Okay, so this story is kinda like Beauty and the Beast, lol. It takes place in the beginning of the movie when Jareth had Toby in his arms ready to leave. Enjoy!


"Forget the child, go back to your room, play with your toys and dress up."

"I can't do that! Please"

"He's ours now" Jareth turned to leave.

"No, wait!" Something in her voice made Jareth stop and look back at her, that cold emotionless expression still on his face. "Ttake me instead" Sarah was staring at the floor; her voice was soft but Jareth heard it clearly.

"You would trade your annoying baby brother foryourself?" Could he have heard her wrong? Was she actually asking this?

Sarah could hardly breath. Slowly she nodded her head.

"And you will swear to never leave? Be confined to my Labyrinth forever."

She knew what she had to do, but somehow she found the strength to look up at him. Somehow she found the courage to look him in the eye. Somehow she found the will to answer him, her voice never faltering. " I promise."

She fascinated him. She really did. He didn't let her know this of course, but she was a very interesting creature. Of course he couldn't hold back a small smile out of the corner of his mouth. Taking the crystal ball in his hand he tossed it into the air letting it expand. The crystal floated over to his crib and slowly set down suddenly disappearing revealing a sleeping Toby. He hadn't been lying there for a moment when Jareth's words cut the silence.

"Let us go." His words gave no room for debate, or so he thought.

"But wait! What about my cloths and-"

"Everything you will need can be provided there." He grabbed her hand and suddenly everything began to fade into sparkling darkness. Before, though it suddenly hit her. She was giving up her life, she was becoming his. What had she done? Horror swept over her face before she blacked out.


"There is a girl in the castle?"

"What, really? A human girl? Rubish!"

A goblin and a dwarf were talking in a small hallway of the castle.

"Hoggle, I'm telling you, Master Jareth has taken a girl here. And she isn't like one of those other humans who try to go through the Labyrinth and always fail. She can save us all, I'm sure of it."

"Grismith, just because some girl is here doesn't mean that she is even here for that reason. It doesn't even mean that she loves Jareth."

"But if he doesn't find true love by a human before his 200 birthday, our world will fade!"

"I still don't see why he has to"

"I've heard that there has to be a connection between this world and Earth. So the Goblin King must always have one human parent."

"I still don't think this will work. Jareth isn't the easiest to get along with. I pity the poor girl. If she knows what is good for her, she'll just leave this place."

"What are you saying? We have to do everything in our power to get them together!"

At this Hoggle grumbled. Why did he even have to get involved?


Sorry that was so short. I'll update soon after I fix my comp.