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Tortured Souls

Chapter 10: A Hissing Snake and A Roaring Lion

It's funny how time seems to suddenly speed up just so the thing that your dreading to come is only just a mere 2 hours away. The beginning of the day starts to go by extremely slow that you feel like your going backwards and now when time seems to make it feel like an hour was just 15 minutes, your only wish is for it to stop.

'This is never good'

Ginny sat cross-legged on her bed in her empty dormitory staring at the opposite wall for no particular reason. She had all her homework and textbooks set out right in front of her in hopes of getting her mind off of her detention and Malfoy, but that idea was failing miserably.

'Okay Ginny, you need to pull yourself together. You can't walk into the dungeons looking like a basket case' Ginny thought to herself while looking into the mirror. Her hair was all over the place and a bit frizzy from all those times she ran her fingers through it. That was one thing about Ginny, when ever she was nervous she would run her fingers through her hair non stop, which in the end made her look like she just woke up.

'It's only Malfoy. You can handle this. Just forget that he kissed you and forget how soft his lips were and forget how good his cologne smelt and how is eyes were so mesmerizing and… STOP IT!' She mentally yelled at herself and shot out of her daze.

'He will only hurt you. Just like he's done to all those other girls. You're no special especially to a Malfoy. He'll just use you like Tom did. After all he is a Slytherin and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. If you two do end up being together it will only end up in heartbreak. And right now your heart can do without that' Ginny thought gravely. There was no real hope for her. Her memories drove away any chance of happiness for her. It was like a reminder from Tom telling her that she will always be his and that he would make sure of that.

' You can't let a Malfoy do this to you. You have to be strong. You have to put up a fight and live up to your Weasely name. Show him that he can't have you or your heart and that he means nothing to you. But why not have some fun with it too? Give him a run for his great Malfoy money'

A classic Slytherin smirk appeared on her face as she stared at her reflection. She was quite proud of being able to master the Slytherin smirk. It made people realize that she wasn't just the quiet little Weasely girl and Ron's meek little sister, but she was her own person and had her own ways of thinking. The only down side was that with the smirk came the memories. Tom had taught her how to do it. He called it the genuine Slytherin smirk. He taught Ginny how to do it and said that hers was worthy enough of being a Slythrin's. Ginny cringed at the thought.

With those other feelings in her head and with the Slytherin smirk still plastered on her face she got excited and decided against doing any means of homework at the moment. She had to get ready for her detention.

A certain Slytherin, silver blonde haired Head Boy could only be seen lounging on his queen-sized bed, fiddling mindlessly with is wand. Draco's Head Boy room was a typical Slytherin haven.

The floors were a beautiful cherry wood that matched the queens-sized canopy frame. There were two windows out looking the Lake and dark seude Slytherin green drapes hanging elegantly, framing the windows and the canopy. There were little silver tousles with the Slytherin symbol embedded on them, holding the material to the posts.

Right beside the canopy bed there was a cherry wood night table with three small drawers. On top of the night table there was a silver chain with the Malfoy crest pendant and a matching bracelet placed neatly beside a very thick book Draco had been reading. It was some great big muggle book that contained multiple plays and sonnets and was written by some guy by the name of William Shakespeare. He hadn't really been a big fan of muggle literature but his mother recommended that he read it and now he was quite enjoying it. The play he was currently reading was one called "The Taming of the Shrew", which he was rather enjoying.

The light in the room was dim and opposite from the bed there was a fireplace, which had flames dancing in it and a little potholder on the right with a black pot half filled with flu powder. The flames cast shadows on the slight off white walls of the room, which gave it a warm comforting feeling, rather different from the Slytherin common room.

As Draco looked out of the window closest to his night table he noticed that the sun was starting to set and was casting a breath taking view. The sky was a beautiful mix of reds, pinks, purples and blues with touches of clouds here and there. The sky seemed so peaceful, away from everything and left to be itself. The Slytherin felt the sudden urge to go for a broom ride and feel the wind on his face but he knew better. The Gryffindors had booked the pitch for a quidditch practice this evening.

'Stupid Gryffindorks, they always fuck up my plans'

With the thought of Gryffindors in his head he thought about his companion for his detention tonight. He had no idea what was going to happen. All that he knew was that it was going to be very awkward and that she would be very cross when she found out that they were going to be serving a detention with Snape. But oh how he loved challenges.

Draco sighed.

'What's going on with you Draco? She is nothing but a good for nothing Weasely. Yah, so what if she is a pureblood and pretty and extremely intriguing and smart and cunning and mysterious and has a better Slytherin smirk then most of the Slytherins put together? She's also a Weasely. A Malfoy and a Weasely can't and won't ever happen. You can be sure of that. So just forget about her. All you wanted was a quickie with her anyways…right?'

