t' me. I love you Davina, more then anything."

"You have me back...I'm not going anywhere." She said softly.

He looked up at her. "Promise?"

"Promise...On the code." She grinned slightly. He didn't hide his cocky grin as he stood, but pulled her to him, kissing her hard and passionate. When he broke the kiss, she looked at her hand. She knew the ring wouldn't be there, and almost longed for it.

"Jack, the baby...what was it?"

"A boy." Jack answered softly. "Listen to's not a wise idea t' say a word of this to any one, just yet. Gallagher will have known I've..told you..but let him bring it up." Davina nodded.

"Jack." Gallgher's voice came from the doorway, just on the other side of the cracked door, as if he were giving them a moment. Jack reluctantly let go of Davina.

"We've got problems Jack." He came in, shutting the door. He nodded to Davina. "Davina."

Davina looked at Gallagher, trying to decide if she liked his look now. "Just as pretty as ever." Gallagher said with a grin. Jack rolled his eyes with a sigh. Gallagher lightly hit him in the arm. "What, did you really think I wouldn't know you'd tell her, once you got her alone?"

"Three hundred years and you're still tormenting eachother?" Davina asked, cocking her head to the side to look at them both.

Both Jack and Gallagher grinned at her. "We've made an art out of it." Gallagher answered, but turned to Jack. "But seriously, we've got problems."

"What kind of problems?" Jack asked.

"Janette problems."

"She can not be out again. I doubled locked that door, we SEALED IT!"

Gallagher held up a hand. "It's the residents of the village, she's...sending things down there again."

Jack sighed. "Sending things...?" Davina asked softly.

"Her little play mates, demons, ghouls, that kind of thing." Gallagher said softly, looking out a window near by.

Jack was clenching his fist. "There's only a few of the villager's left." He muttered.

"They're our responsibility, Jack." Gallagher said strongly. "YOU know that. You're the one who's always reminding me."

Jack gestered him off. "Have two horses saddled..." He paused. "Four, I'm not leaving Nicolas in this house with the girls."

"Jack..." Davina spoke softly. He looked at her. "I want to go with you."

"Dav...this isn't something..."

"Jack..after everything we've been through...I know quite a lot of...all the supernatural forces I've been up against in your company..."

Gallagher grinned. "She's right Jack..."

Jack sighed. He didn't want her to get hurt. "You wont stay here, will you?" He asked softly. She shook her head. "I just got you back, Davina, I don't want to lose you."

"You wont." She said seriously.

"Then stay at my side. Go change." Jack said with a sigh.

Davina nodded and left the room. Gallagher and Jack watched her go. "I'm happy for you." Gallagher said softly.

"Why?" Jack looked at him.

"You got her back. Besides, after the first hundred years, you were becoming a major bore, all the seriousness and brooding."

Jack flipped him off and started for the door, when he paused. "What about Jacquelyn?"

Gallagher grinned slightly. "Oh, she's coming around. I've decided to take it slow. I don't think she's quite as stable as she used to be, ya know..."