Chapter 2

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Only two people were gifted by powerful magic. Two people only exited with magic. One knew about the magic he possesses, the other does not; but as soon as she found out, it was all gone. The two of them became just like everyone else. Normal non-magical people. They had lost their gift because they disobeyed—they fell in love. The more you hate, the more you love. The more you love, the more you get hurt. The more you get hurt, the more you hate. It is a simple circle of life.

Syaoran's Point of View

As quick as flash, I saw Takashi ran where Sakura was lying and carefully picked her up. He carried her in his arms and made a run for it.

I did not know why but I was furious. Out of all the people, why does Takashi have to take Sakura? Why not Coach Terada? And why not just simply wake her up from where she was? She just fainted.

I watched as Takashi ran to the clinic. I shut everything else and focused on Sakura's limp body. She looked so drained. Then there it was. Her bright pink aura a while ago that I had seen in math was not there anymore. Instead, a weak pale pink aura was around her.

How did she become so weak? She had not used her powers while playing, did she? I do not think so! I could have felt it if she did. And I bet she had been playing since forever. She could not just be tired after a normal soccer game.

"He still likes her alright," a guy said behind me.

"Sorry?" I asked him. Whoa. Back up buddy. Takashi likes Sakura. I had not felt any chemistry between them, my bad.

"They used to go out," the guy replied. "Then they broke up six months ago. No one knows what happened. They just broke up. There were gossips around saying that Takashi cheated on Sakura but it's not true."

"Oh," was all I could mutter. With the unfortunate turn of events, Coach Terada dismissed all of us. He told me that soccer practice would be T-W-Th right after school.

I picked up my gym bag and went to the locker room where I had changed a while ago. Few guys followed my lead. Others went to the clinic as I heard. The guy that was talking to me, named Masashi, was one of the people who went there with Takashi's and Sakura's bags.

Just a while ago, I was waiting for Sakura outside this locker room. And now, she is up there probably sleeping. Just a while ago, she was cheerful and excited to torture me for soccer "try-outs" and now, she is lying helpless on a bed. Just a while ago, she was so energetic playing defense and now, she is weak.

Wait. She did not at all play energetically. She had hesitated going near me from time to time. Oh yeah, that's right. Whenever we touch, she slows down. Oh, my gosh. Impossible!

I had taken her strength during those moments that we went contact with each other!

That means she is not aware of her aura that I had felt a while ago. Realizing this, I showered and changed quickly then went home as fast as I could.

I need to talk to my mom. As soon as possible.


"Yes, that's her," my mother said after I told her about Sakura. "She's like you, son. She's special, too."

"How can you be so sure that Kinomoto is the one?" I asked. It could not be Sakura. She is a weakling. She could not be at the same level as me.

My mother stood up and walked towards the window. She does this whenever she wants to avoid my gaze. "Well, I know that the one who is gifted like you goes by the name Sakura Kinomoto. Why else would I bring you here in Japan and ask that school to have your schedule same as Kinomoto?"

"Mother! It cannot be her! She allowed me to invade her mind. She does not have a clue that I did so! She is a naïve brat!"

With that, my mother faced me. "So you mean to say that she does not know that she has magical powers?"

"She does not have any powers, in the first place!" I shouted.

"She does!" my mom shouted back. "You, out of all the people, will act like a child just because of this! So disappointing…"

'I've been a disappointment to you, anyhow,' I said to myself, thanking the gods for not giving my mother the power to read minds. "But really mom, I don't think it's her."

"Syaoran, if following her is the best way to prove to you it's her, do so!" my mom said in a challenging voice. "And about you absorbing her powers, it can happen."

I left without another word.

It is just not possible. Why her? Why? Why!

It was the same the next day. I'm with Sakura in all of my classes. And yes, I have finally notice that Takashi likes her.

After the incident yesterday, he had been following Sakura around and asking her if she was alright. She still looked pale but she still is smiling. I tried my best not to be near her since I know now that I'm the reason of her weakness.

