Hello everyone! I am your author, WebMistressGina and I hereby present you with my first foray into the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic realm. I got the idea for this fic after finishing both games and feeling unfulfilled at the end of The Sith Lords. So, here you go!

Some things for you to know at the start of this. I was a light side female with a budding romance with Carth Onasi in KOTR and a dark side male with a romantic interest in Brianna the Handmaiden in TSL. The information that is provided or flashbacked is what I gathered during my game play. I have also included some game play from what I learned from others who played the LS in TSL or who got more info form the characters in the first game.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. I am in no way getting financial gain from the publication of this story. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and The Sith Lords is copyright to Bio-ware and Obsidian. Star Wars and all related characters are copyright to Lucas Arts.

Flashbacks and narrative are done in italics

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

It has been five years since the destruction of the Star Forge by the former Dark Lord Revan. Thanks to her and the crew of the Ebon Hawk, the galaxy lived in peace for a time. But in that time, the prodigal Jedi Knight disappeared, rumored to have left for the Outer Rim and the planet of Malachor V. Her whereabouts are still unknown.

A year has passed since a mysterious ailment befell the Order of the Jedi. A bounty has been in effect to find those "Lost Jedi" by the crime syndicate, The Exchange. In that time, a lone Jedi had been said to have wiped out the majority of the syndicate, but his presence was most sought. It is said that this lone Jedi, along with another crew of the famous Ebon Hawk settled the war on Onderon, helped balance the economy on Telos, and brought peace to Dantooine before heading towards the forbidden world of Malachor. The planet has since ceased to exist, its pieces drifting into space. The fate of the crew and its Jedi are also unknown…




The world has changed since the first attack by the Sith. The planet had been sectioned into apartment complexes to suit the Citadel Station. Then after the second attack, things got a little better…well, as good as you got with Czerka Corp in charge of everything. But for Dustil Onasi, it was home and really the only one he had.

He had been born on Telos twenty-four years ago, during a time of war. Funny, he thought. It seems war follows me where ever I go. It was during the Mandalorian War that he had lost his father, in a sense. And then everything went to hell during the Jedi Civil War, when his mother was killed, Telos was destroyed, and he was taken in by the Sith. It wasn't until four years later, he had to once again confront the aftermaths of war…

Shaking his head, Dustil continued on his way towards the Cantina, re-reading the data pad to make sure it indeed said what he thought it did. He had returned here from Dantooine a year ago, his Jedi training put on hold when the disturbance in the Force took hold of his master and others in the Order. They sent him to be with his father, who was working harder than ever, trying to forget a past that couldn't have a future.

Which was why Dustil had been shocked to receive the message he did, telling him to meet her in the Cantina. He almost thought it was a cruel joke, someone who knew of his father and the estrange Jedi, but the bolded 'DO NOT TELL YOUR FATHER' had nearly caused him to go to Lt. Grenn, but if this was true, if she was truly contacting him…

Letting out a breath, he walked into the smoke and music filled Cantina, ignoring those he didn't have an interest in, until he found her. She was all the way in the back, near the stage, slipping a drink and admiring the Pazaak game on her right. Dustil wondered if anyone could hear the beating of his heart, as he stared at the raven haired woman at the table. She was how he remembered her the last time he'd seen her: hair down about her shoulders, casual dress, and a small smile on her face.

He gulped, hoping this wasn't a trap of some sort, but yet hoping this was the real thing. He walked over and sat down.

"Took you long enough." She quipped, her eyes still trained on the card game.

"Yes well…" he stuttered. Looking around, he whispered, "Where the hell have you been?"

At this, she turned, her clear blue eyes looking into his dark brown ones. "I went on a search." She said. "And now I'm back."

"Have you even told Father you're here?"

She shook her head. "I needed to see you first." At his raised eyebrow, she chuckled. "Still suspicious, Dustil?" she asked, amused. "Even after all that time we spent together. You really are your father's son."

He again looked around them. "You must admit, it is suspicious." He replied. "Not a word in six years and you suddenly show up. How do I know this isn't a trap?"

She grinned at him. "No trap." She said. Her grin suddenly turned into a frown. "But there is a problem. Surely you've felt it."

Dustil gulped again and nodded. Not too many people, other than Jedi knew of the disturbance. "What's going on, Bri?"

She shook her head. "I don't know," she whispered. "But I aim to find out, though I'm gonna need some help."

"Father said you left, to…to…"

"I left to discover who I was before…" she stopped, her hand waving to indicate the situation. "Listen Dustil, I really need help here." Her breathing became quick and her voice frantic. "I tried going to…tried to stop this…thing…but…" She shook her head again. "I can't do it." She whispered. "Not without…not without turning back to what I was."

He sighed and took her hands in his. "What must I do?" he asked.

Her smile, that infectious smile returned, and for a moment Dustil remember his mother. But then, she always had that way with him and his father.

"I need you to find everyone you can." She said. "I know you know where everyone is."

"As do you."

"Yeah," she chuckled. "But it's less suspicious if you find them. Don't forget, that ridiculous bounty's still on all our heads, even if someone took out the majority of the Exchange."

"Do you believe that?" he asked.

"That someone took out the Exchange or that the Exchange can never die?" she asked with mirth.


"If my…sources are correct, then I know who did it, and I can tell you that yes, someone took out the majority of the Exchange."

Dustil's mouth dropped.

"If all goes well…with everything…The Exchange will get theirs."

Dustil sat back in his chair, arms folded across his chest, and absorbed what he had just learned. Or…what he almost learned. Letting out a sigh, he asked, "Are you at least going to tell Father you're back?"

She smiled. "He's next."

Admiral Carth Onasi stared at the screen in front of him. If he told her once, he told her a thousand times. He hated surprises. Now, as he sat in his personal quarters, provided by Lt. Grenn on Telos, he couldn't help but smile. Of course she'd just pop up after all this time, it was what she did. If anything, he was happy, relieved. Thank the Force she was alright. All this time, with no word, he had feared the worst. Feared he'd lost the second woman he loved in such a short time.

Her message was clear, to meet her at a disclosed meeting point for some answers. He'd almost considered it a trap, until he read her by line:

Don't get jumpy, Flyboy. Think of it as a belated birthday gift.

He smiled, memories of them flooding over him. He had missed her so much, had thought her lost. He would do anything for her, to see her. This is why he hurried to their meeting place.