"I need to speak to Hermione." Draco stubbornly repeated to Potter and Weasley, who both looked at him like he was some scary disease.

"It's about our Potions-Assignment." He added.

"We. Don't. Care." Harry reacted once more.

"But I'm sure Hermione cares if she gets a good grade or not." Draco reacted cleverly, loud enough for Hermione to hear it.

"Guys," he heard a voice say behind them, "What's going on? What are you doing?"

She pushed Harry and Ron away a little so she could see through.

"Oh." She said, frowning. "It's you."

Draco frowned too. "No it's not me, it's about the potion-assignment."

"I told you," Hermione said impatiently, "you have to test them yourself."

"I can't." Draco lied.

"What do you mean you can't?" Harry said sharply.

As long as he would live Draco wouldn't admit that Harry and Ron, who had fury raging in their narrowed eyes and stood their like statues, were rather scary.

They looked like assasins to Draco.

"I can't because nobody wants to try them with me." Draco lied again.

Inside he grinned, right, like any women could resist him.

"Please, Bookworm, let put our difficulties aside tonight and test the last potions, so we can get this over with. I can't good grades as much as you do." Hermione noticed the slight tone of begging in his voice.

"I'm not happy if you go, Mione." Ron muttered.

"Neither will I, but I'm going anyway." She sighed, after a long time thinking.

She looked at Draco without emotion.

"I'm coming, but after we're done, I'm going straight back to the Griffyndors. Don't get any ideas."

She kissed Ron and Harry on the cheek, what made Draco's face turn red and his eyes narrowed. "See you later."

"I'm still going to sit in my room again." She stated before entering the Common Room after Draco.

Draco didn't answer, picked up his kelk and gave her the other one.

She drank it and he eagerly watched her face. When she put her kelk down, she almost immediately marched to her room, picking up a quill and parchment along the way.

"Granger, stop doing that."

"What, Malfoy?" She asked sneering.

"That storming-off-to-your-room-thing." He answered.

When she looked into his eyes, his godforbidden silvery eyes, she sighed and closed her bedroomdoor.

"Hermione, don't make me blow up your door again." She heard him say through the wood.

She moved away from the door and sat down on the floor, her back against the mirror.

When the door opened, she realized she was stupid enough not to lock it. Shit.

When he entered, almost cautious, she looked away, her brown curls falling over her face. She really didn't want to look at him. No, she thought, I don't want him to look at me.

"Hermione." He said.

She looked up and saw that he had gone down on his knees and crawled towards her. His platinumblonde hair was messy again, probably because he ran through it too much, she wondered. He looked at her in a way she couldn't describe. She saw a hinch of nervosity in his eyes.

"What, Malfoy? What do you want now?" She said, her voice shaking.

He put his hands on her knees and moved closer.

"You." He simply stated.

"Well forget it, the potion isn't working yet!" She sneered, before crawling up quickly.

He grabbed her hand while she did it and when she looked at him, she broke.

She fell down on her knees again and started crying unrestrainedly.

"I hate you, Malfoy, I hate you." She sobbed. Draco looked in horror at the again-crying Bookworm. Merlin, why did God make crying women so scary! Then he took a deep breath, no time to be a sissy now.

And Hermione felt him taking her into his arms and before she knew it, she was holding on to him as tightly as she could.

"I hate you, I hate you." She mumbled, her voice getting softer and softer.

"Stop crying, Bookwurm." He said almost tender.

Then she felt his hands crawling under her shart, tickling her back, causing shivvers.

Must be the potion, she thought, before she wiped her tears and started tugging his hair softly.

Ah, she's responding, Draco thought with a certain satisfaction.

"You hurt me, Draco." She whispered then, moving her head so he could look her in the eyes. Then he answered something, Hermione never thought possible.

"You hurt me too."

And with that he pushed his lips upon hers. Softly he kissed her, he did it slow and gently. Hermione lost herself in his embrace and started kissing back as if she died when she didn't.

Then he pulled her up and took her hand. "Come." He simply said. He guided her like a child, into the Common Room, into his bedroom. Hermione looked at him with wide open eyes.

"I cleaned the sheets." He smirked at her, before he gently grabbed her other hand and started guiding her to his bed, slowly undoing the buttons of her blouse and taking it off.

He had satin silver-and-green sheets and when Hermione laid down she could feel the soft cold fabric against her skin.

