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"You don't get me!" Bonnie shouted at her mother.

She had forgotten what they'd been arguing about. She didn't care anymore. She knew that it was about her older sisters, Connie and Lonnie. It almost always was. It just wasn't fair! Bonnie hated being the youngest. It was always "You sisters never talked to us like that" or "why can't you be more like your brother". Bonnie refusedto take it any more.

She couldn't take one more day.

Home was more her prison now.

Independence called out;

She had to get it.

"Don't you walk away from your mother, young lady," her father said in a tone that usually stopped her in her tracks, but not this time.

"Watch me," Bonnie said, slamming the door hard enough to declare to the entire neighborhood that she left.

A fight was all she needed

To give her a reason.

She slammed the door with no goodbye

And knew that it was time.

Bonnie jumped into her car and checked the glove compartment. The money was there, and there was always her savings account. She sped off. If she had looked back she would have seen her parents, her brother, and even her sisters looking in the direction she was leaving.

Now she's driving too fast;

She didn't care to glance behind,

And through her tears she laughed.

It's time to kiss the past goodbye.

Bonnie made her way to Go City, where she found an apartment and a job. She didn't know or care about what she put her parents through. Ron, still being part of the Sunshine Spreaders, went to comfort them; but there was nothing he could say or do to ease the pain.

I'm finally on my own;

Don't try to tell me, "No".

There's so much more for me,

Just watch what I will be!

Three months after Bonnie disappeared, Ron left as well. He too, didn't tell anyone where he was going, when he'd be back, or even if he'd be back. No one knew that Bonnie hade that kind of an influence on anyone, let alone Ron.

She walked away;

Couldn't say why she was leaving!

She walked away;

She left all she had believed in!

She walked away!

Bonnie was getting ready for work at the restaurant when a knock came at her door. Who'd be coming to her apartment this early? She opened it and saw that it was Ron!

Not a day goes by

For the ones she left behind.

They're always asking "Why?"

And thoughts of her consume their minds.

"Bonnie," Ron said, putting his foot into the doorway, "I want to talk to you."

"What?" Bonnie replied, "You going to make me go back to where I'm not appreciated?"

"No. I just...ow...ow...ow...OW!" he said as Bonnie started closing the door on his foot.

"Move your foot, idiot!"

"All I want to do is know why you left. That's all, Bonnie."

God please let her know

The love we tried to show.

We'd promise anything,

If you'd just bring her home!

"No one cared about me," she said, finally letting Ron in, "No one loved me."

"You wrong there, Bonnie," he said, "You're friends and family miss you."

She walked away;

Couldn't say why she was leaving!

She walked away;

She left all she had believed in!

She walked away!

"Your parents are broken apart," Ron continued, "I've been assigned to them by the Sunshine Spreaders; they can't stop talking about you. How much they miss you. How much they love you. How much they wish you'd come back home. Your brother dropped out of collage and knocked some girl up. Now he can't go back, because he has to take care of her and, in seven months, your niece. And he was going to be a doctor! And your sisters...all they've ever said to me is that they wish they could apologize to you for all that they put you through."

Bonnie looked away, but Ron gently grabbed her chin and turned her head to face him and said, "Your friends, Tara and Hope, they just aren't the same in cheer practice or school. They don't have as much energy or determination. Even Kim has started to lose heart! She blames herself for this. Says that she shouldn't have been so hard on you. Everyone wants you back, Bonnie."

Tell her we love her.

Tell her she's wanted.

One more thing, God,

Tell her, "Please, come home.

Please, come ho-ome."

Bonnie was speechless. Ron had come to tell her this. But he didn't even like her. She took back all those times she called him an idiot and a looser. She tried to apologize, but her voice was caught in her throat.

Ron put a ticket on the end table and said, "This is a ticket for the south train that's leaving at 5:30…today. I have my own ticket, and I'll be leaving for Middleton at that time…with or without you."

He then left Bonnie to think about the past three months. Should she go back? Could she go back?

She walked away;

Couldn't say why she was leaving!

She walked away;

She left all she had believed in!

She walked away;

Couldn't say why she was leaving!

She walked away;

She left all she had believed in!

Bonnie looked at the ticket and knew exactly what she should do, and exactly what she wanted to do. She grabbed to ticket and did what her heart told her to do.

The choice is yours alone now,

Tell me how the story...ends.

"While the son was still a long way off,

His father saw him and felt compassion for him

And ran and embraced him.

'Let us celebrate, fore this child of mine was died as he has come back to life,

He was lost and now he is found.'

And they began to celebrate."

Luke 15:20 & 24

When I heard this song I thought of Bonnie. Tell me if I should write a second chapter. Hope you enjoyed it. R & R.