Sakura's Point of View

I fainted yesterday and Takashi is making it a big deal. Well I can't blame him. I just fainted—with no reason at all. The nurse said I was just too tired but I had practiced much longer than yesterday in my life!

Why would I be tired?

I'm quite thankful that Takashi is showing his concern. And I am quite thankful as well that the new guy—Syaoran Li is not glaring at me anymore. He actually is trying his best to be away from me.

Soccer practice later and I will not be there. The nurse strictly said that I can't play today. Urgh. Annoying. But hey, watching won't hurt me at all so I went after school at the soccer field.

Damn, Syaoran is hot. I mean, the way he plays soccer is hot. From where I was sitting, I could see all his incredible moves! Where did he learn to play like that?

Just as when the end of soccer practice was near, something happened.

My head began to throb and I felt like it would burst any minute now. What is going on? I could not see anything. I'm in a middle of nowhere now—could not see anything.

Then I heard a voice. Shit. Syaoran's voice. "I love you."

What the fuck? I fainted once again.

Syaoran's Point of View

She fainted once again. Why now? I was about to die with curiosity so I erased everything but her.

Takashi was once again carrying her to the clinic. Her limp body was on his arms and Takashi was definitely worried sick.

I could read her thoughts now. And all I could hear was my own voice running through her head. "I love you." "I love you." "I love you." "I love you."

I stopped my invasion of her mind as soon as I realized once again that I am the reason why Sakura fainted.

What did I do now? And why the hell am I saying I love you to Sakura?

When I got back home, I didn't dare to mention anything that had happened in school to my mother. I went up straight up to my room and only went down for dinner then went up again - saying no word to my mother at all.

I tired putting the pieces together all by myself and I know I can do it.

Why did my mother insist me of meeting the other one who has magical powers? Clearly, she doesn't want me to destroy her, right? Because if I try to destroy Sakura, Sakura will do the same thing to me, of course – to defend herself.

Then why?

I had stayed away from Sakura because of the belief that that will prevent me from making her weak but it had not worked. I just made her weaker by doing so!

With that in mind, I almost cursed myself for being so stupid. What if I try to be closer to Sakura? Maybe that will make her stronger.

I started pacing around the room, thinking of a way on how to make Sakura Kinomoto a friend of mine.

Wait a minute. Why am I even doing this? I, again, cursed myself. I prepared to go to bed, deciding that being closer to Sakura does not guarantee anything what if it'll only make her even weaker?

But it's worth a try, isn't it?

And I'm only doing this because of the guilt that is becoming a burden in my chest.

Sakura's Point of View

I swear I will kill Touya afterwards. How dare he switch off my alarm clock so that I will not wake up and go to school today? Why don't they believe me that I'm okay? Fainting in two consecutive days does not mean anything!

I'm simply tired - well, that's the way the doctor put it. I just needed rest which I had already.

I don't care about what's going to happen to me when I get to school – most of all, because I'm terribly late already. I still ran to math class as if my life depends on it but when I was on my way there, I bumped into someone.

"Li?" was the only thing I could say to the person in front of me. My stuff had scattered on the floor and currently, I am keeping myself busy by picking all of them.

"Sorry," he muttered and helped me pick some of my stuff. When that was done and when he both had our composure back. "Aren't you supposed to be home resting?"

"Don't act like you care," was my automatic reply to his question. Who is he to say that? "Anyway, I'm running late and so are you, so let's go."

Syaoran didn't reply to that. Maybe he realized that I do have a point. We definitely are running late.

"Tardy means detention!" the math teacher snapped at both of us as soon as we opened the door and let ourselves inside the room. Everyone was looking up at us. "Out of all the people, Kinomoto, you know better than this. Li, on the other hand, I assume that that was clear when you first got here in this school. Being new is not an excuse from detention."

"Yes, sensei," we replied lazily at the same time.

"Hush, go to your seats," the math teacher said annoyingly. "I'll see you both here later after school."

