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Tortured Souls

Chapter 1: Changes For The Better Or The Worse?

She sat alone at the Gryffindor table staring at the food that was on her plate with hollow eyes and her dark red hair covering most of her pale face. She picked up her fork but decided against putting the mashed potatoes inside her mouth. She felt like she was going to be sick to her stomach if she ate anything at the moment. So, she got up from the table, abandoning her plate full of food, with her bag and figured her next destination should be the library to finish her potions essay.

Ginny Weasley had changed dramatically during the course of a year. Not so much her physical appearance that a normal 16-year-old girl would go through but her personality was a different story. The once sweet, innocent, freckled-face littlest Weasley was now cold against the world. She was usually seen alone and off in her own little universe. Some say that previous boyfriends abused her; others said it was because she was tired of living in the shadow of everyone else. None of this was true, of course, but the second one did come pretty close. These were just rumors made up by people who got tired of asking why Ginny Weasley had change so much, but never got a straight answer. The truth was, no one really knew why.

She decided to take the long way to the library today. She didn't really feel like doing her potions homework, but then again when does she ever? Come to think of it potions wasn't really that bad. Yes there was always Snape as a factor but since the start of the year he has been treating Ginny a lot differently compared to 1st year and 2nd year. It was strange really. Quite unlike him. But Ginny looked at it from the point that since he was in the Order he decided to treat the people associated with it, differently. Again, quite unlike him. 'But I don't see him treating Ron, Harry and Hermione differently' she thought. But all thoughts after that were pushed aside as she reached the entrance of the library.

As she walked into the library, she glanced at her favorite spot, which was at the back, close to the Restricted Section. It was empty. This made her smirk. Kind of like a certain Slytherin. Most people said that since Ginny has changed, she was becoming more like a Slytherin every day. With all her cold stares and rude, yet cunning remarks, someone who wouldn't have known better or who hadn't see her school robes, would have said that she was.

She set her things down and turned on the lamp in the middle of the table. Ginny was well aware of the people whispering and staring at her, but she had grown use to it.

She opened her bag and took out her quill and inkbottle along with 2 feet of parchment. She unscrewed the top of her inkbottle and dipped her quill in the midnight blue liquid.

As she started to write, she felt someone's eyes on her. She had been ignoring it for the past five minutes. 'Why has someone been staring at me for five minutes?' she thought. 'You would think they could at least blink'. She sighed. 'The nerve of people.' She then ignored it once more and started to re-read what she had written. After a couple of minutes she couldn't take it any more. 'Oh who ever have been staring at me will soon be wishing they had no eyes', she thought as she slowly lifted her head. She glanced around her looking for the pair of eyes.

Just as she was about to get back to her essay her brown hazel eyes met a pair of bright emerald green ones. 'Potter' she sighed. She seemed to be doing that a lot lately. 'What are the chances that he will stay there and not want to talk to me?' Ginny asked herself. Just then Harry stood up and walked over to where Ginny was sitting. 'So much for chance' she sighed yet again.

When Harry got to Ginny's table he pulled out the chair across from her and sat down. There was a moment of silence. Ginny was the one to break it. " I don't recall saying you could sit down Potter."

"I wasn't aware that I had to ask." He replied.

" Well it is common politeness, and seeing that you are 'The Boy Who Lived'. One would think that you would try to set a good example for all the ickle first years who are obsessed with the Almighty Potter." She said. ' If he wants to play rough, then let the game begin'

"No need to be feisty there Gin", was all he could reply. ' Aw, and I was looking for an actual argument' Ginny thought disappointedly.

" Whatever. I don't have time to mindlessly chit-chat so if you would, please get to the point of this conversation, and its Ginny." She more stated then asked.

" Fine." He said flatly, loosing the kindness in his voice. "The reason I have come to talk to you is because Ron, Hermione and I have been very concerned about your behavior lately. We just want you to know that if you ever need to talk, that we are here for you." He offered with a somewhat hesitant but reassuring smile.

All Ginny could do was laugh. " Well, how kind of you to notice that I wasn't following you and your sidekicks around like a lost dog anymore." That whipped Harry's smile right off his face. Just as he opened his mouth to retaliate, Ginny spoke again.

" Do you really think that I would come to you of all people for emotional advice? You must be kidding me. Don't you think that you and your friends have enough to worry about, without my problems?" When she finished she could see Harry's eyes light with a flame of burning anger. He knew exactly what she was taking about. But she also noticed something else in his eyes. Regret. Just then it clicked. ' Oh, now I see. He can't handle the truth. He regrets coming and talking to me. This means that it wasn't planned. Hahaha. Your eyes deceive you Potter. What a shame' she thought as she figured his whole alibi out.

"Potter, what was the real reason you came to talk to me?" Ginny asked, with a slow smile spreading across her face.

" I just told you." He replied.

" Don't lie to me Potter. I know why your here." She said with a smirk.

" Really? Enlighten me."

" Well the fact that you here alone gave it away. If you, Ron and Hermione were concerned about me don't you think they would be right behind you as if you were carrying them on a leash? But they aren't which means that they are probably off snogging each other in a broom closet. And this leaves poor Potter all alone." She answered his question and smirked to his shocked expression.

" See Potter, I'm not as thick as you think I am." And with that she packed up her potions essay, inkbottle and quill and headed for the last place someone would think of looking for her, quite unaware of a pair of silver eyes following her as she walked out of the library and into the darkness of the corridor.


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