He wasn't so sure about that last thought. Sure at first he wanted to curse her for actually having a family that wanted her for her and for having a family to care for her and love her. Sometimes it just wasn't fair but Draco learned to accept that. Then when he actually took a look at her and not just a glare or a glance he realized that she wasn't so little any more. Mind you he still resented her for her close tying with her family and for having a perfect life.

Then he came across her sitting at the tree by the lake. She seemed so consumed in her thoughts, and by the expression on her face it seemed like they were haunting her. That's what intrigued him.

'Maybe her life isn't as perfect as she makes everyone believe it is. Maybe we have more in common then we both know. Startling yes but it might be true. The expression on her face and the look in her eyes made her seem so distant from reality like she was reliving something horrible. What could it have been? What does she know about horrible? What does she know about haunting memories? I bet they're nothing but little childish things like heartbreak and sibling arguments. All of which are meaningless and insignificant'

Draco decided that he was going to got take a warm shower even though he had taken 2 already, but he still had and hour and 15 minutes left to kill.

As he stepped into the bathroom the cool marble floor sent shivers up his spine as he walked across it. When he reached the shower he set the water to warm and let his towel hit the floor before going into the shower. He stood under the shower head for a good 5 minutes and just let the warm water spill from his silver blonde hair to his pale bare body, wondering about what sort of problems Ginny could have and why someone like her would have any problems to begin with.

'She has a family with people who love her and there to take care of her. Not to mention a welcoming home. Of course it's not nearly as big or luxurious as the Malfoy Manor but at least it's not cold in there all year around. In my opinion she has nothing to worry about'

"That should do it," Ginny said to herself as she finished fixing herself up for her detention. She looked over at the small clock on her night table and read the time.

"Good I have a half and hour to do some finishing touches and maybe a bit of reading before I head down to the dungeons."

She got up from her dorm mate's vanity dresser and walked over to the full-length mirror that hung on the wall beside the door to do a look over of her outfit. Yes, it was just her school uniform but she made a few adjustments here and there to fit it to her liking. She had been thinking for doing this for a long time but never had a reason for doing it besides the fact that she was nervous about it. But now was the perfect time.

Her grey pleaded uniform skirt was hitched up to a dangerous height of mid thigh, which was an extreme change from the normal length it used to be of just short of her knee. It was a bit hard for Ginny to do since she wasn't really one to show off her bare legs to anyone, even at home. Her white blouse which always used to be a bit baggy because her mother made her get one that would last her throughout her seven years, had a knot at the back of it, which made the blouse a great amount tighter. Tighter meant that it would show off a lot more of her body then it used to. That was something Ginny had no problem with. After all it was only for one night. As for her Gryffindor tie she left it fairly loose around her collar but made sure that it still look decent all the same.

Ginny then moved from her outfit and surveyed her hair, which she had decided to straightened right after she gave it a little cut. Before her hair was plain with all of it just one length but now the front of her long hair was layered and framed her face perfectly and brought out the natural ginger highlights mixed with auburn. She had seen the style in "Witch Teen: Weekly" and decide to give it a try. She couldn't have been happier with the results. Her hair brought out her eyes and made her freckles a little bit more noticeable but she could deal with that.

She had applied a bit of make up to her porcelain like face just to add a bit of colour. On her eyes she put a thin line of Jet Black eyeliner that accentuated her eyes and made the warm brown stand out. She added a shiny lip-gloss to her already natural rose lips. Spraying a bit of her dorm mate Alicia's perfume on her neck and wrists to give Malfoy an added special teaser as she walks by him.

'Not much makeup I know but if I put anymore I'll feel more fake than I do now'

As she finished surveying her profile one more time she took a glance at her clock and realized that she only had 15 minuets left. Panic and nervousness coursed through her body like a rushing wave. She never thought that time could fly so fast but it did. And now she has to deal with it.

After applying one more coat of lip-gloss, she stuffed it into the first pocket of her tattered hand me down bag and gave herself the "once over" look for the last time making sure everything was perfect just before she left her dorm room with a swish of her bag and skirt.

Draco stepped out of the shower 20 minutes later, quite wet and refreshed. He walked over to the sink on the other side of the large bathroom and wiped the glass clean from all the mist with the hand towel. When the glass was clean he then took the hand towel and started to dry his blonde hair.

Walking out of his bathroom he took a glance at the clock on the left wall of the room and made sure that he had enough time to get ready and make his way down to the dungeons so he wouldn't be late.

'Half an hour to go. That's more than enough time'

He made his way over to black trunk with his initials in silver on it at the end of his bed. He opened the top of his trunk and picked out a clean uniform that was neatly folded and put it on leaving his cloak untouched.

Draco went over to his full-length mirror and decided to leave his hair just the way it was, without all the gel. After all he was only going to see the Weasel girl, no sense dressing up for her.