I was rolling my eyes as I walk to my seat.

When I passed by where Takashi was sitting, he grabbed my wrist. "What is it?" I asked him.

"Aren't you supposed to be home resting?" he hissed at me. I glanced back at Syaoran. Damn it. That was exactly what Syaoran had said. He must have heard as he was just behind me and because he had just snorted due to the most coincident things.

"I'm fine," I assured Takashi then settled myself on my seat.

Hearing the ever so boring trigonometry made me think that maybe going to school today is a bad idea. Why did I go to school again? Oh yeah, English presentation – didn't want to miss that. And oh, cheerleading practice after school. I would be missing soccer practice for that.

Wait, didn't the nurse tell me not to have school activities for the week? Crap. Oh well, I want to be there. At least just to watch.

So I still have no clue why the heck am I feeling so tired. Before I could wander off completely, math class was over. Good.

Syaoran's Point of View

Detention time. With Sakura. I overslept. No one bothered to wake me up so I was late for school. Mom had flown back to China without saying good-bye to me. What a mom. She left me a note though as if that will make me forgive her entirely.

'Try to stay away from her, son.' That was all it says. Nothing more.

Well, sorry, mom. I have decided. I will be close to Sakura if that will make her stronger and if that will make her original strength go back to her.

"My only two late comers," the math teacher greeted us as we get in the room. "I have little tasks for you until 3:45."

"3:45?" Sakura exclaimed in surprise. "Sensei, I have cheerleading practice in 3:30!"

"I've already told your coach that you will be staying in detention with me until 3:45," the math teacher said, ignoring Sakura's desperate protest. "Besides, I very well know that you are not allowed to do any school activities this week. I will not tire you today, don't worry."

"Sensei, what about my soccer practice?" It was my time to protest.

"I told your coach too," she replied expecting that I will ask about it too. "Going back: I have little tasks for you. Li, arrange the worksheets over there, please. Arrange them in order of the dates, thank you. And Sakura, arrange the other pack of worksheets over there by the window. Do the same – arrange them by dates. Thank you and I will be back to check up on you both."

"Yes, sensei," we said in unison as we watched their math teacher leave the room.

No words were needed to arrange damn papers in order by dates. Sakura settled herself by the window and I had no idea how she could manage because the window was open. Isn't it windy outside? SO why not close the window perhaps?

Oh yeah, she's stupid. I didn't bother to tell her even though this might be a great opportunity to 'be friends' with her / to make her 'stronger. To give back the strength that I had accidentally sucked in.

She was way behind me so I could not really see what she was doing. It seemed like she was not having a hard time with the wind because she was not even speaking at all but when I turned around…

Sakura was standing on the window sill and was reaching for something outside. I glanced where she was supposed to be working and I saw the papers all comfortable under her books.

"Kinomoto!" I said loudly but boy, do I have to make things worse?

My voice had startled her, making her lose her balance and fall from where she was standing. I had nothing else to do. I made everything in slow motion except for myself.

I ran to the window where Sakura had fallen, hoping that I will be in time to stop her fall. And of course I was on time. She had grabbed on the window sill where she was just standing a while ago when I got to her.

I made everything back in their normal pace but when I thought that Sakura had her grip on the window sill, I was wrong. Very wrong. The next moment – I heard Sakura scream and I trusted my reflexes on grabbing her hand and helping her up.

Well, more of pulling her up like a ragged doll. She landed on top of me, hard. There was a thud when my back landed on the floor.

Sakura's eyes were shut and she was holding on to my chest for her dear life. And I had to admit, she looked cute. When, maybe, she was back to earth, she opened her eyes slowly then lifted her body up from mine – and our position ended up like she was straddling me.

Looked so wrong!

"Congratulations, Kinomoto," I then said with a smile, looking up at her.

"For what?" she asked me with a soft voice.

"You are officially dumb," I said, earning a slap from her.

Yup, at long last, she realized what position we were in. And wait a second, this is such a close contact – she didn't faint!


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