Hello all!

First, I would like to express how very sorry I am for not keeping this story up like I wanted. Some of you may know that while I was writing this, I began "Revenge of the Sith", which - after revewing and in hindsight - I feel is the more superior of these KOTOR fics. While I had hoped to finish this fic, along with RotS, I found myself hard pressed to do so, as - again - I feel that RotS is the better story.

However, I do know that people were enjoying this, so I will try and make an effort in finishing If you haven't been to the site in a while, I am no longer going to post nor update any story on fan fiction DOT net. I have re-vamped my website and am now only going to make posts there. For everyone who enjoys KOTOR, I will make an effort to continue to post on the KOTOR fan media site, though you'll most likely be able to read the stories on my website first.

To those that may have also been reading "Revenge of the Sith", I have finally completed that story over at the KFM and am in the process of placing the entire story on my website.

Both of these fics had planned sequels, though I'm contemplating if anyone would be interested in reading. While there is the 80-90% that enjoys writing just to write, there is the 10-20% that does it so people will read it. I will still get notifications if someone leaves a review here or sends me a message, so if you have any thoughts, you can send me a PM. I do have an RSS feed on my website, so you will now be able to know when I have updated.

Again, thanks for everyone that's read, reviewed, put me on alerts...it really does mean a lot and I'm just sorry I couldn't finish this like I planned. Like I said, I know people were interested and if you still are in seeing this concluded or even the sequel to this or RotS, please let me know and I'll begin to get things rolling.

Thanks for reading!