Her hands shook a little when she started pulling his shirt over his head. "I..I.."

She was shut up by Draco's mouth, who came crashing upon her. He started to kiss her feverishly and Hermione couldn't do else than kiss him back, while letting her nails graze over his back.

He started kissing her neck, leaving little marks and bites on her, lowering himself to her breasts and her belly. She caressed his hair while he kissed her upperbody gentle, with patience. "Oh Draco." She sighed. Draco smirked against her belly button when he heard her say his name.

He moved her under the sheets and Hermione pinned him down on the bed and started kissing his neck and upperbody, making him moan when she found his nipples with her lips.

Hermione lost track of time, she really didn't knew how long she and Draco had lied there, slowly undressing eachother, kissing and caressing every inch of eachother and after what seemed like an eternity and a second in one, he started making love to her.

"You know what this is, Hermione?" He said, breathing heavily.

Hermione moaned and shook her head carefully, while he kept on thrusting.

"This is called make-up-sex." He breathed in her ear, before nibbling on her earlobe. "They say it is the best sex there is, Hermione." He said, breathing in her neck. "Are they right?"

"Yes, they are." She breathed against his shoulder, before biting it. She had her arms around his neck, her fingernails made marks on his shoulders.

"Good." Draco said with a strange expression on his face, breathing heavily while still making love to her. "Then I can tell you that I'm sorry for what I said and what I did."

He looked her in the eyes. She had blushes on her cheeks and little sweatdrops on her forehead and he kissed them away.

Hermione was amazed by what he said. He looked her in the eyes with so much care and sincerity that she couldn't do anything but believe him. And she truly loved him for it. Well maybe not loved, but a definite liked, she thought, smiling inside.

"I'm sorry too." She then sighed, grabbing his head between her hands and softly kissing him.

And with that..she came. And so did he.

When she slept there in his arms, in his warm bed, Draco couldn't get the cocky smir of his face. She even wore his shirt again. She sighed in her sleep, curling up against him and Draco pulled her even a little closer. He smirked. He couldn't care if whole Hogwarts fell down now, he felt good with the Griffyndor Bookworm in his arms.

The next morning Hermione woke up, feeling greatly satisfied and happy.

She stretched and looked at the sleeping Ferret next to her, grinning at his lovely sleeping face.

That night had been passionate love making and it was the best she had ever experienced.

Suddenly he yawned and opened his eyes, before his gorgeous lips went in that same smirk, she both liked so much and hated so much.

"Stop smirking at me, Blondie." She said, a smile appearing on her face.

"I can't." He smirked at her, before lazily planting a kiss on her lips.

"Come on, we don't wanna be late for breakfast." She said, before hopping out of bed.

"I gotta tell you, Blondie, that Potion you used was quite a good one. You quite excelled yourself last night." She joked.

Draco grinned before moving towards her, turning her around so she faced him.

"We didn't use a potion, Granger." He said, with a broad grin. "We did not use a potion at all."

Hermione looked at him in horror and disbelief.

"I gave you a mix of Butterbeer and Pumpkinjuice last night. Blaise tested the two real potions for me last night. " Draco smirked at her, visible very happy with himself. "So we shagged eachother out of free will and like you said, even on our own strength, it was the best."

Draco thought she was having a stroke. First she turned pale as a ghost and then she got so red, he thought she had to be related to the Weasleys.

"You did what?" She hissed through her teeth.

Draco frowned. He had except she would be in his arms already, but somehow this didn't go the way it should go, according to his plan.

"You did WHAT?" She then exploded. "I'm going to strangle you, Draco Malfoy, even if it's the last thing I do." She moved dangerously close to him and Draco widely opened his eyes when he realized she was staring the ready-to-kill-glare at him.

"No, wait..you don't.." He started, but with an "AAAARG" Hermione came running towards him.

As quickly as he could he ran to the exitdoor and started running the Halls with a greatly disturbed Hermione Granger behind him.

While he was running, he ran into Blaise, who came back from breakfast. "Hey man, how did it go?" Blaise said cheerfully. "I have to say the potions are wonderful, here are the test results, and..hey! where are you going so quickly?" Draco had grabbed the papers out of Blaise hand and continued running, looking after him like he was chased by the devil himself.

Blaise looked at Draco and suddenly a outraged Hermione Granger, who had seemed to got some features of the devil for now, came running after Draco, wearing only his shirt and on bare feet. She was very quick, though, Blaise thought.