'Yes there is'

'Shut up'

Draco made sure to still tuck in his shirt and put on his tie, loose mind you, but still looking respectable because Malfoys always have to look respectable, even in the company of a Weasely.

Walking over to his night table, Draco reached for his chain and his matching bracelet, which both bared the Malfoy crest. The Malfoy crest was on everything Malfoy from his father's wand to the front door of the Malfoy Manor and even on the doors of the ballroom and the doors of their dining room. The Malfoy crest was simply a silver cursive M with an emerald eyed, green snake intertwined in it.

After putting his chain on and placing the silver Malfoy bracelet into the first drawer of his night table, Draco looked at the clock and figured that now would be a good time for him to leave. Maybe if he arrived early Snape would let him leave earlier. Who knows it was worth a try even though it would be highly unlikely for Snape to do something of kind nature. Grabbing his black bag and his book, he head out of the portrait hole and straight to the dungeons praying that Ginny wouldn't be there before he was.

'Okay Ginny, you can do this. Just turn the knob and walk in just like he isn't even in there. All you have to do is breath. Inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale. It's not that hard. Just keep your eyes straightforward and find your seat. He can't make you do anything but sit there for a couple of hours and do my homework'

The nervous petite red headed Gryffindor was standing perfectly still with her small hand on the doorknob of the Potions room, slightly trembling. She couldn't believe she was standing right in front of the Potions room and chickening out.

'I'm not mentally stable to do this. I can't just walk in there like we never kissed. Wait, he kissed me. I never kissed him back, right? Ugh this isn't the time to ask questions. Just walk in there and get it over with. The sooner you're in there the sooner you'll get out. Hopefully…'

"Well Weasely, what are you just standing there for?"

'Oh no! Bloody hell!'

Ginny turned around ever so slowly to face the person she was trying so hard to stay away from.

'I guess we had to talk some time, right? Well, here goes nothing…'

"If you must know Malfoy, I was think just how much it is your fault for me being here," Ginny said in a harsh tone as she turned to face him. As soon as her eyes met his, her breath got caught in her throat.

'Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…'

He looked so…different. A good different I might add. He was leaning against the wall a slight ways from the Potions room with his bag swung over one shoulder and a great big black book in his hand. His hair fell loose and was hanging in his silver-grey eyes. All Ginny wanted to do was run her fingers through it and stare into his eyes forever. He was dressed in his uniform and had everything perfect. His tie was loose and hung around his neck and there was also a glimmer of silver coming from beneath his collar. He wasn't wearing a cloak, so he pinned his Head Boy badge onto his shirt just to make sure people wouldn't forget. A typical Malfoy.

"Correction Weasel, it is your fault why you're here. I did not tie you the whomping willow with my wand at your head threatening you to be out of your common room after hours. You did that on your own will," Draco said simply, moving his position from the wall to walking over to the Potions door. That broke Ginny out of her daze.

"Sure, whatever. But I hope you know by giving me a detention your now wasting a perfectly good night where you could be with one of your little whores," Ginny stated harshly before he walked pass her, making her get a whiff of his minty fresh soap scent, and opened the Potions door.

"Ha, Weasely. Jealous are we?" He said over his shoulder.

"Jealous? Of what? You think I would want to be one of your whores? Because you are sadly mistaken if you do."

"Am I? Well I guess we'll just have to see about that now won't we?" Draco added before walking to the room and finding a seat in the middle of the dark and dingy classroom.

'Ugh! Did he just call me a whore? Who does he think he his? Just because he kissed me doesn't mean that I want him! Nor will I be his damn WHORE!'

"Malfoy," Ginny called, with hatred dripping from every letter, while walking into the classroom, "I hope for our sake that you didn't just call me a whore. I'm not one nor will I ever be, so don't get your hopes up. I do not know what you were trying to pull when you ki-"

"Miss Weasely will you please take your seat," interrupted a familiar cold voice, which could only belong to none other than Professor Snape.

Ginny had no idea what he was doing there but wasn't about to ask for the sake of not being yelled at. So with that Ginny gave Malfoy a hateful glare before taking her seat on the other side of the room.

"Stupid Malfoy thinks every girl wants him-" Ginny started to murmur under her breath before she was cut off a second time by the Potions Master.

"Miss Weasely will you please shut your mouth so we can get this detention over with?"

"Yes, sir," She sighed while rolling her eyes.

"Good," he said simply turning to Draco.

"Now, as I have already seen, you have brought along Miss Weasely to join you for this detention. May I ask why?"

"She was out of her common room after curfew Professor."

"I see."

"Wait, wait, wait," Ginny cut in not believing any of this and getting up out of her chair, walking closer to Malfoy.

"Malfoy has a detention too?" She said staring Draco straight in the eye.

"So you made me think that I was going to be serving my detention with you while all the time we were serving the detention with Snape?"