He smirked and followed the running Hermione. This was going to be fun.

"I'm going to kill you!" Draco heard her scream through the hall he ran too. He took a turn left and a turn right and then found himself in the Great Hall, where everyone was heaving breakfast. "I'm going to kill you!" He heard her again, so he started to run again.

Harry, Ron and Ginny were sitting at the Griffyndortable, eating their breakfast quietly, since they all were grumpy in the morning.

Suddenly they saw a really scary Malfoy running into the Great Hall, looking behind him as if it was deadly tostopand started to run again.

A second later they found out why.

Hermione, barefeet, and well, pretty bare for the rest except a shirt that had to be Draco's, came running in behind him, chasing him through the Great Hall with all the speed she possessed. While screaming: "You bloody Ferret!" and "You're a dead man!" and "I'm going to kick your ass!" she ran after him.

Draco criss-crossed between tables and she even chased him around the Teacher's Table before they ran between the Student's Tables again. McGoganall stood up and tried to tame the visible outraged Hermione and the terrified Draco. Snape screamed at Hermione, but even a teacher couldn't stop her now.

She was going to kill Draco Malfoy, and there was nothing they could do about it.

All the students who were at that time in the Great Hall, were stunned in amazement.

Ginny, Ron and Harry followed the spectacle with eyes ready to pop out of their heads.

"What on earth is happening?" They heard Neville asking with disbelief.

"I think someone is getting what he deserves." Ginny said, her mouth wide open.

Draco kept on running and running. Thank god for quidditch, he thought, else I wouldn't be in such a good conditio.."OOMPFF!"

Hermione had tackled him from behind and Draco slammed against the cold grain floor. The parchments Blaise had given him flew around everywhere, landing mostly in front of him.

"You bloody bastard!" She climbed on top of him and started to kick and hit him everywhere he could.

"Ouch! Stop..Ouch! AARGH, Bloody hell, women, cut it out!"

He had turned around and grabbed her wrists. "I like you, Bookworm, that's why I did it! Not to prank you, for crying out loud! You're so bloody suspicious that you would even consider a toothbrush a killing-weapon!" He screamed at her.

He heard a gasp going through the Great Hall, and rolled his eyes. "For god's sake people, mind your own business!" He yelled.

Everyone stared at them and Draco saw Harry, Ron and Ginny were about to faint. So was Pansy. Blaise stood in the doorway, laughing like there was no tomorrow.

Hermione stopped attacking him. "Really?" She asked, raising an eyebrow, "You weren't trying to prank me?"

Draco rolled his eyes. "No."

Hermione first smiled, than started smirking.

"Hey!" Draco said indignant, "That's my smirk!"

"Oh come on," Hermione pouted, getting off him and pulling him up, "Don't be such a baby and share, Blondie."

Draco raised his eyebrows. "You're wearing my shirt in front of the Great Hall, Granger." He stated.

"I know that." She replied dryly.

"Now everyone knows I've shagged you." He answered.

She grinned. "Right, and your little love declaration hadn't clued everyone in."

Draco grabbed her waist and pulled her close. "You haven't told me what you think of me yet, Bookwurm."

Hermione looked at him with her eyes flickering.

Then she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"I have to be hallucinating!" Seamus Finnigan said, stunned.

Harry saw Patty Park screaming in horror, her frog-like eyes popping out of her head.

When he looked at Blaise, the satisfaction dripping of his face, he immediately knew Blaise had something to do with it.

Then he looked back at Hermione and Draco, in a passionate embrace. Hermione naked in his shirt and Draco still smirking while he was kissing her. And that all took place, in the Great Hall, in front of all the teachers and all the students.

Ginny whispered: "Nobody could have been more shocked if Voldemort and his Death Eathers came in here and started performing 'The Sound of Music'."

With that she broke the tension and Harry and Ron bursted out laughing.

"Well, I'm happing for her." Ginny stated after wiping her tears of laughter, looking at her very busy (half-naked) friend.

"Yeah me too." Ron grinned. "When they break up I finally get to kick his ass."

When Hermione took her lips of Draco's, she smirked just like him.

"At least I never have to meet the parents." She chuckled.

"And you gotta admit," Draco said his lips moving closer to hers again, "Bookwurm and Blondie has a certain ring to it."

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