"It's Professor Snape, Weasely. Where is your respect?" Snape said with a harsh tone in his voice.

"Ugh! I can't believe this!" She moaned completely ignoring Snape's rhetorical question. Could things suck even more than they did now?

"Didn't you hear Professor Snape, Weasel? He said SHUT UP! God, you're more like your lowlife family than you put on. You'd think that maybe you would have a bit been different since you've stopped following them like a shadow but I guess that's not the truth. Once a shadow always a shadow," Draco insulted and that was it for Ginny.

"Now, now Draco that's enough," Snape said but in such a tone that he didn't really care that Draco insulted her.

"How DARE you Malfoy? You of all people should not be gloating about family! Your fucking family is the worst I've ever seen! Tell me Malfoy, does your mother just sit there while your father beats you senseless, just like everyone says? Or does she-"

"I said ENOUGH!" Snape shouted and you could see fire in his eyes, which meant he was infuriated.

"Now, sit down Miss Weasely and keep your mouth shut! As for the both of you I will not tolerate that kind of behavior in my class. Do not let is happen again. Miss Weasely, and that will be 15 points from Gryffindor for swearing in my classroom. Now both of you take out your books and finish any remaining homework you may have. It seems they we may be here for a while," Snape harshly instructed and then turned with a swish of his cloak, walking towards his desk.

Ginny couldn't say anything. She couldn't even think anything. Rage was coursing though her body so much that her small hands were curled up into trembling white fists. The blood in her veins was boiling and she could feel it. Her famous Weasely temper had made her ears go red and she knew that her cheeks were tinged a deep shade of pink.

'Stupid, fucking Snape. How can he only take points away from me when Malfoy fully insulted my family right-in-front-of-him? Yah, so what if I swore? Curse me. It's not like I'm the first. And Malfoy, why is he such a bastard? He always insults my family and me! How could I have ever thought that I fancied him? No one could ever fancy him. They only fancy his money. That is certainly nothing to boast about either'

Ginny took out her books from her bag and along roll of blank parchment and her ink and quill. She sat there and started to stare at her blank roll of parchment with angry and hurt tears welling up in her eyes.

No Ginny, you can't cry now. Not in front of Malfoy. Don't give him the satisfaction. He hurt you, but he doesn't need to know it. That's the last thing he needs, fuel to his fire. Come on you need to be strong, at least until you get into your room'

That's all she could think while a single tear fell down her cheek.

Draco sat at his desk fuming from the resent row. Ginny had defiantly hit a nerve and she would pay. The worst thing was that he wasn't exactly mad at what she said but was hurt by it. It cut and deeply. Everything she had said about his mother and father was right and what she was about to say before Snape interrupted her was probably right to. He knew that his family was nothing to brag about but other people didn't. Everyone always thought that being a Malfoy was a glorious life what with having as many house elves as Hogwarts and all the money and the huge house to match. But no one really saw what being a Malfoy was truly like. No one saw what a real bastard Lucius was and how Narcissa was anything but a beautiful, kind woman, no one but Draco, and now maybe Ginny too.

'Had people really been saying that about me and my so-called family? Did they think that that really happens? What the hell gave them that impression? It's not like I go around parading my scars and bruises'

He would never have thought that Ginny had it in her to snap like that. She was like a branch being snapped like a twig. She is strong willed and sticks up for her family even though they put her through shit. That's what he noticed about her and kind of admired. She was like no one he ever met. Her temper-span might be very short but that could make for a very interesting argument. Draco noticed how she was either with Looney Lovegood or by herself, like she was afraid of everyone else, which was quite weird since everyone was afraid of Lovegood. But when he saw her today he thought that maybe she was worth his time.

For the first time, she decided to show off her body. He could tell she hitched up her skirt till about mid thigh showing off way more leg then he ever thought she would. Not that he had a problem with that but it wasn't her. She also tied a knot at the back of her shirt that made it a great deal tighter, which showed off her petite curvaceous body. As for her hair it was a nice change from her plain hairstyle she wore before. It was cut into a style that suited her figure perfectly and her hair fell like an auburn curtain, cascading mid way down her back. Her eyes seemed to stand out more and the warm brown colour had a vibrant and kind feel towards it but still he could see that there was sadness and that something was clearly haunting her. They showed that she was broken inside. The black outline of her eyes didn't suit her either. Ginny was never the one for makeup. She had her own natural beauty. Her lips seemed more kissable than they did the day he kissed her, which made him want to do it again.

'Something is haunting her, but what? Why is she hiding it from everyone and how does she do it so well?'

Those were questions he was going to make it his priority to find out. It would be his hardest challenge yet but he was willing to take the time to find out what made Ginny Weasely so strong on the outside but so feeble inside, and maybe, just maybe he would be willing to help. What ever the consequences of her great Weasely wrath was.

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